Wrap-Up to an Awesome Trading Week

Closing Out a Solid Options Trading Week: 

It’s time to wrap up yet another trading week, and this one definitely did not disappoint. We enjoyed excellent options success all week, and found some nice plays stock side as well. Two of our three fresh options plays from yesterday’s premarket report fared extremely well, and we also have some new highs in the McDonald’s contracts we targeted on Wednesday morning.

Those specific targets from yesterday were the MRK Weekly $81-83 Calls, the MA Weekly $340-345 Calls, and Wednesday’s were the MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls. The total ranges and possible gains on these plays have been as follows:

MRK Weekly $81-83 Calls
$81: 2.62-5.70 (+118%)
$82: .80-4.83 (+503%)
$81.50: 1.21-4.30 (+255%)
$83: .65-3.80 (+485%)

MA Weekly $340-345 Calls
$340: 2.01-4.94 (+146%)
$342.50: 1.38-3.61 (+162%)
$345: .88-2.62 (+198%)

MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls
$240: 1.63-6.04 (+271%)
$242.50: .75-3.75 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SKX Weekly $46-47 Calls*
XOM Weekly $63-65 Calls*
CVX Weekly $113-115 Calls*
ABBV Weekly $110-112 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds!  

Voyager Digital, Inc. VYGVF – Recap:

We tagged VYGVF in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and for a $10 stock, it certainly produced an excellent intraday performance.

It ran from 10.75-14.886 for an intraday rise of 38% and it occurred on huge volume, to the tune of nearly five times the 30-day moving average. With that kind of momentous session, we’re going to want to stay trained on this play in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

MDGS News Alert, Big Options Plays

Another Huge Day for Options: 

For the second straight day in a row yesterday, our slate of options ideas performed exceedingly well. In our premarket report, we had just been discussing the clean sweep we managed with the preceding session’s ideas.

Of course, we also formulated some new ideas, offering up target ranges on three big name earnings reporters and targeting the BA Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls, the MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls, and the MSFT Weekly $312.50-315 Calls. Once again, we rung the bell on every attempt, with all three of those ideas producing big intraday runners.

BA Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls
1.73-3.60 (+108%)
$210: .95-2.20 (+132%)
$212.50: .55-1.30 (+136

MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls
$240: 1.63-5.15 (+216%)
$242.50: .75-3.15 (+320%)

MSFT Weekly $312.50-315 Calls 
$312.50: 4.40-13.70 (+211%)
$315: 2.68-11.36 (+323%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MRK Weekly $81-83 Calls
MA Weekly $340-345 Calls
KLAC Weekly $347.50-355 Calls

Medigus, Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

We’re looking in once again on MDGS today as the company has issued a fresh PR, and today’s news is really driving some interest here in premarket trading, where the stock has already hit a new high of 2.35.
We initially began covering MDGS on August 23rd, and on that day saw the lowest PPS in the stock that we have since, at 1.36. The new highs this morning represent an increase over those lows of 73%

Today’s news once again involves the highly trendy blockchain-based NFT (non-fungible token) space, wherein Medigus has announced it will be placing more investment dollars:

Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company developing advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies, and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that it has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Safee, a technology company focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Per the agreement, the parties will embark on a joint venture to trade and monetize NFTs and other digital assets. (>>Read Full PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Closing Out a Fantastic Trading Week

More Options Bangers:

Yesterday morning, for the third consecutive session we offered up a wide selection of fresh options ideas for the day, and scored 100% accuracy on tracking down gains! We always expect most of our ideas to pan out, but it’s still great when we can complete a sweep.

We highlighted the AZN Weekly $57-58 Calls, the MA Weekly $385-390 Calls, and the QCOM Weekly $144-146 Calls. In each case we saw moderate-to-impressive intraday runs which led to the following quick-strike profit chances for our readers.

AZN Weekly $57-58 Calls
1.17-1.67 (+43%)
$57.50: .68-1.20 (+76%)
$58: .40-.82 (+105%)

MA Weekly $385-390 Calls
5.32-10.40 (+95%)
$387.50: 3.88-7.70 (+98%)
$390: 2.49-6.20 (+150%)

QCOM Weekly $144-146 Calls
$144: 3.15-7.60 (+141%)
$145: 2.32-6.69 (+188%)
$146: 1.86-5.66 (+204%)

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the large influx of new subscribers that our recent options performance has garnered for us. We’re glad to have you join our community, and will do our best to retain the privilege of communicating with you! 

Fresh Options Ideas:
KLAC Weekly $330-340 Calls
CVX Weekly $101-104 Calls
XOM Weekly $58.50-59.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: