Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SGBY, MAXD Updates & More

MaxSound Corp. MAXD

Yesterday, we mentioned how we caught MAXD on Friday morning for a timely 49% rip as the stock ran from .0043 to .0064 that afternoon.

The show was only just beginning, as MAXD broke out of the gate and ran from its opening price of .0065 up to a new high of .0098, recording a 51% intraday upswing, and bringing our observed increase over a two session period to an even 100%

The stock closed at .0079, having registered its fifth consecutive session of higher lows and higher highs. We’ll be looking out for the possibility of a continuation in that pattern moving forward.

Signal Bay, Inc. SGBY

This call was the clear winner out of all of yesterday’s interests in terms of total possible percentage gains. SGBY wasted no time as it took off and subsequently reached its high early on in the session. It traded in a range from .0022 to .0048, for rapid gains of up to 118%

That was followed by a dip and rip maneuver which brought it back to .0029 before undergoing a 34% bounce to the closing price of .0039.

Bill the Butcher, Inc. BILB

We had also tagged BILB for observation in yesterday’s report, and it too enjoyed a big intraday run first thing in the morning before tuckering out early. The stock traded up from .0027 to .0054 right from the opening bell for a nice round 100% jump.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX -  Options Idea

NFLX shares are reacting poorly to the company’s post-market earnings report yesterday afternoon, and so we’d like to make note of a range of bearish options ideas.

We’re going to be looking to the NFLX Weekly $88-85.50 Puts for possible intraday swing trade chances, provided NFLX doesn’t break back above the $88-level.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPU, MAXD Recap & More

Friday’s Hot Picks

We had a couple plays that we tagged in Friday morning’s premarket report that went on to provide traders with a good chance at some intraday gains.

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. SPU - We put SPU on watch after noticing the strong session it recorded on Thursday, and the momentum carryover was pretty impressive. From an early low of 4.35, took of and hit a high of 7.90. That worked out to an intraday jump of 82% which came on over 17X the 3-month average volume.


MaxSound Corp. MAXD - Also performing well was MAXD, which we tracked over an impressive range from the .002′s to the .008′s back in early April. We circled back around to it at an opportune time on Friday, as the stock launched from .0043 on up to .0064, logging a 49% pop on the day.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MRNS – Update

We want to give our readers a quick reminder on MRNS this morning, a stock we recently tagged with the intent of seeing it try to fill the massive gap on the chart.

After seeing 1.35 following that alert, the stock began to do just that as it hit a high of 2.23 on Friday. That’s a 65% run-up so far, and we’re going to be very interested to see how the activity unfolds as we kick off this new trading week.

Avinger, Inc. AVGR

Speaking of stocks with enormous gaps to fill on their charts, we also want to begin monitoring AVGR, which, as you can see on the snapshot below, is in a position similar to that of MRNS when we began tracking it a couple weeks back.

The stock is searching for a bottom after taking a massive gut punch in the form of a three-dollar gap-down. While it appears it may yet have some bottoming out to do, it’s egregiously oversold at the moment, and we’ll want to be there when its own recovery begins as the resulting rebound could carry some substantial gain opportunities along with it.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Important Announcement


Before we get down to our interests for today’s session, we wanted to give our readers a quick heads-up for Monday morning.

We’ll be presenting a special in-depth report on an intriguing cannabis stock with a diverse portfolio and an attractive backstory, so be sure to monitor your inboxes closely around 9:00am Eastern on Monday! The set-up on the chart should give us a great chance at kicking off next week on a high note.

Lot78, Inc. LOTE

Moving along to today’s report, we’ve got to provide an update on LOTE, which we’ve been tracking since Thursday of last week. At the time, the stock was trading as low as .0037, and the progress it has made since then has been nothing short of astronomical.

In fact, LOTE has pushed to new highs in each of the five sessions since we brought it to the table. Yesterday, it churned out its second biggest single-session move yet, running from the open at .013 up to .03, for intraday gains of up to 131%

The overall increase over our observed low from a week ago as of yesterday’s high comes out to 711%, so big cheers are in order for anyone who caught the wave! As long as the stock continues to record higher lows and higher highs, we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Bank of America Corp. BAC - With the markets ripping this morning off of impressive jobs numbers, we’ll be interested in checking out a couple of contracts in the BAC options chain. The stock itself is in a good position on the chart to continue its recent rebound, so we’ll be eyeing the BAC Weekly $13 and $13.50 Calls for possible daytrade chances. But remember what we always say, in terms of weekly options trading on Friday: For expert traders only!


Barracuda Networks, Inc. CUDA - Following an impressive untraded-upon earnings beat yesterday afternoon, we are very keen to observe the activity in CUDA in sessions to come. We’re going to signal a couple sets of options contracts for tracking on this one as well, namely the CUDA 07/15 $15 and $17.50 Calls. These don’t expire until next Friday, so evaporating premiums won’t be an issue today.

Extended Watchlist:
BILB, CAFN, GRSU, FTPM, FPVD(Bottom bouncer)