STLK, FARE & Extended Watchlist

STL Marketing Group, Inc. STLK

This morning we’re taking another look STLK, a stock we first mentioned back on October 22nd. Following yesterday’s PR(copy below) announcing the finalization of the Versant merger, the stock went on quite a tear touching a low of .003, before reaching a high of .014, a single-session gain of 367%There have been other opportunities for big gains apart from yesterday’s surge since our coverage of STLK first began, including an October run from .006-.0242, gaining 303%, and a November run from .0063 to a high of .0299, for a gain of 375%  Then later on, in December we saw gains of over 60% from .0068 to .011. In total, this stock has brought us the chance at over 1100% in gains over the past few months, and with the new merger taking effect, we expect even more good things from STLK moving forward.

We’ll continue to follow this play, and keep our readers abreast of any new information as it becomes available.
Colorado Springs, CO— (January 24th 2013) – STL Marketing Group, Inc. (OTC: STLK) has finalized the merger with Versant Corporation.  The Board of Directors of Versant Corporation has approved the share exchange plan for the remaining minority shares in Versant Corporation.  As per our agreement in mid-October, Versant Corporation will be a wholly owned subsidiary of STL Marketing Group, Inc.

The Company will implement this exchange plan as soon as possible, to continue the necessary fund raising activities.  The Company will be raising at least $8,500,000 for its renewable energy business through a variety of mechanisms.


World Moto, Inc. FARE

FARE, a play from yesterday’s extended watchlist, opened at .1172 and ran to .17 in the first 15 minutes of trading, marking gains of up to 45% for sharp traders who were in at the open and made a quick exit at the top.

There were a few bounces that followed throughout the day, one from .083 to .124 (50%), and then again from .09 to .12 (33%). In all, up to 128% in cumulative gains out of FARE on Thursday.


ATTENTION: Be sure to be on the lookout for Monday’s report, which will contain a hot new pick.


Extended Watchlist:

APP, MFTH, SGLB & Extended Watchlist

American Apparel, Inc. APP

We first talked about APP all the way back on December 27th. Yesterday it popped back onto our radars as we observed APP hit a new 52-wk high.

Granted the season, and industry, APP should be experiencing better quarterly numbers in the months ahead. Between students returning to school, and the impending holiday retail boom, this apparel company is in position to rake in quite a bit of revenue. For that reason, we will be monitoring APP more closely in the immediate future.

We have also prepared a video chart outlining some key technical points for the stock.


Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH &

Sigma Labs, Inc. SGLB

As we have stressed in the past, the symbols we place in our extended watchlist simply must not be overlooked. These two stocks did very well yesterday.

MFTH opened at the previous close and LOD of .004, then hitting a high of .0071 before closing at .0062 for possible intraday gains ranging from 55-78% Not bad for having just racked up over 100% in gains one day prior. Following our first mention of MFTH, the stock saw a low on the order of .003, and subsequently touched a high of .006 last week, and has been holding support in the low-to-mid .004′s.

SGLB opened at .016, and touched .03 before closing at .02. for gains ranging from 25-86%


Extended Watchlist:


AAPL, APDN, AAPT, SAGD & Extended Watchlist

APPL Options

Our mention of AAPL Options yesterday was right on time. The $655 Call was as low as 5.00, closing at the HOD of 14.40 (188%). The $660 call was as low as 3.39, closing at 11.05 (226%). We sincerely hope our members were able to catch our newsletter from yesterday morning which alluded to these calls. We don’t have a crystal ball with regard to Apple’s trend continuing, as volatility is often the order of the day. That said, while indicators remained bullish, we stayed with the calls, and were handsomely rewarded as a result.

  Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. APDN

APDN has been on our watchlist since last Friday, having as low as .07. At yesterday’s high of .1645, we were looking at a 135% gain in the span of just two sessions. In that time, we’ve also seen the volume increase significantly. Yesterday’s volume doubled that of Friday, which had doubled Thursday’s volume as well. We will certainly be monitoring APDN for the remainder of the week to see where the momentum can carry us.

All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

AAPT had yet another positive performance yesterday, after it’s consolidation during Friday’s trading. We’ve been following the stock since April,with mainly good results, as we have become quite familiar with it’s patterns and trends. We noticed the stock beginning to make some headway last week as we observed a breach of the 20, 50 and 100DMA’s. Yesterday we saw a new high since early June, and as long as it continues to hold support above the 100DMA of .029, we will continue to keep an eye peeled in its direction.

South American Gold Corp. SAGD

We would like to add SAGD to our periphery this morning, as a gold play momentum alert. Monday saw some nice volume and explosive gains, bullishly closing at the high-of-day (.0087), and just above a key level of resistance (The 50DMA of .0085).


Extended Watchlist:

EGCT, RENU, IWDM & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

EGCT first appeared in our newsletters on July 16th. At the time the stock was trading at a low of .30. The following week, it hit a high of .48, for a nice gain of 60%

After that initial run, we observed as the stock has pulled back to find support off of its 200DMA, last week at .22. Since that time, we’ve seen higher lows and higher highs, always a good sign that a bounce-back is in the making. We feel that there is a real possibility that we could see this stock return to pervious highs, if it can break through the 20DMA of .32, a key resistance point.

For those of you that may have missed the CEO interview with Edward Withrow III that was recently conducted, you can find an archived version here. The interview highlights many of the company’s latest developments.

We’ve taken the liberty of preparing a video presentation outlining some of the finer points of the EGCT chart:


Renuen Corp. RENU

We’ve kept RENU on our watchlist for quite some time now, following the stock through multiple runs. We’ve seen it surge over 355% from .0016-.0173.

Toward the end of last month, we witnessed a new low of .0015, whereupon the stock subsequently rewarded our vigilance by once again testing the .005 range. Patience makes profits, as we like to say. Add the latest increases to the first run, and we’re well over 500% in gains on RENU.

This could be the next sub-penny play to really take off, provided we see the execution of the recent LOI indicating the company’s plans to acquire Team Energy, Inc.

We’ve prepared a video chart for this play as well:


ioWorldMedia, Inc. IWDM

IWDM appeared in our watchlist quite a bit at the end of July, when we noticed the stock coming off of its 52-week low, giving our members ample opportunity to accumulate the bottom. The price was as low as .015 following our mentions.

On Friday the stock pushed through resistance, allowing us to see a new high of .03 at the close, a possible gain of 100% from our initial alerts. This could just be getting started, thus we want to keep IWDM on short, medium, and long-term watch.


We were on a roll last week, appearing on Penny Stock Rumble for our calls of GYST, AAPT, and APDN. So don’t miss a beat this week. Today, in addition to our picks, we are keeping an eye on $655-660 Apple puts and calls (depending upon whether it seems that AAPL will pull back or continue to break out), following last week’s new 52-week high.


Extended Watchlist:

GYST, HBRM, AAPT & Extended Watchlist

The Graystone Company, Inc. GYST

GYST was added to our radar yesterday due to the significant momentum and volatility we observed  late last week into the beginning of this week. Our timing was spot-on. Yesterday the stock’s range was .0135-.023, closing out at .0195. Intraday gains of 45-70% were possible.

We noticed some insider buying in two Form-4′s released yesterday: #1, #2  Each indicated the purchase of a million shares at .0195, by individuals who already own 70M.

The company also released a corporate update, as well as an 8-K this morning, stating that it would be filing it’s 10-Q no later than Monday. Follow the links below for these updates:


Herborium Group, Inc. HBRM

HBRM has done well for us in the past. It seems to be hovering around a low, and today released some news that we figured we’d highlight:

FORT LEE, N.J., Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Herborium Group, Inc., (HBRM), a Botanical Therapeutics Company is excited to announce that a distribution of Kamasutra(TM) Exotic Vodka with herbal formula provided by Herborium, a pioneering specialty drink now available for the first time in the US, has officially started with a first wholesale order of 1000 cases. >>MORE


All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

AAPT is another play that has really performed quite well for us in the past. We first began talking about this stock back on April 5th. We like the story behind this specialty pet supply brand. Pets are like family to many people, who love to pamper and treat them as such. Products released by AAPT offer the opportunity to do just that.

The video chart we’ve provided below will show that all indicators on the chart are looking ripe.


Extended Watchlist: