BLDV Run, Options & More

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc  BLDV – Recap: 

We have been tagging BLDV in our premarket watchlists frequently since January 19th, and would like to go over the solid performance put forth by the stock over that two week time frame.

On the morning of our initial alert, the stock was trading as low as .0018. After stair-stepping its way up, yesterday the stock reached a new high of .0127, which represents an excellent overall increase of 605%  Even if our readers had only noticed the tag in yesterday morning’s premarket report, they had a chance to grab the stock for as little as .0059 before it rushed to that new high. That would have been good for intraday gains up to 115%

Options Update:

As is typical, we included some new ideas for options to track in yesterday morning’s premarket report, namely the BABA Weekly $255 Calls and the ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls.

In both cases, we observed appreciable moves and intraday gain opportunities for our readers, which could certainly tack on more gains before Friday. Here are the daily figures on those targets so far:

BABA Weekly $255 Calls 
$320: 7.75-13.46 (+74%)

ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls 
$322.50: 1.87-2.70 (+44%)
$325: 1.50-2.30 (+53%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPS Weekly $157.50-165 Calls
TLRY Weekly $19-19.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Green Energy Stocks, Form-4’s, Fresh Options Ideas

Alternative Energy Focus:

At the end of last week, we indicated that we had an interesting alternative energy play to look at this morning. Instead of one, we went ahead and unearthed a trio of companies in the space. In addition to the US rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, it would seem likely that further measures toward curtailing pollution are definitely on the horizon, out of necessity.

We expect to be focusing more and more on “green” plays as time goes on, and society is forced into finding more sustainable and renewable ways to serve its high energy demand. From waste-to-energy, to solar, and everything in between, these are the types of ideas that will endure long after the last drop of fossil fuel has been burned. Today, we’ve selected a variety of different alternative energy stocks trading at very different price points on the OTC Market to spotlight.

Renewable Energy & Power, Inc. RBNW
Last Traded: .0007

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI
:Last Traded: .0177

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. CETY 
Last Traded: .093

We expect to continue building a watchlist of interesting clean and renewable energy companies going forward, as the need for them grows in an increasingly energy hungry world.

Athira Pharma, Inc. ATHA 

We also caught ATHA this morning as a stock with a solid setup on the chart, along with some recent insider buying near its current bottom. Just a month a ago the stock was trading close to $35, and has recently been showing signs of a bottom bounce down here in the $21-22 area.

In addition to a topside gap on the chart, ATHA is currently seeing its MACD converging for a bullish cross, so we’re definitely going to put this one on watch.

Fresh Options Ideas:
BABA Weekly $255 Calls
ON Weekly $34.50-35 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Multiple Thousand+ Percent Gainers!

Alpine 4 Technologies, Inc. ALPP 

We’ve been tagging ALPP in our extended watchlist for some time, and as we mentioned in last Thursday’s morning report, we have been on the trail of this stock since November 18th, at which time it was trading as low as .0735.

This week, we’ve continued to follow the incredible rise of ALPP, which soared to a new high of 4.79, marking an unreal upswing of 6417% in the time we’ve been talking about the stock. Even if you had only caught our update on Thursday, you still could have owned ALPP for 2.01/share, and been up as much as 138% at the new high.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. AITX 

Speaking of thousand-percent gainers, we have been following AITX closely since our report just a couple of weeks ago on the 15th. The very next day it saw shares change hands for as little as .002, and we have now witnessed as it ran to a new high of .045. That represents a ten trading day swing of 2150%

As we were just mentioning yesterday morning, OTC plays like these are currently a large part of our successful calls along with plenty of diverse options ideas. It’s also why we implore our readers to add our Extended Watchlists to their own watchlists each morning, as gems like these get unearthed more often than you’d think!

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We are currently in an extreme earnings dry spell that figures to last until the week of January 18th, when the calendar begins to get busy again. In the meantime, there are still plenty of potential plays out there, and here’s what we dug up today:

BABA Weekly $240-245 Calls
NVAX 01/15 $127-130 Calls

Extended Watchlist: