Clean Sweep on Options Plays & More

Solid Options Gainers: 

Our premarket report yesterday morning, like most days, included a bank of fresh earnings-related options ideas for our readers’ consideration. Yesterday’s new plays were the PFE Weekly $39.50-40 Calls, the CVS Weekly $78-79 Calls, and the COP Weekly $52.50-53.50 Calls. As our regular followers are perfectly aware, we get the most out of post-earnings report targets because of the increased volatility that typically follows earnings figures. 

Unsurprisingly, we hit on each and every target we we established, and those ideas posted the following moves and total possible intraday profits for traders:

PFE Weekly $39.50-40 Calls
$39.50 : .32-.75 (+134%)
$40 : .12-.44 (+267%)

CVS Weekly $78-79 Calls
$78 : 1.28-3.30 (+158%)
$78.50 : 1.02-2.86 (+180%)
$79 : .65-2.36 (+263%)

COP Weekly $52.50-53.50 Calls
$52.50 : .60-1.12 (+87%)
$53 : .44-.87 (+97%)
$53.50 : .32-.67 (+109%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MTCH Weekly $144-148 Calls
ATVI Weekly $92.50-94 Calls
TMUS Weekly $129-131 Calls 

OTC Review: 

We’ve also got a couple of brief updates on some OTC Runners we’ve been tracking. The links provided point to our initial alerts on the following plays, along with the total increases they made subsequent to those points.

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI:
First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0459
Total Possible Gain: 1175%

12 Retech Corp. RETC:
First Alert: 04/27
Subsequent Range: .0015-.0096
Total Possible Gain: 540%

Extended Watchlist:

Microcap Review, New Options Ideas

Winning OTC Calls:

We like to select a diverse range of OTC-traded stocks in our daily extended watchlists, out of which there always seems to be some standouts, The two that stood out from the crowd in yesterday’s report were ICBU & MVNT.

While we didn’t see them break into multibag gain territory, each stock still yielded significant intraday opportunity as they ran on much greater than average volume:

IMD Companies Inc. ICBU:
Range: .184-.035
Gained: 90%

Movement INDS Corp. MVNT:
Range: .07-.1199
Gained: 71%

Equifax, Inc. EFX – Options Update 

We also observed some added gains to a set of longer-term options ideas we’ve been tracking. We placed the EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls on watch in our report on 04/22. As the stock itself rose to new highs yesterday, the following new highs were posted on our watchlisted plays:

EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls
$210 : 
10.16-24.70 (+143%)
$220 : 3.40-16.00 (+370%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PFE Weekly $39.50-40 Calls
CVS Weekly $78-79 Calls
COP Weekly $52.50-53.50 Calls  

Extended Watchlist:

Focus Remains on Crypto Plays

Hot Crypto Sector Still Rising  

Last week was incredible for our bitcoin-related options ideas in MARA and RIOT. In the span of a few short days, we saw our targets rocketed into the stratosphere for percentage gains in the thousands! It was a good first impression for the dozens of new subscribers we had pouring in, and a sign of what’s to come.

With the popular cryptocurrency hitting new all time highs, and breaching the $50K mark for the first time this morning, we are going to reformulate some fresh ideas in these options chains for what figures to be another extremely interesting week for crypto plays.

The stocks themselves put up impressive numbers from Monday’s lows to this morning’s new premarket highs as well. MARA run from 25.65-44.44 (+73%) in that span, while RIOT has recorded a move from 25.90-58.48 (+126%).

As for new options targets to kick off this fresh trading week, we will be tracking the MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls, and the RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls.

Another Fresh Options Idea:
CVS Weekly $73.50-75.50 Calls 

Take Your Trading to the Next Level

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