Wrap-Up to an Awesome Trading Week

Closing Out a Solid Options Trading Week: 

It’s time to wrap up yet another trading week, and this one definitely did not disappoint. We enjoyed excellent options success all week, and found some nice plays stock side as well. Two of our three fresh options plays from yesterday’s premarket report fared extremely well, and we also have some new highs in the McDonald’s contracts we targeted on Wednesday morning.

Those specific targets from yesterday were the MRK Weekly $81-83 Calls, the MA Weekly $340-345 Calls, and Wednesday’s were the MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls. The total ranges and possible gains on these plays have been as follows:

MRK Weekly $81-83 Calls
$81: 2.62-5.70 (+118%)
$82: .80-4.83 (+503%)
$81.50: 1.21-4.30 (+255%)
$83: .65-3.80 (+485%)

MA Weekly $340-345 Calls
$340: 2.01-4.94 (+146%)
$342.50: 1.38-3.61 (+162%)
$345: .88-2.62 (+198%)

MCD Weekly $240-242.50 Calls
$240: 1.63-6.04 (+271%)
$242.50: .75-3.75 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SKX Weekly $46-47 Calls*
XOM Weekly $63-65 Calls*
CVX Weekly $113-115 Calls*
ABBV Weekly $110-112 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds!  

Voyager Digital, Inc. VYGVF – Recap:

We tagged VYGVF in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and for a $10 stock, it certainly produced an excellent intraday performance.

It ran from 10.75-14.886 for an intraday rise of 38% and it occurred on huge volume, to the tune of nearly five times the 30-day moving average. With that kind of momentous session, we’re going to want to stay trained on this play in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist: