Thousand Percent+ Gainer, Fresh Ideas

04/21 Options Reviews:

In recent weeks we have been tagging several longer-term options plays with an April 21st expiration as opposed to weeklies, and today we wanted to circle back for some of those which posted new highs for us during yesterday’s session.

We’ll start off with the DOMO 04/21 $15 Calls, which just appeared in yesterday morning’s report, and opened up with a solid first day effort as it ran from .65-1.00, for an intraday upswing of 54%

Next up we’ve got the MKC 04/21 $75-80 Calls and the SMTC 04/21 $26-25 Puts which we initially flagged in our reports from last Tuesday, and last Thursday morning, respectively. The breakdown of the moves they’ve made since last week is as follows, and as you can see, those SMTC Puts easily breached the thousand percent gain barrier in what has been one of our hottest recent ideas:

MKC 04/21 $75-80 Calls
$75: 4.80-10.32 (+115%)
$80: 1.40-5.40 (+286%)

SMTC 04/21 $26-25 Puts
 .20-3.40 (+1600%)
$25: .21-3.09 (+1371%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SMPL 04/21 $40-35 Puts
DLO 04/21 $16-15 Puts

Hypercharge Networks Corp. HCNWF – OTC Recap: 

We also wanted to recap the performance of an OTC stock we tagged in yesterday morning’s report. HCNWF went on a very nice intraday run from a low of .685 on up to a high of 1.58, which works out to a highly respectable single session rise of 131%

Extended Watchlist: