Huge SPY Gains, Earnings Shorts

Options Reviews: 

Out of the three plays we flagged for observation in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we hit on two, with our SPY Calls going on a considerable intraday run as the markets posted another hugely bullish performance for the day.

We’ve got the breakdown on that pair of ideas, the SPY 01/23 $396-$397 Calls and the SYF Weekly $35-36 Calls, as well as some impressive updated figures on a longer-term play we’ve been tracking since the 12th, the CRWD 01/27 $98-99 Calls. 

SPY 01/23 $396-$397 Calls

$396: 1.12-6.60 (+489%)
$397: .70-5.61 (+701%)

SYF Weekly $35-36 Calls
 1.01-1.59 (+57%)
$36: .45-1.04 (+131%)

CRWD 01/27 $98-99 Calls 
$98: 2.17-9.80 (+352%)
$99: 1.86-7.80 (+319%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
VZ Weekly $39.50-38.50 Puts
RTX Weekly $96-95 Puts
JNJ Weekly $170-165 Puts
MMM Weekly $115-116 Calls

NASDAQ Recaps:

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. INBS – We tagged INBS in yesterday’s watchlist, and saw a really nice move on our first day of observation. The stock rose from a low of .50 and hit 1.60, for a 220% gain. That was good for the top slot on the NASDAQ Gainers List for the session.

Helbiz Inc. HLBZ – It was in our report from this past Friday that we signaled HLBZ, and the stock responded with a run from a low of .1849 that morning, up to yesterday’s new high .5496. That marked a two-day swing of 197%

Extended Watchlist:

Kicking Off the First of Two Short Trading Weeks

Dave & Busters Entertainment, Inc. PLAY – Options Review:

We just had a single solitary options idea that we formulated for Friday morning’s premarket report, in the Dave & Busters chain, the PLAY 01/20 $35-37 Calls. We’ve got an update on this morning to start off this short week, which we expect to be rather laid back, if prior years are any indicator.

There weren’t any other interesting earnings reporters going out on the day, but we managed to eke out some decent gains. We’re going without earnings once again today, but we’ve got some increased activity in the OTC as you’ll read about below.

PLAY 01/20 $35-37 Calls
$35: 1.03-1.85 (+80%)
$36: .72-1.27 (+76%)
$37: .60-.81 (+35%)

More OTC Recaps:

We tend to lean more heavily on the OTC toward the end of the year, when penny stocks typically heat up compared to the larger markets. Not many large companies are reporting earnings at the moment, and OTC tax loss selling can hammer a lot of these stocks down. That, in turn, causes a wave of opportunistic traders like ourselves to swoop in and accumulate cheap shares. The net result is a heightened landscape of possibility for many over the counter stocks.

Below, we’ve got a group of OTC plays we’ve been tracking in recent reports that posted some new highs on an otherwise mundane Friday. We last alerted STRY and BIEI on the 20th, and GTII just a couple of days later. Here were the updated figures on the total ranges and possible gain opportunities as we closed out the trading week:

Starry Group Holding, Inc. STRY
Alerted: December 20th
Range: .0165-.0335 (+103%)

Premier Biomedical Inc. BIEI
Alerted: December 20th
Range: .0031-.006 (+99%)

Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. GTII
Alerted: December 22nd
Range: .74-1.20 (+62%)

Extended Watchlist:

Happy Holidays! Putting a Cap on a Good Week


Before we do our wrap-up for the week we’d just like to wish all of our readers the very best, no matter which holidays you choose to celebrate for the season! We appreciate all of our readers, and will continue to work hard to try to bring you interesting ideas, or just a different way of looking at things. It’s been a great year, and we’re looking forward to what the next one has in store. Good tidings and cheers to every last one of you!

Another Options Clean Sweep:

We made good on all three sets of options ideas we formulated for yesterday morning’s premarket report. Turning in a flawless sheet for the second straight day in a row. The markets dipped, which was good for our bearish targets, and there was at least an attempted recovery toward the second half of the session that provided some good intraday movement for our one bullish idea.

The targets in question were the KMX Weekly $54-52 Puts, the PAYX 01/20 $115-120 Calls, and the MU Weekly $50-48.50 Puts. and as will see below, the potential gains ranged in ascending order from nominal all the way up to excellent. Here’s how the day broke down for us:

KMX Weekly $54-52 Puts
 .65-.93 (+43%)
$53: .39-.55 (+41%)
$52: .35-.65 (+86%)

PAYX 01/20 $115-120 Calls
 .92-2.20 (+139%)
$120: .33-.70 (+112%)

MU Weekly $50-48.50 Puts 
$50: .65-1.62 (+149%)
$49.50: .41-1.15 (+180%)
$49: .24-.81 (+238%)
$48.50: .15-.52 (+246%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
PLAY 01/20 $36-37 Calls

Blue Apron Holdings Inc. APRN:

We’ve also got another update for APRN, which we had just put on people’s radars in yesterday morning’s report. After seeing a low of .75 yesterday, the stock had reached 1.29 her in the premarket, representing a jump of 72% We’ll continue to monitor this stock when we pick things up on Tuesday following the holiday.

Extended Watchlist: