Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRL, PBR & More

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

One of our main interests from this week has been DRL, and this stock put forth a very solid session yesterday. After seeing lows of 6.81 in the morning, the stock broke out in the afternoon to 9.29. That was good for an intraday run of 36%

Some of you may recall our initial alert on DRL back on July 23rd, subsequent to which we would observe a low of 4.61. Yesterday’s high marked a 101% move up from that level, over a span of less than a month.

Congrats go out to everyone who was tracking DRL along with us, as it provided a plenty-big chance for all to profit.

Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI

LEI appeared for the first time in our reports yesterday, and performed pretty well for a first-time call. Right at the open we tracked LEI from its low at .52 and saw a rapid spike to .69, which marked a gain of 32% right off the bat.

Those who missed the opening move still had a chance for a 15% intraday flip as LEI came back to bounce off support at .55 and ran back to .63 just prior to closing.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Tracking Options

We’re still all over the PBR options chain (in fact it has appeared in our reports more than 40 times since March) but we don’t see why anyone would be getting sick of our coverage, as every single one of our recent ideas on this play has paid out in a big way.

Yesterday was no exception; let’s break down our pre-market calls and see how they fared. We mentioned the $16.50  and $17 Weekly Calls for a quick intraday flip opportunity, and traders would have been very pleased to play either set of contracts. The $16.50’s ran 45% in a range from .91-1.32, while the $17’s traded from .50 up to .83; a possible gain of up to 66%

The January $19 Calls that we radared as a longer term option made a small move as well, trading in a range from 1.43-1.58 (+10%)

Those of you who may not recall our week-to-week swing trade idea from last Friday, let us refresh your memory. We mentioned that a play on the 08/22 $15.50 Calls could be good for a swing trade into this week, and the reulsts have been nothing short of astonishing. The contracts saw a low of .38 on Friday, and yesterday, showed us a huge increase, touching 2.17 for total possible gains of up to 471% Cheers to anyone who took our idea with more than a grain of salt!

Side Note:

From yesterday’s extended watchlist, FOLD also had a pretty solid session as it ran steadily from 5.02 in the early morning, to 5.99 around midday. A modest yet comfortable gain of 19%

Extended Watchlist: