Four for Four on Options Plays, Fresh Ideas

Another Sweeping Options Success: 

It was just yesterday morning that we were patting ourselves on the back for another 100% green set of daily options ideas in Tuesday’s report, with three winning alerts. We upped the ante yesterday with a rare 4-pack of quick-strike options plays, and it may not surprise our regular readers that we hit on four out of four!

The targets we had designated were the AMD Weekly $92.50-93.50 Calls, the MSFT Weekly $287.50-292.50 Calls, the BA Weekly $230-235 Calls, and the SBUX Weekly $124-122 Puts. It was a nice mix of the morning’s earnings reporters that we felt looked the most attractive in the premarket. None of these sets of contracts let us down, but by far, AMD was the play of the day, with all three of our targets producing intraday moves of well over a thousand percent!

Here’s the rundown of all the fantastic chances that presented themselves to members of our community:

AMD Weekly $92.50-93.50 Calls
$92.50: .50-6.30 (+1160%)
$93: .39-5.80 (+1387%)
$93.50: .34-5.30 (+1459%)

MSFT Weekly $287.50-292.50 Calls
$287.50: 1.06-3.80 (+258%)
$290: .52-2.09 (+302%)
$292.50: .25-1.12 (+348%)

BA Weekly $230-235 Calls
$230: 3.89-6.60 (+70%)
$232.50: 2.65-4.86 (+83%)
$235: 1.78-3.32 (+87%)

SBUX Weekly $124-122 Puts
$124: 1.44-2.26 (+57%)
$123: .85-1.50 (+76%)
$122: .47-.88 (+87%)

Today’s Fresh Options Ideas:
AZN Weekly $57-58 Calls
MA Weekly $385-390 Calls
QCOM Weekly $144-146 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Earnings Fuel Options Runners

Earnings Plays Paying Off: 

We entered a nice mix of options plays both bearish and bullish in our report yesterday morning based on earnings. We were targeting contracts in the TSLA, GE, and RTX chains, specifically the UPS Weekly $210-205 Puts, the GE Weekly $12.50-13 Calls, and the RTX Weekly $86.50-87.50 Calls.

Those targets recorded some very respectable moves on the day, with a fair few breaking into double-bag territory. We can’t always guarantee that our daily ideas will bear fruit, but it’s always nice when we score a 100% success rate. For our newer readers, this actually happens with a frequency that we’re very proud of, and believe you will be impressed with!

Here were the intraday ranges and total possible gains in those plays: 

UPS Weekly $210-205 Puts
12.70-19.55 (+50%)
$207.50: 11.01-16.79 (+51%)
$205: 8.45-14.79 (+54%)

GE Weekly $12.50-13 Calls
$12.50: .42-.71 (+356%)
$13: .14-.31 (+137%)

RTX Weekly $86.50-87.50 Calls
1.51-2.87 (+51%)
$87: 1.24-2.55 (+54%)
$87.50: .91-2.14 (+51%)

More Post-Earnings Options Ideas:
BA Weekly $230-235 Calls
AMD Weekly $92.50-93.50 Calls
SBUX Weekly $124-122 Puts
MSFT Weekly $287.50-292.50 Calls 

Probability Media Corp. PBYA – Recap:

We’d also like to recap the performance of an OTC play we’ve been tracking this month. We tagged PBYA in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist and the stock ran for a respectable 56% from .0085-.0133.

For anyone who caught our earlier alert on this play a few weeks ago on the 7th, subsequent to which time it was trading for as little as .0035, yesterday’s high represented an overall move of 280%

Extended Watchlist:

Another Big Trading Week on the Books

Boeing, Equifax, Netflix Updates:

We had some big name earnings reporters toward the end of this week, and we’ve taken full advantage. On Wednesday, we signaled some successful weekly NFLX calls which once again put forth a solid intraday performance, and yesterday’s fresh ideas in the BA and EFX chains also worked out quite nicely on the day.

Our actual targets were the BA Weekly $235-237.50 Calls, the EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls, and the NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls, and here were the ranges and total possible gains we observed during yesterday’s session:

BA Weekly $235-237.50 Calls
$235 :
 2.75-5.00 (+81%)
$237.50 : 1.42-3.05 (+115%)

EFX 05/21 $210-220 Calls
$210 : 10.16-17.20 (+69%)
$220 : 3.40-11.40 (+235%)

NFLX Weekly $495-505 Calls
$495: 7.40-14.45 (+95%)
$497.50: 5.75-10.30 (+79%)
$500 : 4.00-10.00 (+150%)
$502.50 : 2.90-8.00 (+176%)
$505 : 1.90-6.03 (+217%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SNAP Weekly $59.50-61 Calls*
AXP Weekly $143-140 Puts*
SCR 05/21 $17.50-20 Calls

*Please don’t attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds.

Blue Sphere Corp. BLSP

 Once again we’re providing an update on BLSP, which we signaled in Wednesday’s report just prior to the stock making a 114% run from .0028 to .006. After recapping those numbers in yesterday’s report, we saw yet another excellent intraday exhibition from BLSP.

From a low of .0055, the stock pushed to a high of .0093, which represents an upswing of 76% on the day, and a two-day increase of 232% over our observed low on Wednesday. That high fell just one tick shy of the present 50DMA at .0094. Should it manage to breach that level, things could get even more interesting for BLSP, which was trading north of two cents as recently as February.

Extended Watchlist: