AZZ Multibagger, PEP Options Idea

AZZ Targets Run:

Things were rather thin yesterday morning in terms of potential options ideas that jumped out to us as we were searching for new potential plays. We only had one earnings reporter on the day, and that happened to be AZZ. We decided to go bearish on that, and it turned out to be a pretty good idea. Things will be picking back up for earnings next week, so we have that to forward to, but for now we’re still just getting along as best we can.

We targeted the AZZ 10/21 $40-35 Puts, and while the gain chances they generated didn’t shatter the earth, it was still quite a respectable outing, with the $35’s yielding a really nice multibag rip. Here were the ranges and total possible profits to made off of yesterday’s AZZ Puts.

AZZ 10/21 $40-35 Puts
$366: 6.30-8.98 (+43%)
$367: 1.50-4.80 (+220%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
PEP Weekly $162.50-167.50 Calls 

ProText Mobility Inc. TXTM – OTC Recap: 

A lot of our regular readers will recognize TXTM as an OTC play that we’ve tracked pretty consistently over the recent past, and one that has been producing solid swing trade opportunities. After our most recent alert on September 27th, the stock has posted a run from a low of .0071 up to .0146, which is a double-bag increase of 106%

Extended Watchlist: