Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SNDX Recap, Options & More

Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SNDX

Despite the markets getting crushed yesterday we managed to find and tag in our premarket report, what would ultimately be the NASDAQ’s top gainer of the day. SNDX had been gradually coming up off a bottom in the few sessions prior, but yesterday things really kicked into gear.

It traded in a range from 10.76 to 15.335, a fantastic intraday move of 43% which is really impressive for a $10+ stock. That move inside of the first 90 minutes of the session. That was followed by a dip-and-rip pattern from 12.16 and back to 13.62; a 12% rebound into a strong close at 13.58

The stock traded 56x its 30-day average volume yesterday, and held more than half of its daily advance, so we’ll be treating this as a potential momentum play as we head into week’s end, looking out for higher highs and higher lows out of SNDX.

Fresh Options Ideas

Speaking of the markets getting crushed, it appears as if we may see a continuation of that pattern today, so we want to have a few sets of options ideas to fall back on in the event of a continued slide.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – BABA had been on an incredible bullish run for the better of part of 2017 thus far as you can plainly see on the chart snapshot we’ve included here. You can also see that the strength index is sharply declining after having recently been indicating the stock was extremely overbought.  We can also see the MACD pinching toward a bearish cross.

That’s why, along with an earnings miss in the premarket and the overall current of the markets as a whole, we’re looking at the BABA Weekly $120-117 Puts for potential quick-strike swing trades.


SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY)  – Also in the vein of our general bearish view of today’s overall conditions, we want to line up a set of SPY Puts for observation. Our regular readers know that the SPY is one of our favorite market analogs, and has been a wellspring of gains for us on the options front when we correctly gauge investor sentiment.

Today we want to put the SPY Weekly $237-235 Puts on watch, as a sustained tumultuous period for stocks would likely produce some good chances for us there.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Update, Bottom-Watcher & More

Alibaba Group Holding, Ltd. BABA

First up this morning will be a review of yesterday’s options trading idea that we had for BABA as it came off of an earnings beat. The range of contracts we wanted to track were the BABA Weekly $77-81 Calls and while the stock didn’t make a big enough push to facilitate gains in all of them, we saw some nice action on the lower end. The $77-78′s each made two significant intraday swings that could have been traded upon for the following gains:

$77 Calls – Trading Ranges: 2.00-2.75 (+37%), 1.50-2.30 (+53%)
$77.50 Calls – Trading Ranges: 1.55-2.32 (+49%), 1.37-1.87 (+36%)
$78 Calls– Trading Ranges: 1.20-1.90 (+58%), .83-1.45 (+75%)

Nate’s Food Co. NHMD

There was no need to be patient with NHMD after we tagged it for observation just prior to the opening bell in yesterday’s premarket report. We noted that the stock had seen some momentum buildup; we were looking for a carryover and found it.

The sizable intraday swing came early in the session as NHMD ran from a low of .004-.0074, an 85% pop. It enacted a bit of a dip and rip into a close at .006. We’ll leave a space on our radar screens reserved to monitor NHMD moving forward, as volatile subpenny plays like this can often be good for daily flip opportunities.

JTH Holding, Inc. TAX – Bottom-Watcher

We’ve got an interesting chart setup in TAX, which as you can plainly see without the aid of annotation on the snapshot below, is currently looking egregiously oversold. Even as Liberty Tax was recently voted “Best of the Best” by Entrepreneur magazine(>>View PR) the stock has been taking a tremendous beating.

Over the past few sessions the stock seems to have been trying to find support in the low $11-range, and that is where we come in. We like to track stocks after they’ve been pounded into the pavement for possible rebound plays, as our regular readers knew very well. In the case of TAX, a return to its 50DMA at which it was trading less than a month ago, would mean gains exceeding 50% over yesterday’s closing price.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings-Related Options Ideas

Earnings-Related Options Ideas

We’ve uncharacteristically neglected the options trading arena a bit this week, so this morning we’re going to start off by signaling a range of Calls in the chains of a couple stocks whose earnings have just been released.

Tesla Motors Corp. TSLA – Despite a miss on earnings released yesterday post-market, we’re seeing TSLA rebounding from its week-long slide in premarket trading this morning.

We’ll go ahead and formulate a conditional idea to correspond to the situation. Stipulating that the stock can hold support above the current 200DMA (225.98) on any pullbacks following the opening bell and break back above the 50DMA, we’re going to be monitoring the activity in TSLA Weekly $225-230 Calls for the possibility of some nice intraday upswing action.


Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – In early trading BABA is gapping up after an earnings beat this morning which included a 39% boost in Q4 revs, and a 42% monthly rise in active usership via mobile platforms.

We’re going to signal a range of short-term calls for this play as well, zeroing in on the BABA Weekly $77-81 Calls for potential quick-strike trades.

Pot Stocks on Watch Again

There has been a lot of ebb and flow to general interest in cannabis plays, and it appears that we’re heading into another hot zone. We keep a continual watch over the entire sector, and there has been rising activity in many of the pot stocks that we track routinely.

The usual suspects to which we are referring are GRNH, MJNA, CBIS, TRTC, & CANV. We’ll be sure to keep each of them on closer watch in the sessions ahead.

Added Note:

xG Technology, Inc. XGTI, which we tracked from a low of .08 late last month and have been mentioning all this week, is seeing another early push today in the wake of some patent news(>>View PR) . Reserve a slot on your radars as the stock has reached a new high of .18 in the premarket today.

Extended Watchlist:
PBR, CHK, LGCY, NHMD(Momentum Mover)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BHRT Recap & More

BioHeart, Inc. BHRT

Amid our recent and ongoing success with options trading ideas, we’ve also managed to signal a few winners in the subpenny arena, and BHRT is one to add to that list following yesterday’s session.

We tagged BHRT for observation and immediately witnessed a textbook dip-and-rip pattern which led to an impressive intraday swing. The stock bounced off of support early at .0009, and subsequently rallied to a daily high of .0016, representing a 78% move.

We caught BHRT at an opportune moment, with the stock having just found a new 52-week low on Friday. We’re going to want to keep monitoring this stock for signs of an extended rebound; registering higher highs, and higher lows as the week progresses. There are a number of ripening indicators on the chart, as can plainly be seen below:

Fresh Options Ideas

We’re going to tracking some new weekly options contracts after taking a look at the landscape of the market this morning. We’re right in the thick of another earnings season, and as we’ve mentioned on several occasions, that is the perfect time for quick-strike options trading.

Trends have a tendency to be more predictable during times such as these; earnings-beat gap-ups can and have led us to some serious dip-and-rip winners in the past.  As usual, we provide the range of contracts wherein we believe the greatest action will occur for each play:

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – BABA is gapping up in premarket trading in concurrence with an Q2 earnings beat today. In response, we’re going to signal BABA Weekly $77-81 Calls, and as we just mentioned, be looking out for a classic dip-and-rip.

Apple. Inc. AAPL -  AAPL has an established history of running into earnings, which are incidentally slated to hit the wires after today’s closing bell. Yesterday, the stock pulled back and we’re already seeing a moderate gap-up this morning. We’re going to radar the AAPL Weekly $114-116 Calls for possible day-trade opportunities, as AAPL may run into the close in anticipation of earnings like we’ve seen so many times before!

Extended Watchlist:
ORPN, VGID, BIEI, NTFU, BCCI (Bottom watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GEVO News, PTBI Review & More

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PTBI

In Tuesday morning’s premarket report, we expressed our interest in PTBI based on some press, and the look of the chart. We expected to see a chance for a nice gain, but what followed has been much more impressive.

PTBI has become a multi-day runner; Tuesday’s session brought a move from 4.33-7.77, an intraday gain of 79%

Yesterday, the company came out with news of a new acquisition in the morning, and that certainly added fuel to the fire. After a gap-up we witnessed an early run from 8.71-11.15 (+28%). That high represented a two-day increase of 157% over our observed low of 4.33, and was followed by some consolidation in the afternoon leading to a close at 8.60.

The company published another press release post-market divulging details of a forthcoming private placement (Link Below), that is untraded-upon. Thus, PTBI is gapping up once again today, so we will be wary of the possibility for more price action similar to what we’ve seen so far.

Extreme Networks, Inc. EXTR

We’re going to put EXTR on our radars this week as a stock that was sent through the ringer after an analyst downgrade early last month, causing a big gap-down on the chart.

You can see it plainly on the snapshot we’ve included below. In addition, we can identify a couple of bullish indicators staring us in the face; the RSI is coming off of being oversold, while the MACD is upturned and showing divergence. The stock has been making higher highs and higher lows for two sessions running, and we’ll look for that to continue.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO

We also want to pay attention to GEVO after an interesting PR this morning that highlights an agreement with Alaska Airlines has sent the stock cruising to three-month highs in the premarket.

The chance for a dip-and-rip style play could present itself on the rebound after the profit-takers come out of the woodwork early in today’s session. For us to remain interested in GEVO, the stock will need to maintain support at or above its 50DMA of 3.23 on any pullback.

Extended Watchlist: