Friday’s Options Movers Recap

Friday’s Options Runners:

We’ve got a relatively brief report this morning, wherein we will simply go over the performance of our options ideas from Friday’s session. We’re dealing with a temporary disruption in our data today, but we should be back up and running as normal tomorrow.

For now, all three sets of weekly options we highlighted in Friday’s premarket report produced good chances to make quick gains on the day. Those were the INTC Weekly $36-37 Calls, the PG Weekly $152.50-155 Calls, and the AZN Weekly $69-72 Calls. Here were the intraday ranges and total possible profits available on those plays:

INTC Weekly $36-37 Calls
$36: .20-1.00 (+400%)
$36.50: .09-.52 (+478%)
$37: .04-.20 (+375%)

PG Weekly $152.50-155 Calls
$152.50: .57-4.88 (+756%)
$155: .70-2.41 (+244%)

AZN Weekly $69-72 Calls
$69: 2.06-2.77 (+34%)
$70: 1.06-1.80 (+69%)
$71: .14-.30 (+114%)
$72: .12-.30 (+150%)

Once again, our apologies for being unable to generate fresh ideas for today’s report, but we’ll be right back in the saddle tomorrow morning ready to hit the ground running!