Tuesday’s Big Runners, More Fresh Trading Ideas

Another Great Day of Options Trading:  

We continued down a good path on Tuesday, laying out three quick-strike options ideas and one long-term swing idea in our premarket report. All three of the potential plays with weekly expirations produced multibag gain chances on the day, and kept things flowing in a positive direction for us.

That trio of runners was the SE Weekly $49-47 Puts, the ONON Weekly $32.50-31 Puts, and the SDRL Weekly $50 Calls, and here were the excellent intraday runs they recorded on the session:

SE Weekly $49-47 Puts
4.30-8.79 (+104%)
$48: 3.25-7.85 (+141%)
$47: 2.69-6.76 (+151%)

ONON Weekly $32.50-31 Puts
1.70-4.10 (+141%)
$32: 1.31-3.40 (+159%)
$31.50: 1.08-3.00 (+178%)
$31: .85-2.40 (+182%)

SDRL Weekly $50 Calls
$50: .25-.95 (+280%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TGT Weekly $133-135 Calls
TJX Weekly $87-88 Calls
CAVA Weekly $50 Calls
JD Weekly $35-34.50 Puts

T2 Biosystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTOO) – Recap

TTOO is a NASDAQ play that we’ve been tracking for the past few weeks which has continued to tack on new highs. Subsequent to our tag of the stock in our watchlist on July 21st, we observed a low of .09 in TTOO. As of this morning’s new premarket high of .735, that marks a rise of 717%

Extended Watchlist: