Big Time Gainers & More

More Options Updates: 

We closed out last week with a large selection of quick-strike options plays for our readers to consider. Out of five separate sets of ideas, four of them produced epic gain opportunities on the day, easily affording ourselves and our readers the chance at big time multi-bag profits.

We’ll kick off this holiday shortened week by going over our winning runs in the SPY Weekly $453-455 Calls, the MDB Weekly $440-455 Calls, the DOCU Weekly $297.50-305 Calls, and the AVGO Weekly $490-497.50 Calls.

Here are the fantastic gain chances that were on the table for anyone who caught our alerts:

SPY Weekly $453-455 Calls
$453: .22-.70 (+218%)
$454: .05-.16 (+220%)
$455: .02-.06 (+200%)

MDB Weekly $440-455 Calls
$440: 28.18-66.31 (+125%)
$445: 19.30-62.45 (+224%)
$450: 15.40-58.50 (+280%)
$455: 9.90-53.50 (+440%)

DOCU Weekly $297.50-305 Calls
$297.50: 2.30-16.69 (+626%)
$300: 1.61-15.25 (+847%)
$302.50: 1.10-12.30 (+1018%)
$305: .50-10.70 (+2040%)

AVGO Weekly $490-497.50 Calls
$490: 6.40-15.50 (+142%)
$492.50: 4.94-13.90 (+181%)
$495: 3.27-11.10 (+239%)
$497.50: 1.63-4.00 (+145%)

OTC Gainers:

The following are recently tagged OTC stocks to appear in our watchlists, and how well they’ve performed in recent sessions:

Trans Global Group Inc. TGGI

Alerted: Aug. 12th
Range: .003-.0075
Gained: +150%

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. CCAJ 
Alerted: Sept. 9th
Range: .011-.018
Gained: +63%

Extended Watchlist:

Fresh Ideas for an Exciting Friday Finish

Dominos Pizza Inc. DPZ – Options Recap 

We have been very light on options plays over the past week or two, as we are still in a lull for earnings reporters, which are the typical catalysts that we use to take advantage of the inherent volatility that generally follows a quarterly number drop.

. We still have managed to find an opportunity here and there, and yesterday our instincts told us to go short on Dominos. We signaled the DPZ Weekly $427.50-417.50 Puts and saw some good moves

DPZ Weekly $427.50-417.50 Puts
: 18.85-30.10 (+118%)
$325: 17.99-30.35 (+151%)
$322.50: 13.97-26.10 (+203%)
$320: 11.78-24.90 (+337%)
$317.50: 10.46-21.55 (+118%)

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Options Idea

We have been tracking the $340-341 Calls throughout the week, and based on the solid progress we’ve seen there ansd the premarket activity we’re observing this morning, we’;ll go ahead roll up to the SPY Weekly $344-345 Calls to stay close to the action.

More Fresh Options Ideas

Despite having no earnings to push these along, here are a handful of options plays we’ll be tracking today:

CGC Weekly $18 Calls
X Weekly $8-9 Calls
BBBY Weekly $21-22 Calls 

Camber Energy, Inc. CEI – Recap

We also want to backtrack a bit to our September 25th call of CEI today following what has been a very respectable run for the stock.

The day after our tag of CEI, the stock saw a low of .5011 and hasn’t looked back. Yesterday, a very impressive intraday move carried it to a new high of 1.43, which works out to an increase of 185% over a span of just ten trading days!

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out Another Positive Trading Week

Just Energy Group Inc. JE

We placed a big focus on solar energy yesterday morning, with our watchlist containing several targets in that market space. One of which was JE, which produced a multibag run on the day, trading up from a low of .352 and hitting .81. That works out to an intraday move of 130%

This play actually came courtesy of Mark, one of our daily traders chat room members. We encourage our other readers to engage with our daily live chats on Skype- participation is open to everyone. We cover a lot of good ground on a daily basis. Simply send a contact request on Skype to the user ‘stocksumo’ and we’ll get you set up!

Invesco Solar (ETF) TAN

One of yesterday’s other solar plays was the TAN 10/16 $54-56 Calls that we signaled from the Invesco solar index in our report. The $54’s got pushed a bit too deep in the money, but the $55-56’s produced some solid intraday moves for us.

The $55 Calls ran from 2.35-3.07 for a gain of  31%, while the $56’s posted a rise from 1.95-2.80, which works out to 44%

All American Gold Corp. AAGC

We also want to track back to AAGC, a subpenny stock we flagged on Wednesday morning. In the two ensuing sessions, it has managed two notable swings.

It ran first from .0009-.0018, an upswing of 100% and then pulled back to .0008 before once again making a move to .0017, marking a 112% rip.

Fresh Options Ideas: 
TCOM 10/16 $27-29 Calls
BABA Weekly $270-267.50 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: