Big Time Options Gainers & More

Options Review: 

Our premarket report yesterday morning included three sets of options ideas for our readers based off of the day’s earnings calendar. As our regular readers are surely aware, we like to use the increased price action and volatility that typically comes with a big name earnings drop, to our advantage.

The targets that we were zeroed in on for the day were the CRM Weekly $215-220 Calls, the HPE 03/18 $16 Calls, and the PLUG Weekly $25-26 Calls. All three of those contract sets posted solid numbers on the day, with only one set of PLUG contracts falling just shy of producing double-bag gain opportunities.

Here were the total intraday moves and the highest possible gains that could have been achieved as a result: 

CRM Weekly $215-220 Calls
 .50-2.50 (+400%)
$217.50: .31-1.59 (+413%)
$220: .21-.95 (+352%)

HPE 03/18 $16 Calls
 .55-1.28 (+133%)

PLUG Weekly $25-26 Calls
$25: .58-1.03 (+78%)
$25.50: .39-.87 (+123%)
$26: .25-.54 (+116%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
KR Weekly $49.50-52 Calls
SPLK Weekly $114-116 Calls
BBY Weekly $106-108 Calls

Indonesia Energy Corp. Ltd. INDO – Recap:

We’ve also got an update for our readers this morning on INDO, a stock that we’ve been tagging in our extended watchlists since last Wednesday morning. At that time, we observed a low in the stock of 6.83. Yesterday the stock reached 15.212, marking a rise of 123% and as of this morning’s new premarket high of 23.19, we’ve now seen INDO run 240% in just over a week.

Extended Watchlist:

GTOR News Alert, Fresh Options Ideas

Ggtoor, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GTOR) – News Update: 

As we were mentioning in yesterday morning’s special focus report on GTOR (which we suggest you read now), the company has an established track record of releasing regular PR updates for its investors. Shortly following the release of our premarket report, the company published yet another of its weekly management updates.

We hope our readers understand how exceedingly rare and desirable it is to have an OTC-traded company be so committed to shareholder awareness and full transparency. This is just one of the things that really sets GTOR apart from the pack, and warrants your full consideration. With an established base of support just below current levels, there is not going to be a better time than the present to take up a position in GTOR!

The company hit a milestone in stream views for its eSports gaming events which shows a clear growth in community interest in these tournaments. Clock through the link below to read the full weekly update from GTOR.

GGToor Hits Record with Over 30,000 Combined Unique Stream Viewers in February

THOMASVILLE, GA, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – GGTOOR, Inc., (OTCMKTS:GTOR) (“GGTOOR, Inc.,”, “GTOR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the eSports markets, announces the Company closed out the month with over 1,700 players registered for the events held this week alone, and this month we broke another GGToor record, reaching the milestone of over 30,000 monthly combined Unique Stream Viewers for the very first time! (>>View Full PR Announcement)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

Despite palpable tensions amid Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine still weighing heavily upon the markets on a daily basis, we’ve been chugging along with some good options trading success. Today brings a trio of familiar names into our sights based off of this morning’s premarket earnings dump:

CRM Weekly $215-220 Calls
HPE 03/18 $16 Calls
PLUG Weekly $25-26 Calls

3-Pack of Fresh Options Ideas & More

REGENXBIO, Inc. RGNX – Options Recap: 

First thing’s first this morning, we are going to highlight the moves made by a longer-term options call we made last week, in our premarket report from Tuesday morning.

Our target comprised of just one set of contracts, the RGNX 11/19 $35 Calls and the run it subsequently posted was highly impressive.

RGNX 11/19 $35 Calls
.35-1.50 (+329%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSM Weekly $112-114 Calls
UNH Weekly $410-415 Calls
AA Weekly $47-50 Calls 

Japer Therapeutics, Inc. JSPR – Recap: 

Another play we alerted on last week is JSPR, a NASDAQ traded stock that we signaled as a bottom watch play as it came down off of a big time run.

JSPR found its low at 7.11, and yesterday soared back nearly to the high point from the previous run, registering a high of 18.24. That works out to an upswing of 157%

Extended Watchlist: