Wrapping Up Another Good Week, 5 Fresh Plays

Thursday’s Trio of Winners:  

We got things back on track in terms of options trading ideas yesterday morning. We included a trio of potential plays, and were happy to see a lot of good activity, with winners across the board. It’s a good way to head into the end of the week as we attempt to do it one more time this morning. Another earnings season has come and gone, but as usual we will do our best to generate plenty of ideas based on other factors until we’re back in the thick of things in a few weeks’ time.

Yesterday’s targets were the SMTC Weekly $22-23 Calls, the SPY 09/14 $447-448 Calls, and the BABA Weekly $87-89 Calls, and they produced the following caliber of intraday moves and total potential profits for traders:

SMTC Weekly $22-23 Calls
 1.55-3.00 (+94%)
$23: .75-2.15 (+187%)

SPY 09/14 $447-448 Calls
$447: 1.23-4.20 (+241%)
$448: .66-3.06 (+364%)

BABA Weekly $87-89 Calls
 1.07-1.76 (+95%)
$88: .60-1.06 (+77%)
$89: .32-.59 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts
ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts
MITK Weekly $12.50 Calls
LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts

BIO Weekly $370 Calls

*All of today’s targets expire at the close. Do not attempt to trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced options trader!

Extended Watchlist:

Our Website’s 12th ANNIVERSARY & More

Cheers to 12 YEARS! 

Today marks the TWELFTH anniversary of our decision to take our daily stock (and now, options) newsletter public! We created BlueHorseshoeStocks.com as a way to force accountability onto ourselves in a way that no one else ever has. EVERY single newsletter and special report we’ve released in those 12 years is still right there on the site, as a shining example of both our successes and failures. We’re happy to say we’ve had FAR more of the former than the latter, and we’re proud to bring you our very best each and every day for the last dozen years. We thank each and every one of our loyal followers from the bottom of our hearts! Cheers to all, and happy trading!

Perfect Session on Friday:

We finished out the trading week on Friday in top form, with all of our daily ideas from our premarket report hitting, which completed a week in which just one of the contract sets from just one of our ideas failed to post gains. That’s essentially a perfect week, and we’re pleased to be able to perform so well for our loyal readers.

Our winning plays were the AAPL Weekly $190-185 Puts, the AMZN Weekly $138-141 Calls, the AMGN Weekly $230-232.50 Calls, and the ABNB Weekly $139-137 Puts. Some of the gains that were contained therein were truly impressive, and here’s the breakdown of those numbers:

AAPL Weekly $190-185 Puts
2.93-8.05 (+175%)
$187.50: 1.22-5.55 (+355%)
$185: .18-3.03 (+1583%)

AMZN Weekly $138-141 Calls
2.56-5.60 (+119%)
$139: 1.91-4.65 (+143%)
$140: 1.31-3.70 (+118%)
$141: .83-2.78 (+235%)

AMGN Weekly $230-232.50 Calls
7.77-16.35 (+110%)
$232.50: 4.40-13.14 (+199%)

ABNB Weekly $139-137 Puts
.40-2.39 (+498%)
$138: .30-1.95 (+640%)
$137: .14-1.41 (+907%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BNTX 08/18 $100-95 Puts
TSN Weekly $53-52 Puts 

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Fresh Earnings-Related Options Ideas

Fresh Options Ideas:

As we promised in yesterday morning’s report, we’re back up and running today, and would like to once again apologize for the lapse in coverage. Luckily, there were no really major names reporting earnings on Monday, so we really didn’t miss out on much. Today’s earning calendar is far more interesting, so it would seem the timing is fortuitous.

With no figures from fresh ideas yesterday to report, we’re simply going to jump right into the earnings reporters that are catching our attention this morning. Once again, we thank our many loyal daily readers for their patience and understanding regarding yesterday’s lack of fresh potential plays. Here is what we’re drawn to today:

ANET Weekly $172.50-177.50 Calls
UBER Weekly $49.50-51 Calls
MRK Weekly $106-108 Calls
CAT Weekly $262.50-267.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: