Yesterday’s Options Movers, Fresh Plays & More

Yesterday’s Options Results: 

Our perfect streak had to come to an end sooner or later, with one of our ideas from yesterday’s premarket report failing to produce instant opportunities. We didn’t see an immediate push from the August YETI Calls we signaled, but there is, of course, plenty of time before expiration for us to get the activity we’re looking for from them.

In the meantime, our other three selections proved to be solid ideas for the day, and three out of four is nothing to sneeze at! Those plays that yielded gratification were the WBA Weekly $38.50-39.50 Calls, the DCT 07/15 $17.50-15 Puts and the SGH 07/15 $17.50 Calls, and here were the total possible profits which could have been reaped from those targets:

WBA Weekly $38.50-39.50 Calls
 .52-1.13 (+117%)
$39: .45-.84 (+87%)
$39.50: .35-.59 (+69%)

DCT 07/15 $17.50-15 Puts
2.45-4.00 (+63%)
$15: .70-2.25 (+221%)

SGH 07/15 $17.50 Calls 

$17.50: .15-.55 (+267%)

Fresh Options Idea
MU Weekly $53.50-52 Puts
NFLX 07/22 $185-190 Calls

haring Economy International Inc. SEII – OTC Recap:

Yesterday morning we noticed that SEII had been pressing upward on a considerable run, and included it in our extended watchlist. The stock continued its impressive push, trading in a range from .106 up to .142. The momentum built up in this stock is considerable, and we’ll certainly be watching for a continuation of same in the sessions to come on the other side of the long weekend.

Extended Watchlist: 

Another Green Rush for Marijuana Stocks?

Big Time Options Success Persists

The title of our report that we sent out on Friday morning was “Another Dream Week of Options Trading”, wherein we patted ourselves on the back for connecting on some serious options gainers every day of the week.

We would continue that trend with Friday’s fresh options ideas, offering up four separate ideas and hitting big on each and every one of them. Take a look at the incredible single session gains that were available to ourselves and anyone who caught our premarket report. Out of all four of our highlighted target ranges, multibag gains were there for the taking regardless of the chosen strike price.

SQ Weekly $177.50-185 Calls 
$177.50: 6.07-23.60 (+289%)
$180: 4.08-20.77 (+409%)
$182.50: 2.53-17.94 (+609%)
$185: 1.59-16.05 (+909%)

CVS Weekly $62-63 Calls
$62: .98-5.30 (+441%)
$62.50: .77-4.70 (+510%)
$63: .55-4.30 (+681%)

Two of our options plays from Friday were high profile marijuana-related stocks, a sector that we have a high interest in, and in addition to logging massive gains on the options front, the stocks themselves also outperformed many others on on the day and into the premarket this morning.  TLRY has run from 8.45-14.36 while CGC increased from 21.90 to 27.25. Those moves made the following gains possible for our designated options targets: 

CGC Weekly $21-21.50 Calls
$21: .92-4.00 (+335%)
$21.50: .70-3.40 (+386%)

TLRY Weekly $7.50-8.50 Calls
$7.50: 1.00-4.43 (+343%)
$8: .44-4.00 (+809%)
$8.50: .31-3.50 (+1029%)

It appears we are witnessing a revitalization of the cannabis sector, which we have long been touting as a favorite market space of ours. Since the first Green Rush in 2012, we have been extremely interested in the marijuana industry and we could be on the verge of another big green wave of success! For that reason, we will dedicate our entire extended watchlist to cannabis plays today.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MCD Weekly $225-230 Calls
PLUG Weekly $18.50-20 Calls 

Cannabis Watchlist:

Market Volatility Spikes, Creating Opportunity

Inovio Pharmaceuticals INO

It appears the markets are once again getting absolutely hammered this morning, and we are back to focusing on those plays which have been enjoying success amid the coronavirus outbreak.  INO is chief among them, largely due to the fact that the company plans to begin human testing of a coronavirus vaccine starting next month.

We tagged this stock for observation back on February 27th, and it has continued to set new highs for us all along the way. From our low of 3.83 INO has now reached 16.00, which works out to total increase of 318%

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Recap

We also put forth some SPY Calls in Friday morning’s report, the SPY Weekly $294-295.50 Calls and those produced massive gains in a late day surge, ranging from 900-1100% The market volatility that scares most people, gives short term opportunistic traders like ourselves dollar signs in our eyes, and we’ve been coming up big throughout this very tenuous situation.  .

Weekly $294-295.50 Calls
 .46-4.70 (+921%)
$295: .30-3.70 (+1133%)
$295.50: .24-3.05 (+1171%)

OTC Watchlist

When big boards get crushed, the OTC becomes something of a haven for traders who are looking for some action during this tumultuous time Here we have a watchlist of some of the ones we’ve been tracking, as well as some new targets to watch.