RTTR Pops, Options Recaps & More

Ritter Pharmaceuticals Inc. RTTR

We were looking for a big start to the week, which we did get with our options ideas on Monday, but we also included RTTR in that report, and yesterday the stock really went for a ride.

From a low of .332 Monday morning, to yesterday’s new high of .74 it marks a two-day upswing and total possible gains of 123%

Options Updates

We also formulated several options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and were flushed with solid opportunities to profit in 3 out of our 4 target ranges. Here are the moves made by those contracts on the day:

CHGG 05/15 $45-55 Calls
8.00-16.19 (+102%)
$50: 4.00-12.00 (+200%)
$55: 1.36-7.89 (+480%)

PTON Weekly $34-35 Calls*
2.96-4.00 (+35%)
$35: 2.41-3.50 (+45%)

*Based on premarket activity, we expect to see the gains here increased today, so keep an eye peeled.

SPY 05/06 $285-288 Calls
$285: 2.93-4.83 (+65%)
$286: 2.36-4.04 (+71%)
$287: 1.83-3.30 (+80%)
$288: 1.37-2.64 (+93%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CVS Weekly $62-63 Calls
EA Weekly $120-115 Puts
INMD 05/15 $25-30 Calls
CLVS Weekly $8-8.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Review & More

Options Review

Despite an unproductive session for the markets as a whole yesterday, two of our three fresh options ideas for the session bucked the trend and panned out quite well on the day. We had some ideas for both the RNG and ROKU chains that produced respectable intraday moves for us.

Here were the total possible profits that were there for the taking, some of which did reach multi-bag status for the session:  

RNG Weekly $220-225 Calls
: 6.10-12.93 (+112%)
: 6.35-10.69 (+68%)
: 3.53-9.30 (+163%)

ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls
$134: 10.45-15.45 (+48%)
: 9.55-14.95 (+57%)
: 9.25-14.17 (+53%)

Based on premarket activity we’re seeing this morning, we would expect both RNG and ROKU to tack even more gains onto these ideas for us today.

More New Ideas:
TEVA  Weekly $12-12.50 Calls
AKAM Weekly $98-101 Calls
SHOP Weekly $535-550 Calls
CVS Weekly $74.50-76 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CVS Update & More

CVS Health Corp. CVS – Recap

Included in yesterday morning’s premarket report, was an post earnings options idea for CVS. We were looking at the CVS Weekly $55.50-57 Calls following the company’s beat on Q2 earnings accompanied by raised guidance, and solid growth bolstered by the Aetna acquisition. The stock was also at a multiple-bottom area of the chart.

With the added help of an intraday market surge our targets enjoyed solid moves on the day.

$55.50 Calls – Range: 1.25-2.80 – Max Gain: 269%
$56 Calls – Range: .85-2.37 – Max Gain: 370%
$56.50 Calls – Range: .70-1.91  – Max Gain: 329%
$57 Calls – Range: .46-1.51 – Max Gain: 417%

We’ll look to roll up slightly and monitor the CVS Weekly $57.50-58 Calls for the remainder of the week.

 More Fresh Ideas:
DISH Network Corp. DISH 09/13 $34-36 Calls
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD 08/16 $30.50-31.50 Calls
Uber, Inc. UBER Weekly $41-42.50 Calls 

Extended Watchist: