BJ Recap, Fresh Options Ideas

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc. BJ – Recap

As usual, we put out some fresh options ideas in yesterday mornings report, and despite a poor showing for the markets in general, we did see some instant success with our one-contract target in the BJ’s chain.

We had highlighted the BJ 06/19 $30 Calls for observation and the stock provided us with a great opportunity for huge gains with its own move from from 30.39 to 35.45 (+17%). The $30 Calls ran from 1.50-5.60, for an enormous intraday rip of 273%

We will also roll up to include the 06/19 $40 Calls on our watchlist heading into the long weekend, as the momentum from yesterday’s big move could certainly spill over.

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DE Weekly $145-148 Calls
PANW Weekly $235-245 Calls
BABA Weekly $205-207.50 Calls

*Please DO NOT attempt to trade options contracts with a weekly expiration on a Friday unless you are an advanced-level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Massive Options Success!

Winning Options Sweep! 

We decided to cover a little more ground than usual in yesterday’s premarket report, and take five chances on a quintet of options ideas for some of the biggest names reporting their quarterlies. In characteristic fashion, we swept the board, with each and every contract in each and every range we set producing intraday gain opportunities!

We hope your fingers don’t get tired scrolling through all these single session winners, but push onward, because with an earnings reporters list that’s just as jam-packed this morning, we’re going to have another four fresh ideas waiting for you on the other side!

Here were our total possible profits from each of the contracts in yesterday’s designated sets:

AAPL Weekly $320-325 Calls
$320: 4.55-8.72 (+92%)
$322.50: 3.18-6.66 (+109%)
: 2.16-4.90  (+127%)

MA Weekly $322.50-325 Calls 
$322.50: .91-3.60 (+296%)
: .50-2.17  (+334%)

BABA Weekly $210-212.50 Calls
$210: 2.14-4.73 (+121%)
$212.50: 1.11-3.10 (+179%)

BA Weekly $322.50-327.50 Calls
$322.50: 2.10-5.25 (+150%)
$325: 1.19-3.71 (+212%)
: .74-2.41  (+226%)

SPY Weekly $327.50-328.50 Calls
: 1.34-2.13 (+59%)
: 1.11-1.79  (+61%)
: .90-1.47 (+63%)

Fresh Ideas:
MSFT 02/07 $170-177.50 Calls
LVS 02/28 $68-71 Calls
LLY Weekly $141-143 Calls

LMT Options Review & More

Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT – Recap

Our big winner from yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to be Lockheed Martin. We’ve had some experience trading options in the LMT chain in the past, and this time around was another really good opportunity for ourselves and our readers to take advantage of some excellent intraday moves.

Our targets of choice were the LMT  Weekly $435-440 Calls and all three contract sets in that range experienced some serious single session multibag gains!

LMT  Weekly $435-440 Calls
$435:1.40-6.30 (+350%)
$437.50: 1.17-5.10  (+336%)
: .55-3.70  (+573%)

Fresh Ideas:

With a huge group of the biggest companies reporting earnings today, here are some options ideas for the ones that we are most attracted to based on premarket activity and a number of other factors.

AAPL Weekly $320-325 Calls
MA Weekly $322.50-325 Calls
BABA Weekly $210-212.50
SPY Weekly $327.50-328.50 Calls
BA Weekly $322-327.50 Calls