Tons of Updates, New Ideas

Options Reviews

Our ideas in the Mastercard and Boeing chains from yesterday’s report both played out very nicely for us, producing sizable intraday gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers. Here are the gains that have been made so far.

MA Weekly $272.50-277.50 Calls
$272.50: 6.03-13.00 (+116%)
$275: 4.58-10.75 (+135%)
$277.50: 3.25-8.74 (+169%)

BA Weekly $138-140 Calls
2.57-10.39 (+304%)
$139: 2.25-9.68 (+330%)
$140: 1.82-9.13 (+402%)

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC – Update

We also got a new high in our AMC 06/19 $4 Calls, an options idea we formulated after our associate trader, Nicholas in VA, called our attention to the stock. These calls have now made a move .55-1.83 in just a couple of sessions, marking a total gain of 233%

Fresh Ideas:
MSFT Weekly $177.50-180 Calls
TSLA $840-860 Calls
SPY 05/04 $291-288 Puts
MCD Weekly $185 Puts

Stock Updates

We also had a couple of stock calls from our extended watchlist produce some solid gain chances for us, which were as follows.

Ozop Surgical Corp. OZSC 
Range: .0133-.0247 – Total Gain: 86%

Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. TLSS
Range: .0421-.094  – Total Gain: 123%

Vaxart Inc. VXRT – News Alert

We’ve been tracking VXRT pretty closely in recent weeks, and wanted to include a lonk to the coronavirus news the company put out this morning, which points to the company possible making some headway in the fight to develop a vaccine. It’s sending the stock on a ride in the premarket, and keeping us on high alert.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaxart, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing oral recombinant vaccines that are administered by tablet rather than by injection, today announced that it has obtained positive pre-clinical results for its COVID-19 vaccine candidates, with several of the vaccine candidates generating immune responses in all tested animals after a single dose.(>>View Full PR)

AMC Options Recap & More

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC – Recap

Despite a rather bearish day for the markets in general, our bullish AMC options idea worked out quite nicely for us yesterday. We had signaled a single contract set with a June expiration, and got instant double-bag results.

Our specific idea was the AMC 06/19 $4 Calls, and they traded in a range from .55-1.15, for total possible gains of up to 109% on the day.

The company announced it won’t be playing Universal Studios films in the future as a result of NBCUniversal’s plans to release movies direct-to-home on-demand. It will be interesting to see how this affects our idea going forward, but as it stands, we’re happy with the single-session performance it recorded yesterday.

Fresh Options Ideas:

All of the following plays have reported earnings this morning, so as usual, we’re going to try to use the corresponding volatility to our advantage in hopes of seeing some nice gain opportunities:

AZN Weekly $52-53 Calls
MA Weekly $272.50-277.50 Calls
BA Weekly $138-140 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Massive Options Success!

Winning Options Sweep! 

We decided to cover a little more ground than usual in yesterday’s premarket report, and take five chances on a quintet of options ideas for some of the biggest names reporting their quarterlies. In characteristic fashion, we swept the board, with each and every contract in each and every range we set producing intraday gain opportunities!

We hope your fingers don’t get tired scrolling through all these single session winners, but push onward, because with an earnings reporters list that’s just as jam-packed this morning, we’re going to have another four fresh ideas waiting for you on the other side!

Here were our total possible profits from each of the contracts in yesterday’s designated sets:

AAPL Weekly $320-325 Calls
$320: 4.55-8.72 (+92%)
$322.50: 3.18-6.66 (+109%)
: 2.16-4.90  (+127%)

MA Weekly $322.50-325 Calls 
$322.50: .91-3.60 (+296%)
: .50-2.17  (+334%)

BABA Weekly $210-212.50 Calls
$210: 2.14-4.73 (+121%)
$212.50: 1.11-3.10 (+179%)

BA Weekly $322.50-327.50 Calls
$322.50: 2.10-5.25 (+150%)
$325: 1.19-3.71 (+212%)
: .74-2.41  (+226%)

SPY Weekly $327.50-328.50 Calls
: 1.34-2.13 (+59%)
: 1.11-1.79  (+61%)
: .90-1.47 (+63%)

Fresh Ideas:
MSFT 02/07 $170-177.50 Calls
LVS 02/28 $68-71 Calls
LLY Weekly $141-143 Calls