Closing Out Another Week of Elite Trading

Options Review:

Here we are once again on the cusp of closing out another excellent trading week filled with notable opportunities. We’re going to first highlight yesterday’s fresh calls, which came in the TLRY and JD chains.

TLRY is a hot cannabis play that we routinely revisit, while JD issued its quarterly earnings report which generated a good amount of intraday volatility. Our specific plays on these targets were the TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls and the JD Weekly $93-96 Calls and they each logged massive multibag moves on the day.

Here are the ranges and total possible profits that were there for the taking: 

TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls
  .67-3.85 (+475%)
$25: .46-3.74 (+713%)
$25.50: .33-3.09 (+836%)

JD Weekly $93-96 Calls
 .40-1.14 (+185%)
$94: .30-.85 (+183%)
$95: .24-.70 (+192%)
$96: .20-.53 (+115%)

Fresh Options Plays:
SPY Weekly $293-292 Puts
X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls 

Foothills Exploration, Inc. FTXP – Recap:

Speaking of solid multibaggers, we included FTXP in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. We always try to remind our readers (especially newcomers) to include our daily watchlists on your own radar screens. We don’t typically profile each and every stock that catches our interest, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hidden gems like these.

Subsequent to our alert, this OTC play ran from a low of .0032 on up to .0104, which represents a daily rip of 225% and came on over a billion and a half shares traded. 

Extended Watchlist: 

Private Chat Play Blows Lid, Options Ideas

Why Sign Up for Our Premium Tier? 

Our premium service, Veteran Trading, has been operating for several weeks now, with more new subscribers signing on all the time. Our basic package entails a private Telegram chat where we provide realtime trading ideas that do not appear in our daily premarket reports.

Yesterday, on the heels of a Secretary of State reinstatement, we tagged NGCG in the private room just prior to the open, as you can see on the snapshot below.

Following our signal, NGCG ran from a daily low of .0066 to as high as .03, which represents an intraday upswing of 355%, a serious intraday gain opportunity. We urge you to send a brief email indicating your interest in our premium service, along with a short description of your trading experience to

Another potential reinstatement play that we are going to be watching today is PFND. Get in touch with us about commencing your subscription with Veteran Trading today, and never miss another chance for big gains!

Swing-Trade Options Ideas:

We like the look of the charts on both ATNX and OTRK, and will be issuing some extended-term potential swing trade ideas to correspond.

ATNX 07/16 $5-7.50 Calls
OTRK 05/21 $40-45 Calls

More Options Plays:
TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls
JD Weekly $93-96 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

TLRY’s Exponential Run & More

Tilray, Inc. TLRY – Major Run Still in Progress: 

Our success with TLRY has been non-stop, first offering up a couple of options targets on Monday morning with the $26-27 Calls, and rolling up throughout the week as the stock has continuously soared to new highs. In Tuesday’s newsletters we reported on the multibag gains there, and tacked on the $34-36 Calls as additional targets.

We had to repeat the process yesterday morning, highlighting all of our tracked contracts’ performances, and once again adding higher strike points to our watchlist with the $50-52 Calls. We’re back for the fourth straight day today to do it again. TLRY has touched $75 in the premarket this morning, and we are repeating the process.

Here are the overall trading ranges and total possible gains on all of our selected targets in the TLRY chain. The stock itself has now run 189% intraweek since its Monday lows, providing our watchlist with the following incredible gainers: 

TLRY Weekly Calls
 1.70-39.25 (+2208%)
$27: 1.22-38.65 (+3068%)
(Since Monday)

$34: 2.49-31.10 (+1149%)
$35: 2.00-31.20 (+1460%)
$36: 1.77-30.70 (+1634%)
(Since Tuesday)

$50: 6.00-16.50 (+175%)
$51: 5.70-16.10 (+182%)
$52: 5.20-15.20 (+192%)
(Since Yesterday)

Twitter Inc. TWTR – Update

In addition to tracking the previously mentioned monster play, we offered up a couple of targets in yesterday morning’s report and got instant results from those as well.

TWTR Weekly $63-65 Calls
$63: 2.64-5.66 (+114%)
$64: 2.06-5.00 (+143%)
$65: 1.60-4.24 (+165%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
KHC Weekly $34-34.50 Calls
AZN Weekly $50-51 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: