Runners, Runners, Everywhere!

Options Review: 

We played the SPY from both sides of the fence last week as the markets chopped up and down over the course of some rather volatile sessions. On Friday morning, we flipped from bears to bulls and cast our lot in with the SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls. 

Additionally, a couple of our other targets, the DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls and the PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls, produced some impressive intraday rallies that gave traders the chance at the following gains:

SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls
$411: 2.56-6.48 (+153%)
$412: 1.91-5.58 (+192%)
$412.50: 1.59-5.00 (+214%)

DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls
$122: 3.82-22.50 (+490%)
$123: 2.94-22.47 (+664%)
$124: 2.59-21.50 (+7300%)
$125: 1.80-20.00 (+1011%)

PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls
$9: .37-.71 (+110%)
$9.50: .09-.22 (+144%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PCT 08/20 $15-17.50 Calls 

PRPL Weekly $30-35 Calls 

OTC Runners:

Friday was a big day for many of the OTC stocks we’ve been actively tracking of late. These four examples which have appeared in our reports over the last few weeks all set new highs for us on Friday.

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. EEGI
First Alert: 04/26
Subsequent Range: .0005-.0055
Total Possible Gain:+1000%

Spooz, Inc. SPZI
First Alert: 05/07
Subsequent Range: .0012-.0038
Total Possible Gain: +217%

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. GEGI 
First Alert: 05/14
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0072
Total Possible Gain:+100%

Buyer Group International, Inc. BYRG
First Alert: 05/14
Subsequent Range: .0044-.0074
Total Possible Gain:+68%

Extended Watchlist:

Explosive Gains in the YETI Chain & More

More SPY Updates:

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we mentioned that we felt the markets were due for a reversal off of the bearish trend they had established up to that point. After tracking some very nice gains in SPY Puts over that span, we flip-flopped and targeted some SPY Calls fresh for yesterday’s report.

Those were the SPY 05/14 $406-407.50 Calls and they produced considerable intraday movement that could have been seized upon by anyone who caught our alert. Here are the double-bag moves and total possible gains that were on the table there:

 SPY 05/14 $406-407.50 Calls.
$406: 3.32-6.70 (+102%)
$407: 2.76-5.82 (+111%)
$407.50: 2.46-5.40 (+120%)

We also want to roll up to the SPY 05/14 $411-412.50 Calls* for today’s session.

YETI Holdings Inc. YETI

We also formulated some ideas for the YETI chain that recorded some simply earth-shattering gains on the day yesterday. The was the star idea of our daily report, yielding some truly fantastic gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers.

Uncovering gainers of such magnitude is a common occurrence on our newsletters and website (, and still, every time it happens it produces a similar feeling of exhilaration! Here were the absolutely massive intraday runs logged by those calls.

YETI Weekly $83-85 Calls 
$83: .48-3.10 (+546%)
$84: .05-2.50 (+4900%)
$85: .10-1.87 (+1770%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
COIN Weekly $270-277.50 Calls*
DASH Weekly $122-125 Calls*
FTCH 05/21 $35-40 Calls
PBR Weekly $9-9.50 Calls* 

*Please remember that trading options on their day of expiration should only be attempted by advanced level traders with access to disposable funds!  

Extended Watchlist:

Options Updates, Fresh Plays

US Steel Corp. X – Options Review:

We offered up a possible trade idea for the X chain in Friday morning’s premarket report, just as the company provided first quarter 2021 guidance that reflects higher expectations on strong steel demand leading to a rise in price. That led to an excellent session wherein X approached its previous high of the calendar year thus far, though it did ultimately come up just shy of the mark.

Our designated targets, the X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls fared quite well, with the PPS surging past and holding over $24 into the close. That facilitated the following gain opportunities for anyone who happened to catch our signal:

X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls
  51-2.33 (+357%)
$22.50: .26-1.89 (+627%)

eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI:

Speaking of solid options plays, on Wednesday morning we threw out an idea for the EXPI chain, specifically targeting the EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls. The stock performed exceedingly well to close out the week, running to new highs.

That move enabled our options plays to record some excellent double bag trading ranges, and with the momentum built up in the stock, we’re going to want to continue to track these ideas, in addition to rolling up to include the EXPI 03/19 $55 Calls.

EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls
$50:  2.16-5.30 (+145%)
$52.50: 1.45-3.70 (+155%)

Fresh Options Plays:
PBR 04/01 $9-9.50 Calls
YALA Weekly $22.50-25 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: