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Options Ideas – Form-4 Plays:

We do typically like to stick with options plays that coincide with big name earnings reporters, but we always like to scan for Form-4’s (insider transactions) and formulate ideas in those instances where we like the chart setup.

We’ve got a couple of potential targets which fit that bill with huge amounts of shares being soaked up in ASAN last week, and a large $10M block being purchased in PFSI yesterday. These transactions give us at least a reasonable confidence that those involved believe that the future looks brighter than the present.

ASAN 01/21 $110-120 Calls
PFSI 12/17 $65 Calls 

Options Ideas – Earnings Plays: 

Of course we don’t want to leave out our bread and butter, so we’ve also taken a look at what the earnings calendar has to offer this morning.

Build-A-Bear and Ambarella are a couple in that category that our catching our eye today, so we’ll hash up some ideas for those as well:

BBW 12/17 $17.50 Calls
AMBA Weekly $197.50-207.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

SNRG Featured in USA TODAY & More

MRNA Runs Continues, SPY Runners:

Yesterday morning, in addition to providing updates on MRNA’s huge run and rolling up our strike prices to stay close to the money, we also signaled some SPY Calls. The markets made a nice intraday move, and that sent those SPY Calls, while our new MRNA targets posted gains, and Friday’s added new highs onto the moves we observed in the prior session.

The specific targets to which we’re referring are the SPY 11/29 $463-464 Calls, the MRNA 12/03 $320-325 Calls, and the MRNA Weekly $355-365 Calls. Here are the total possible gains that have been on the table for these plays, continuing an epic run of options trading fortune we’ve been having:

SPY 11/29 $463-464 Calls
.70-3.60 (+414%)
$464: .34-2.63 (+673%)

MRNA 12/03 $320-325 Calls
8.00-60.00 (+650%)
$325: 1.30-55.00 (+4130%)

MRNA Weekly $355-365 Calls
17.57-25.00 (+42%)
$360: 13.56-22.15 (+63%)
$365: 11.00-19.50 (+77%)

Susglobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB:SNRG) – Update:

We also wanted to provide another update on SNRG, which we’ve been monitoring intently over the past month. The company’s award-winning all-organic fertilizer made from waste materials is raising more eyebrows all the time.

Yesterday we noticed an article from USA TODAY, which lauded the company for its environmentally conscious, totally ‘green’ approach to agriculture. Waste-to-energy is the wave of the future as the world becomes more desperate for forward-thinking solutions, and SNRG is being globally recognized as a crusader in that regard.

We suggest our readers, and anyone who has been following SNRG’s story along with us, Read the Article on SNRG at your earliest convenience, and learn why we feel this company has a bright future that’s getting brighter all the time.

Extended Watchlist:

Tons of Options Plays and a Special Reminder!

Mega Options Week Ends with a Bang: 

It makes a lot of sense that we will be closing out the week after having yet another awesome day of options ideas yesterday. We have been on an incredible roll, and yesterday’s report was no different. with four out of our five fresh plays for the day recording some very nice numbers.

We had the QCOM Weekly $145-155 Calls, the EA Weekly $143-146 Calls, the ZTS 11/19 $210-220 Calls, and the SPY Weekly $464-465 Calls, which all produced daily runs of a rather significant nature. The total daily ranges and possible gains were as follows:

QCOM Weekly $145-155 Calls
 8.99-13.71 (+53%)
$146: 8.00-13.20 (+65%)
$150: 4.60-9.38 (+104%)
$155: 1.89-4.95 (+162%)

EA Weekly $143-146 Calls
$143: 1.71-3.00 (+75%)
$144: 1.19-3.30 (+177%)
$145: .89-2.58 (+190%)
$146: .83-2.09 (+152%)

ZTS 11/19 $210-220 Calls
$210: 6.10-9.50 (+58%)
$220: 1.45-3.10 (+114%)

SPY Weekly $464-465 Calls
$464: 1.97-3.40 (+73%)
$465: 1.36-2.58 (+90%)


Fresh Options Ideas:
EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls*
DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls*
PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls*
ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls*
PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls* 

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced trader with access to disposable funds! 

Trans Global Group, Inc. TGGI – Update:

We also want to provide a brief update on TGGI, an OTC play we’ve been tracking for quite some time. A quick peek at the TGGI tag on our archive website reveals that we’ve  been mentioning it several times in recent weeks, and the stock has gone on a run yet again.

From a low of .0065 last week, it popped off to a high of .024 yesterday, marking a rise of 269%


We’re excited to bring a brand new special report to our readers on Monday morning, on a hot new circular economy stock with award winning products thriving in the waste-to-energy space. This will be a ground-floor opportunity that we really do not recommend missing!

It will hit inboxes around 9 AM Eastern on Monday so stay locked and loaded and ready to take advantage! It will be in lieu of our regular newsletter, and we will report back with any gains from today’s options ideas on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, traders, and we’ll see you Monday!

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