Options Train Keeps Rolling!

Last Week’s Winners

We finished out another excellent week for options trading opportunities on Friday the same way most of our reports have been playing out in 2020. A recap of the fantastic gain opportunities our targets have provided. followed by some new ideas.

We’re going to follow that formula once again today, as those fresh plays from Friday worked out quite nicely. Here are the total possible gains that our readers had available to them, despite the fact that the market in general had an excessively down session:

AMZN Weekly $2055-2080 Calls
: 2.22-5.86 (+164%)
$2080: 1.82-3.99 (+119%)

V Weekly $207.50-202.50 Puts
$207.50: 3.97-9.18 (+131%)
 1.98-6.58 (+232%)
$202.50: .61-4.20 (+589%)

AXP Weekly $134-132 Puts
: 2.14-4.53 (+112%)
$133: 1.11-3.34 (+201%)
: .52-2.24 (+331%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

SPY Weekly $323-324 Calls
ACM 02/20 $50-47.50 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Another Fantastic Options Trading Week!

Options Recaps 

After a hugely successful run of options calls from Wednesday, we generated a few more new trading ideas for yesterday morning’s report. We put feelers out on calls in the MSFT and LLY chains and got some good results form those ideas.

LLY really delivered on some serious multibag gains, but the MSFT performance was highly respectable as well. Here were the total possible profits on the table for the session: 

LLY Weekly $141-143 Calls

$141: .35-2.80 (+121%)
$142: .16-1.88 (+179%)
: 13-1.45 (+121%)

MSFT 02/07 $170-177.50 Calls
: 2.89-4.35 (+121%)
$172.50: 1.63-2.67 (+179%)
 .82-1.44 (+121%)
$177.50: .36-.67 (+179%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
EW Weekly $237.50-245 Calls
AMZN Weekly $2055-2080 Calls
V Weekly $207.50-202.50 Puts
AXP Weekly $134-132 Puts

*Never trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

CGIX Recap, Retail Plays

Cancer Genetics Inc. CGIX – Review

We’re kicking off the trading month of September this morning with a recap oi the recent performance of a stock that we tagged for observation a couple of weeks back.

We included mention of CGIX in our morning report on November 15th as the stock was searching out a bottom. It established a low of 2.00 just a couple sessions after that, and hasn’t looked back since. In a series of huge days over the past week, CGIX has rocketed to a new high of 9.50. That worked out to an upswing of 375% in a matter of less than two weeks! Cheers to anyone who caught a ride on this shooting star!

Amazon Inc. AMZN – Fresh Options Idea 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on track to record all time highs in online sales, we’re looking to some possible quick-strike options ideas in the AMZN chain, despite the fact that we typically stay away from the stock due to it’s incredibly high PPS.

What we’re going to do is radar some weekly calls to track over the next few sessions. We’ll follow the activity in the AMZN Weekly $1822.50-1827.50 Calls.


Bonus Idea:
eBay Inc. EBAY 01/10 $36.50-37.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 
MBIO, MDR, HEPA, KOD, SKT, ISR, INPX(52-week lows)