Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Dollar General Corp. DG

We highlighted a wide range of calls in the DG chain yesterday morning on the heels of the company’s earnings release, the DG Weekly $94-96.50 Calls

While every contract in the range did see intraday gains, we’ll just focus on the $94-95.50′s, as the $96 & $96.50′s didn’t get pushed deep enough in the money to make similarly large moves.

$94 Calls – Range: .50-1.93 – Max Gain: 286%
$94.50 Calls – Range: .42-1.46 – Max Gain: 248%
$95 Calls – Range: .30-1.40 – Max Gain: 367%
$95.50 Calls – Range:  .30-1.00 – Max Gain: 233%

Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL 

We also had the BURL 03/16 $120 & $125 Calls on watch beginning last Thursday, and between then and now, we ended up witnessing some nice moves from those plays.

Our observed range on the $120′s has been 4.04-9.53 (+136%), and the $125 have run from 1.35-4.73 (+250%) in just a week’s time.


We’re going to come back to the SPY today after having seen the markets experience four consecutive days of losses this week.

We’ll be looking for a reversal of fortune for the SPY, and will be tracking the Weekly $274-275.50 Calls* today.

*Do NOT trade weekly calls on a Friday unless you are an expert level trader!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More Options Success

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – Options Recap
Our options calls we made for the SPY on Friday morning were very good to us, and were an excellent way to close out what was ultimately a very successful trading week.

We put a flag up on the SPY Weekly $274.50-277 Calls after seeing the markets stabilize last midweek, following a couple of turbulent sessions as a result of Trump administrations newly announced tariffs. Things looked ripe for a rebound on Friday and that’s just what we got, with the SPY turning in a bullish performance from start to finish.

There were six sets of contracts contained in our designated range, and regardless of which strike price was chosen, intraday gains were on the table, ranging from very good to absolutely fantastic.

$272 Calls – Range: 1.30-4.31 – Max Gain: 232%
$272.50 Calls – Range:  .80-3.90 – Max Gain: 387%
$273 Calls – Range: .68-3.25 – Max Gain: 378%
$273.50 Calls – Range: .46-2.90 – Max Gain: 530%
$273 Calls – Range: .26-2.45 – Max Gain: 842%
$273.50 Calls – Range: .10-1.90 – Max Gain: 1800%


Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL – Speaking of multi-bag options winners, we slated the  BURL 03/16 $120 & $125 Calls for observation on Thursday morning, and those finished out the week with stregth as well. The $120 Calls ran from 4.04-8.50, for an intraday rip of 110%, while the $125 nearly doubled that performance with a 212% run from 1.35-4.21.

Lumentum Holdings, Inc. LITE

We want to swing back around to recap the recent performance of LITE as well. Since our alert on the stock on February 7th, at which time the stock was trading for as little as 52.20/share, LITE has made considerable and steady upward progress.

On Friday it hit a new high of 69.25, marking a move of 33% in less than five weeks. That is quite a feat for a stock that started out above $50!


Fresh Options Idea:

Valeant Pharma International, Inc. VRX -We’re going to formulate a short and longer-term options idea for VRX, which is looking like it could be ready for a bottom bounce. Last week, an insider buy to the tune of more than $108.8M came in as well, which just reinforces our assumption that for now the stock has gone as low as it’s going to go.

We’ll be looking at the VRX Weekly $15 & $15.50 Calls, as well as the 04/13 $16 & $16.50 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RXMD Keeps Rocking & More

Progressive Care, Inc. RXMD

We’ve talked about RXMD every day this week, because the stock has continued to streak to new highs each day. As we’ve mentioned, our February 22nd alert on RXMD enabled our readers to gain entry for as little as .0663.

Yesterday, our tenth session tracking this play, the stock soared to a new five year high of .197, registering as a total increase from our observed low amounting to 197%


Zosano Pharma Corp. ZSAN

We put ZSAN back on our radars as a bottom-bounce play on Friday, and witnessed a subsequent low of 6.8175. From that point, the stock has made a very nice move in just a short time.

Yesterday, following yet another tag in our premarket report, ZSAN ran from 9.58 to 15.74. That worked out to an intraday rise of 64% and a total increase of 131% in a matter of just four trading days.

As you can see on the included chart snapshot, if the stock can pass through the highlighted resistance area and breach the 200DMA, things could get very interesting.

Dollar Tree, Inc. DLTR

We formulated a bearish options idea for Dollar Tree yesterday morning, and it worked out in our favor as the stock gapped down hard, followed by more backsliding during the session. Our targets were the DLTR Weekly $95-92 Puts and the two sets of contracts in the lower end of that range yielded notable intraday gain opportunities.

$93 Puts – Range: 4.00-6.10 – Max Gain: 53%
$92 Calls – Range:  2.50-4.54 – Max Gain: 82%


Fresh Options Idea:
We also want to look at Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL on the heels of its earning release and signal a few contracts for observation- the BURL 03/16 $120 & $125 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BURL Recap & More

Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL – Options Update

Our first order of business this morning will be to go back to the options idea we signaled for the BURL chain on Thursday morning, the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. We reported the solid gains that the strong earnings report allowed us on that first day in Friday’s morning report, and today we’ll have to follow up once again to relay the added opportunities we saw to close out the week.

We did caution on Friday that based on premarket activity, our ranges could be extended considerably, and that’s exactly what happened. The updates ranges showing the total moves we seen over a two session span are as follows:

$85 Calls – Range: 5.60-11.13 – Max Gain: 99%
$90 Calls – Range: 2.50-7.35 – Max Gain: 194%
$95 Calls – Range: .71-3.50 – Max Gain: 392%

Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. GALT

GALT is a stock that we began tracking earlier in 2017, including it in our report on January 17th. Shortly following that alert, the stock saw a low of .935 and it hasn’t looked back since.

We followed up with an update of GALT on February 10th, at which time we had seen a relatively modest range of .935 to 1.29 (+38%). We noted that the gains would be “sustainable if GALT can manage to crack past the current 200DMA” (then at 1.32).

That did happen, and on the 15th we posted another followup stating “One more bullish push will get us into double-bagger territory for this idea, and the stock may well make a run into the 2.00-range.” Our assumptions proved spot-on again, as one week later, the stock went on to hit a high of 2.21, representing a total move up from our observed low of .935 amounting to 136%

Once again GALT is heading to highs, this morning trading as high as 2.30 in the premarket on the heels of some positive clinical trial data (>>View PR). We’re going to want to be paying attention to its activity as we open up another trading week, as expectations of extended gains once again do not seem unreasonable.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Welcoming New Readers & More

Welcome, New Readers!

We’ve had a sizable influx of new subscribers join our ranks in the past several days, so we wanted to take a minute this morning to officially greet our new readers! We’re glad you decided to join up to get our heads-up ideas on everything from stocks, to ETFs, to options! 2017 has started off as another great year for us, and we only expect it to get better!

Feel free to reply to any of our reports with questions (or ideas of your own), and if you enjoy our daily newsletter, by all means, share us with a friend! Also, remember that you can view daily reports, and access archives of the last 7 years of those reports on!

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Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL – Options Update

We reported our interest in tracking some BURL options in the wake of a strong earnings report yesterday morning, and signaled the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. Just as we suspected, the boost of momentum from that earnings beat provided the fuel for those contracts to put up some impressive performances on the day.

The possible gains so far, which could be augmented today with another bullish move, were as follows:

$85 Calls – Range: 5.60-10.00 – Max Gain: 79%
$90 Calls – Range: 2.50-5.20 – Max Gain: 1084%
$95 Calls – Range: .71-1.93 – Max Gain: 172%

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We also want to continue keeping an eye on ICLD, in which volume has been exploding over the past couple sessions as the stock has rebounded off of its 52-week lows.

The stock traded in a relatively modest range from .0157 to .02 (+27%) yesterday, but closed with strength. Especially with the enormous flow of volume at the present time, we’re definitely interested in tracking ICLD’s movements over the next several sessions.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Big Lots, Inc. BIG -  Big Lots had a mixed bag earnings report today, missing estimates on sales, but beating on profits. Still, it appears as if BIG could be gearing up for a decent run, so we’re going to highlight a range of options to track- the BIG 03/17 $52.50-57.50 Calls.

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT – On a bearish note, things got ugly for Caterpillar yesterday as multiple federal agencies participated in a massive raid of its offices in relation to a years-long IRS investigation into a billion dollar tax discrepancy. CAT stock took a massive gut punch, and could continue to see hardship as more details of the investigation and possible consequences become available. We’ll be tracking the CAT 04/07 $88-85 Puts, which could fare extremely well if it comes down to fill a gap on its chart which we’ve pointed out below.

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