Perfect on Options Plays, 5-Pack of Fresh Ideas

Clean Sweep on Options Plays: 

We are always very pleased when we can formulate multiple sets of options trading ideas for our readers, and have them all turn in winning cards on the day. Yesterday’s offering included three separate sets of ideas, and we saw considerable movement in everything across the board.

We were targeting the LOGI 02/18 $75-80 Calls, the BRO 02/18 $65-70 Calls, and the AXP Weekly $160-165 Calls in our premarket report, which all recorded very nice moves- particularly the BRO $65’s, which ran extremely hard right from the opening bell and rattled off a gain of more than 1500%

The rest of our ideas also performed quite well, with the following moves and total possible gains on the day: 

LOGI 02/18 $75-80 Calls
3.80-6.00 (+58%)
$80: 1.70-3.10 (+82%)

BRO 02/18 $65-70 Calls
$65: .20-3.30 (+1550%)
$70: .25-.40 (+60%)

AXP Weekly $160-165 Calls 

$160: 3.70-14.55 (+293%)
$162.50: 2.50-11.43 (+357%)
$165: 1.54-10.00 (+549%)

Fresh Options Plays:

Not only do we have more fresh options ideas for four big name earnings reporters, we’re going to flip back to the bullish side of things on the SPY and signal some calls, with the markets once again heating up.

FCX Weekly $39-41 Calls
BA Weekly $202.50-207.50 Calls
TXN Weekly $180-182.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $300-307.50 Calls
SPY 01/26 $440-442 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Update, Fresh Earnings Plays

Options Review: 

As promised yesterday, we’re swinging back around to the fresh options plays that we formulated in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. If you didn’t catch our special focus report on an exciting up-and-comer in the junior gold mining space, click here and check it out!

On Wednesday, we offered up a trio of options trading targets, those being the UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls, the BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls, and the SPY 01/19 $458 Calls. We ended up seeing some nice movement in those plays that day, which amounted to the following ranges and total potential profits for anyone who got involved.

UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls
11.30-17.00 (+50%)
$460: 6.40-16.50 (+158%)
$465: 3.69-12.01 (+225%)

BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls
.43-.95 (+121%)
$47: .23-.62 (+170%)
$47.50: .12-.34 (+183%)
$48: .05-.17(+240%)

SPY 01/19 $458 Calls
$458: .39-1.32 (+238%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NFLX Weekly $420-400 Puts*
ISRG Weekly $278.33-276.67 Puts*
SPY 01/21 $446-444 Puts*

*Please use extreme caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders with access to disposable funds. 

Vortex Brands, Co. VTXB – Recap:

We’ve also got an update on VTXB, a stock that we tagged for observation last Thursday morning, and over the course of a week, it has performed exceptionally well for us.

From Thursday’s low of .0125, VTXB ran up as high as.0494 during yesterday’s session. With this type of momentum going, we’ll be sure to continue to monitor its activity in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

3000% Options Gainer & More

Recapping Friday’s HUGE Options Gains:

We managed to formulate three really solid options trading ideas on Friday morning that finished out last week with a bang, so that’s how we’re going to open up things for this fresh trading week, is to go over what was on the table.

Our major winners were the , the, and the, with the CVX calls being particularly exciting, it’s not very often that we hit on a single-session 3000% ripper but that’s what was possible with the CVX $113 Calls! Here are all of those intraday figures from Friday:

CVX Weekly $113-115 Calls
 .06-1.86 (+3000%)
$114: .18-.96 (+433%)
$115: .04-.28 (+600%)

ABBV Weekly $110-112 Calls

$110: 1.45-4.85 (+234%)
$111: .65-3.85 (+492%)
$112: .37-2.83 (+665%)

XOM Weekly $63-65 Calls
 1.47-2.02 (+37%)
$64: .47-.93 (+98%)
$65: .05-.14 (+180%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 11/01 $459-460 Calls
DKNG Weekly $46-47 Calls 

ON Weekly $50-52 Calls 

Stock Runners:

As has become commonplace, we also have some stock-only winners from recent newsletters whose performances we’d like to relay to our readers this morning. Below you can find links to the report from our initial alert days, as well as the trading range and total possible gains subsequent to those alerts.

Meten Holding Group, Ltd. METX
Initial Alert: Oct 26th

Range: .4025-.745
Gained: +85%

Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc. UITA
Initial Alert: Oct 28th
Range: .0109-.035
Gained: +221%

Extended Watchlist: