Focus Remains on Crypto Plays

Hot Crypto Sector Still Rising  

Last week was incredible for our bitcoin-related options ideas in MARA and RIOT. In the span of a few short days, we saw our targets rocketed into the stratosphere for percentage gains in the thousands! It was a good first impression for the dozens of new subscribers we had pouring in, and a sign of what’s to come.

With the popular cryptocurrency hitting new all time highs, and breaching the $50K mark for the first time this morning, we are going to reformulate some fresh ideas in these options chains for what figures to be another extremely interesting week for crypto plays.

The stocks themselves put up impressive numbers from Monday’s lows to this morning’s new premarket highs as well. MARA run from 25.65-44.44 (+73%) in that span, while RIOT has recorded a move from 25.90-58.48 (+126%).

As for new options targets to kick off this fresh trading week, we will be tracking the MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls, and the RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls.

Another Fresh Options Idea:
CVS Weekly $73.50-75.50 Calls 

Take Your Trading to the Next Level

Speaking of new subscribers, we are still taking on participants in our newly launched premium service. We have already enrolled dozens of eager traders, and encourage anyone with interest to contact us today about becoming a premium member.

Here’s the current pay schedule, subject to change as membership continues to grow, so secure your spot now:

–$75: Access to our private Telegram channel where we post real-time trade ideas

– $125: Same as above, also includes video of new and archived bi-weekly classes

 – $250: All of the above + 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with an expert each month

To get enrolled today, please send an email with your contact information and a brief description of your trading history to

Extended Watchlist:

A Dozen Multibag Runners!

Huge Options Roundup

Our extreme success with options continued yesterday, with all three fresh ideas we posted for the ZM, HUYA, and LYFT chains producing the chance at some serious intraday gains for ourselves and our readers.

Additionally, we had signaled some longer term CVS calls last week which have fared nicely since then, as well as seeing more new highs in the PLUG contracts we’ve been tracking this week. All in all, practically everything we’ve been touching on the options front has been turning to gold.

Here are our observed ranges and total possible gains on everything we just mentioned, with 12 out of 13 target contracts posting multibag moves: 

ZM Weekly $380-390 Calls
$380: 13.50-37.80 (+180%)
$385: 10.90-35.00 (+221%)
$390: 8.20-28.45 (+247%)

HUYA Weekly $20-20.50 Calls
: .55-1.40 (+154%)
$20.50: .50-1.14 (+128%)

LYFT Weekly $37-37.50 Calls
$37: .80-2.24 (+180%)
$37.50: .64-1.89 (+95%)

PLUG Weekly $18.50-21 Calls 
$18.50: .97-4.50 (+363%)
$20: .48-3.05 (+535%)
$21: .24-2.14 (+791%)

CVS 02/19 $65-70 Calls
$65: 2.70-7.50 (+178%)
$70: 1.83-5.75 (+214%)
$75: 1.08-4.40 (+307%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $125-140 Calls
VRM Weekly $45-35 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Another Green Rush for Marijuana Stocks?

Big Time Options Success Persists

The title of our report that we sent out on Friday morning was “Another Dream Week of Options Trading”, wherein we patted ourselves on the back for connecting on some serious options gainers every day of the week.

We would continue that trend with Friday’s fresh options ideas, offering up four separate ideas and hitting big on each and every one of them. Take a look at the incredible single session gains that were available to ourselves and anyone who caught our premarket report. Out of all four of our highlighted target ranges, multibag gains were there for the taking regardless of the chosen strike price.

SQ Weekly $177.50-185 Calls 
$177.50: 6.07-23.60 (+289%)
$180: 4.08-20.77 (+409%)
$182.50: 2.53-17.94 (+609%)
$185: 1.59-16.05 (+909%)

CVS Weekly $62-63 Calls
$62: .98-5.30 (+441%)
$62.50: .77-4.70 (+510%)
$63: .55-4.30 (+681%)

Two of our options plays from Friday were high profile marijuana-related stocks, a sector that we have a high interest in, and in addition to logging massive gains on the options front, the stocks themselves also outperformed many others on on the day and into the premarket this morning.  TLRY has run from 8.45-14.36 while CGC increased from 21.90 to 27.25. Those moves made the following gains possible for our designated options targets: 

CGC Weekly $21-21.50 Calls
$21: .92-4.00 (+335%)
$21.50: .70-3.40 (+386%)

TLRY Weekly $7.50-8.50 Calls
$7.50: 1.00-4.43 (+343%)
$8: .44-4.00 (+809%)
$8.50: .31-3.50 (+1029%)

It appears we are witnessing a revitalization of the cannabis sector, which we have long been touting as a favorite market space of ours. Since the first Green Rush in 2012, we have been extremely interested in the marijuana industry and we could be on the verge of another big green wave of success! For that reason, we will dedicate our entire extended watchlist to cannabis plays today.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MCD Weekly $225-230 Calls
PLUG Weekly $18.50-20 Calls 

Cannabis Watchlist: