SPY Calls Rip, Rolling Up to Stay with the Action

1st Thousand Percent Gainer of the Year!

We put our best foot forward yesterday morning despite having no earnings to work off of, and made our first fresh options selections of 2022. They both ended up producing positive movement on the day yesterday, with the SPY clearly taking the cake and giving us our first thousand percent gainer of the new year! While these plays don’t happen every day, we had quite a lot of thousand percenters over the course of last year, and we’re off to a promising start for this one!

Our plays were the SPY 01/03 $476-478 Calls and the FB Weekly $337.50-340 Calls, and it was the SPY that produced those mega gain opportunities as the markets put up an excellent performance on the day. Here are the total possible profits that could have been booked off of those ideas:
SPY 01/03 $476-478 Calls
.28-1.82 (+550%)
$477: .10-.93 (+830%)
$478: .03-.35 (+1067%)

FB Weekly $337.50-340 Calls 
$337.50: 7.10-8.85 (+27%)
$340: 5.90-7.45 (+26%)

Fresh Options Idea:
SPY 01/05 478-480 Calls 

V Group Inc. VGID – Recap:

We would also like to relay a brief update on an OTC stock we’ve been tracking over the past few sessions. We signaled VGID for observation in our premarket report on Friday morning, and the stock has responded with a double bag move. From a low of .0011, VGID hit .0022 for a nice round 100% run, and did so on a relatively large amount of volume.

Extended Watchlist:

Kicking Off a Fresh Trading Week

Luckin Coffee, Inc. LK – Options Recap 

This past Wednesday morning, we signaled a range of calls in the LK chain, and the incredible move made by the stock on Friday, pushed those contracts to some very lofty gains.

LK stock itself ran from a low of 21.95 and hit 27.31, registering as the NASDAQ’s #6 top daily gainer, and moving up 24% in the process, which is a fantastic intraday move for a $20+ stock.

As far as our targets of interest, the LK 11/22 $19-21 Calls, the following gains were possible with Friday’s amazing run.

$19 Calls – Range: 1.96-5.75 – Max Gain: 193%
$19.50 Calls – Range: 1.70-4.50 – Max Gain: 165%
$20 Calls – Range: 1.35-6.50 – Max Gain: 381%
$20.50 Calls – Range: 1.10-3.60  – Max Gain: 227%
$21 Calls – Range:  .71-5.37 – Max Gain: 656%

Eros International plc EROS 

We’ve been tracking EROS since October, with the first of two alerts in that moth coming on the 9th.

Since that time we have witnessed some pretty nice activity in the stock, observing a low of 1.25, and as of this morning’s premarket high of 2.70, it has made an overall move of 116%

We are going to highlight some EROS options as well for a fresh idea to start the week off with, the EROS 12/20 $2.50 Calls.

Extended Watchlist: