Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting APP & More

American Apparel Inc. APP

This fall, for the first time in a long time, APP failed to see the increases that have coincided with the beginning of the retail season in recent years. Instead, here we are nearing the end of the heaviest shopping days of the year, and the stock is just now beginning to show signs of life.

CEO Dov Charney, thought by many to be one of the worst CEO’s on Wall Street, has been fired by the board of directors per a PR released this morning. His official dismissal amid allegations of misconduct is sitting well with investors, with the stock trading up significantly in premarket activity. We’ll be interested to follow APP more closely as the reigns are handed over to Paula Schneider on January 5th, and if she can turn APP back in a positive direction as the new CEO. >> Read About Charney’s Firing

Looking at the chart, the last time APP was trading as low as it has been in recent weeks was early this summer, just before the stock ran to over 1.20. We’ve covered APP for many years and have witnessed numerous big runs, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a extended recovery off of these 6-month lows, if the stock can get over the hurdle that is the current 200DMA (.74). Beyond that, APP will have to contend with resistance points at .77, .85, and 1.09.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

During this time of the year when tax-loss selling drives many stocks down to annual lows, we’re always on the lookout for a good bottom-bounce play. ICLD may fit that description. The stock touched 52-week low of 2.77 yesterday, and is currently trending up in the premarket.

The company released a PR this morning announcing  that its new business backlog was at record highs, ($32M) according to CEO Mark Munro, “This is a tribute to our growing sales organization and a competitive edge in our markets. InterCloud’s sales pipeline continues to grow month over month offering great upside as we move into 2015.” >>READ PR 

Extended Watchlist:

FB, AAPL Options, GOGO & Extended Watchlist

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

On Wednesday, some of you may recall our interest in FB calls, as we stated “if the stock can break the $46 barrier… we’d be looking at in-the-money Calls like the 09/21 $45.50′s.” As you can see on the included chart, after seeing a low of .10, those contracts would go on to trade as high as .85 during yesterday’s session. That move was good for overnight gains in excess of 750%

With FB gapping up this morning and hitting new 52-week highs, we are going to want to continue giving our attention to the Calls. Of course, in the event that we see a reversal off of these substantial gains, we are going to be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip scenario, which could bring us even further gains with a properly timed bottom.

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options

We’re also seeing a gap up in AAPL which is coinciding with the release of the latest versions of the iPhone 5(S/C), and with a sizable gap to fill on the chart, we could actually see AAPL go to $490 today. If it did approach that level, we’d be interested in the $480-485 Calls, which could provide us multi-bag gains.

Other than flipping the weekly Calls intraday, we might also want to consider contracts with later expiration dates if it appears AAPL is gaining a head of steam that would carry over into next week.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We first mentioned GOGO on Monday, and at the time the stock was trading as low as 14.79. Currently we are seeing the stock trading at 18.15 pre-market, (a gain of 23%) so this is another play that will be grabbing our attention today. For a big-board stock in this price range to see a gain of that magnitude inside of a week is nothing short of remarkable.

Gogo actually has an intriguing technology for providing super-standard Wi-Fi internet connections to airline passengers with in-flight data delivery speeds of up to 60Mbps. With the company just having announced that they will be bringing their products to North America in 2014 pending FAA approval, this is definitely a stock that we are going to want to put on our long-term watchlist, as we see how its story plays out.

Extended Watchlist:
FREE, CYCC, VRNM, ACRX, FU, PZG, RNA (Big gap-down, watching for bounce.)