Options Review, Fresh Ideas & More

Winning Options Recap:

We’re back and ready to get at it this morning as we kick off a fresh trading week. Friday was a rare occasion, perhaps only the third day in the last ten years that we were unable to put out a premarket newsletter, due to an untimely plumbing emergency at our editing office. We apologize for the absence, but we’re ready get cracking this week!

We’re going to start off by highlighting the gains achieved by a couple of our extended term options ideas from earlier last week. On Tuesday morning, we signaled interest in the BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls, and on Wednesday we alerted on the PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls. Both of those plays finished the week out with some impressive moves on the books.

Here are the trading ranges and total possible profits for those ideas: 

BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls
$17.50: 1.94-6.80 (+251%)
$20: .65-4.90 (+654%)

PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls

$210: 4.00-7.80 (+95%)
$215: 2.88-5.76 (+100%)
$220: 2.05-4.21 (+105%)
$225: 1.45-3.20 (+121%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ve got a good batch of ideas from off of today’s earnings calendar as well, so we’ll try to get things back on track with a 4-pack of fresh possibilities this morning,

SPY 11/15 $467-469 Calls 
RIOT Weekly $44-47 Calls 
AAP Weekly $240 Calls 
ACM Weekly $70-72.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Our Midas Touch Continues!

Another Huge Day for Options:  

Many of our newer readers might have seen yesterday’s premarket report and thought we were just tooting our own horn about the extreme high success rate of our quick strike options ideas. While that may be true, we always have the receipts to back up our claims!

After going over our perfect slate of ideas from Friday, we offered up four sets of fresh ideas to kick off the trading week, and it was yet another clean sweep of big time intraday runners! We chose targets in the RIOT, MARA, TLRY, and SPY chains, and the total ranges and potential gains on those were pretty impressive:

RIOT Weekly $27-28 Calls
 1.56-6.35 (+307%)
$27.50: 1.50-5.95 (+297%)
$28: 1.35-5.60 (+314%)

MARA Weekly $26.50-28 Calls 
$26.50: 1.91-6.20 (+224%)
$27: 1.48-5.80 (+292%)
$27.50: 1.51-5.40 (+257%)
$28: 1.43-5.15 (+260%)

TLRY Weekly $26-27 Calls
 1.70-4.80 (+182%)
$27: 1.22-4.20 (+244%)

SPY Weekly $388-389 Calls 

$388: 2.74-3.99 (+46%)
$389: 2.16-3.23 (+50%)

Added Note: For RIOT, MARA, and TLRY, we are going to be looking to roll up and track the Weekly $34-36 Calls in all three chains

Extended Watchlist Runners: 

Considering it was such a sizable watchlist included in yesterday’s report, it was quite remarkable that they all ended up in the green on the day. Here were the three top gainers of the group:

GenTech Holdings Inc. GTEH
Range: .0033-.0075
Gained: 127%

Savoy Energy Corp. SNVP

Range: .0059-.0149
Gained: 153%

Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. SFOR
Range: .175-.299
Gained: 71%

Extended Watchlist:

Another Awesome Trading Week

Fantastic Week Closes with a Bang: 

We have been rolling along this week with some really great ideas as usual, with most of everything we’ve highlighted providing some type of trading opportunity. Yesterday morning’s report offered no exception to that trend, with two out our three tracked options plays yielding impressive intraday performances.

Our targets were long on PYPL and short on QCOM, and in both cases, we witnessed multibag intraday runs. The ranges and total possible gains for the day were as follows:

PYPL Weekly $260-267.50 Calls
 3.80-10.78 (+184%)
$262.50: 2.51-8.35 (+232%)
$265: 1.70-6.10 (+259%)
$267.50: 1.11-4.26 (+284%)

QCOM Weekly $155-150 Puts
 4.55-9.72 (+114%)
$152.50: 2.98-7.56 (+154%)
$150: 1.64-5.25 (+220%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
PINS Weekly $80-85 Calls
ATVI Weekly $99-102 Calls
PTON Weekly $148-150 Calls 

*Please don’t attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Alternet Systems, Inc. ALYI

It has been nearly a month that we’ve been pounding the table on ALYI, with the stock appearing in our daily reports five times since January 7th. On that day, it was trading for as little as .0152, and it never looked back.

We’ve seen it tack on added gains for most of the past three-plus weeks, and yesterday it attained a new high of .0871. That marks an overall upswing of 473% in less than a month’s time.

Extended Watchlist: