Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BVTK Pops Again & More

Bravatek Solutions, Inc. BVTK

BVTK was among our mentions in Wednesday’s premarket report after it was unearthed in our chatroom* the previous morning before making a 500% move.  Those who missed that run got another chance right away as the stock ran from .0009-.0035 that afternoon, and topped out at .0041 to close out the short week on Friday. That added another two-day swing of 355% to the activity we had observed in BVTK, which was followed by a pullback to .0015.

Once again, to kick off the new trading week yesterday, BVTK began to run, returning to a high of .0034 on the day, representing yet another two-day upswing out of this volatile runner amounting to 127%  The stock ended the session having traded roughly three-and-a-half times its monthly average volume. Things could get very interesting if it can manage to crack resistance at the previous swing high of .0041.

The company filed an 8-K this morning as well , pertaining to an agreement with i3 Integrative Creative Solutions, pursuant to which i3 Integrative will promote and solicit commitments in the United States federal government military and civilian markets regarding the Company’s cybersecurity email software and telecom services. (>>View Filing)

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Bank of America Corp BAC – Options Ideas 

Whenever we spot an opportunity to swoop in post-earnings with some options ideas, we jump on it right away, and that’s what we have with BAC this morning.

We haven’t highlighted this stock in quite awhile,but with a very solid beat on earnings and a small gap-up in the premarket, we’re going to want to signal a couple of short term contracts for observation in the BAC Weekly $22.50 and $23 Calls.

In the event that a more sustained rebound is in the cards, considering the fact that BAC was already coming off of a relative bottom just yesterday, we’ll have the BAC 05/12 $23.50 & $24 Calls on watch as well.


We want to put an observational tag on both Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. SRNE and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OMED.  Both of these stocks have taken serious beatings of late, and consequently, are in extreme oversold territory. Chances for recovery plays here seem quite high, so we’re going to watch for these to establish higher lows in sessions ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APYP Recap & More

AppYea, Inc. APYP

We re-alerted our readers on APYP on Friday morning, after having included it in our premarket report exactly two weeks ago today. It has made some good progress since then, so we’d like to kick things off this morning by providing an update on the moves it has made.

Friday’s session produced a nice intraday gain from a low of .0029 up to a new high of .0044, for a solid 52% upswing, and from the low we observed subsequent to our next most recent mention (.0009), it represented an overall increase of 389% in just under two week’s time.


Both of the following stocks have recently fallen to new annual lows. We’re always on the lookout for potential bottom-bounce plays, so we’re going to want to place each of them on watch over the next few sessions.

Pain Therapeutics, Inc. PTIE – This stock underwent a massive gap-down and sell-off a couple weeks back following an FDA application denial for the extended release oxycodone capsules that the company has been licensed to develop since 2002.

We’re going to track it closely as it searches for its ultimate lows, which, if present indicators are any guide, could be forthcoming at any time now.

Cosi, Inc. COSI – While there is no gap to the upside on the COSI chart, we can see the same sort of major selloff that occurred a couple of weeks ago, and continuing up until Friday, when a new 52-week low was recorded.

As you can see on the snapshots, however, COSI is even more heavily oversold than the previously mentioned play. The volatility of its precipitous decline is what interests us most in tracking the stock for its eventual rebound.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Huge Options Wins & Much More

Options Updates

We targeted a range of options calls in both FedEx and Adobe yesterday, as both stocks were showing good premarket activity on the heels of their earnings reports. It illustrated perfectly why we’re always formulating post-earnings options ideas.

FDX Weekly $165-170 Calls
– Range: 5.35-9.00 – Max Gain: 68%
$167.50 – Range: 3.16-6.71 – Max Gain: 112%
$170 – Range: 1.42-4.18 – Max Gain: 194%

ADBE 10/21 $100-110 Calls
$100 – Range: 6.55-8.58 – Max Gain: 31%
$105 – Range: 2.80-4.21 – Max Gain: 50%
$110 – Range: .83-1.41 – Max Gain: 70%

Both stocks are gapping up again this morning, so we expect to see extended gains on these contracts today.

Recovery Play Updates

Yesterday’s session confirmed validation of all three of the bottom-bouncers  that we highlighted in Tuesday’s premarket report.

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. MGT and ACRE Realty AIII – These were both new for us on Tuesday, getting our attention as stocks that were heavily oversold after reaching new lows. As it turns out, we timed those bottoms perfectly, as you can see in the side-by-side chart snapshot below.

So far the range we’ve observed on MGT is from 1.77-2.58, a 46% rise, and in AIII, a move up from .90-1.20 (+33%). We’ll stay on their trails to watch for a continuation of these rebounds.


NovaVax, Inc. NVAX -  While it did appear on our Bottom-Bounce Watchlist on Tuesday, NVAX began its own recovery when we initially brought it to the table in Monday’s report.  We’ve included a snap of this chart as well so you can see the excellent progress it’s made since then.

To this point we’ve witnessed a three day swing of  43% from 1.36-1.94. The stock closed at that high, so it too will be granted a reserved slot on our radars in coming sessions.


Jammin’ Java Corp. JAMN

We alerted JAMN as a potential bottom-play last Tuesday and it too has made a solid move to the upside since then.

We saw the low come in at .0011 following that mention, and yesterday the stock reached a new high of .0025. That represents a 127% rip off of its lows in just over a week’s time.

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. SFOR

This is a stock that we’ve been familiar with in both the distant and recent past, and we included it once again in yesterday’s report. The stock kept piling on the excellent momentum we’ve observed over the past few sessions, and ultimately set a new high for us, falling just short of breaking the penny barrier.

SFOR traded in a modest intraday range  from .008 up to .0095, a 19% increase, closing strong once again at .0094. From the low we observed following our next most recent mention of the stock  (.0036) the new high represented an overall swing of 164%

We’ll be interested to see if SFOR can maintain momentum and breach into Pennyland. The last time it came close was nearly a year ago.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas

Jammin Java Corp. JAMN

We’d like to radar a familiar old play that we haven’t taken a close look at in nearly a year. JAMN, over the course of the past couple of months, has tumbled its way back to bargain-basement prices.

Now a subpenny play attempting to get a leg up over newly-registered 52-week lows, we’re going to be observing the stock for a potential recovery in sessions to come, as regaining just a fraction of the ground it’s lost recently could spell multi-bag upswings from current PPS levels.

Fresh Options Ideas

We’ve got a couple of new ideas on the options trading front this morning, and based on positioning on their charts, both of the following stocks may also be ripening for possible swing-trade opportunities.

Ford Motor Co. F – In addition to a slight ascending wedge pattern, F has a sizable gap to the upside not far off of the current pricing. Additionally, short interest on the stock has decreased by a large margin, setting us up to track some potential options ideas to correspond with what we think should be some upward momentum in coming sessions.

Along with F stock itself, we’re going to be tracking the F 10/14 $12-13 Calls for possible swing trades.

Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. FCX – We’re interested in this copper play for a couple reasons this morning. A huge asset sale valued at roughly $2B hitting the newswires (>>Read More) is what has drawn our attention to FCX, in conjunction with a bottom bounce signal off of 5-month support levels on the chart.

We’ll be on the lookout for chances in the FCX 10/14 $11-12 Calls. Like the previously mentioned play, time won’t be as much of a factor here, with just over a month until these contracts are set to expire.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, MHRC Updates & More

Magnum Hunter Resources, Inc. MHRC

We’ll kick things off this morning by updating everyone as to the status of MHRC, which we placed in Monday’s premarket report as a bottom-watch play. We really couldn’t have timed our alert any better, and after registering a low of .021 Monday, the stock has made continuous progression throughout the week.

Yesterday, after seeing a low of .0257, MHRC ran as high as .0337, marking an intraday move of 31% As measured from our observed low on Monday, yesterday’s high represents a three-session swing of 60%

We’ll continue to remain interested in MHRC in sessions to come provided it continues to establish higher lows as it has been doing. As we’ve pointed out on the following chart snapshot, a number of factors lead us to believe that upside potential remains high with this play. The stock was beaten back vigorously earlier this month, and there are even a couple of gaps to fill on the chart.

Options Updates

We’d now like to update our readers on our options ideas from Tuesday, which included targets in the WMT and HD chains- Yesterday we stated our belief that action in WMT and HD stocks could provide options traders with further opportunities for swing trades and as it happened, we were right. 

Walmart-Stores Inc. WMT – For WMT the bullish run continued, and some of the contracts we were observing recorded substantial intraday moves. Possible gains ranged from the $58 Weekly Calls, which traded in a range from 1.81-3.06, allowing for gains of up to 69%, to the $60′s which ran from .26 to 1.16 for a huge 316% rip.


The Home Depot, Inc HD executed a textbook dip-and-rip rallying into the close, and all of the contracts we originally signaled made big swings:

$123 Calls – Trading Range: 2.10-3.55  – Max Gain: 69%
$124 Calls – Trading Range: 1.30-2.55  – Max Gain: 96%
$125 Calls – Trading Range: .72-1.73 – Max Gain: 140%
$126 Calls – Trading Range: .33-.99 – Max Gain: 200%

Wednesday’s Other Notable Moves

In addition to the preceding plays, the following pair also made some solid intraday pushes after appearing in our morning report:

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW turned in a nice intraday performance as it ran from a low of 1.10 to 1.60, for gains of up to 45% on nearly ten times its 30-day average volume.

Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. ADCF ultimately ended taking a pounding into the close, but before that happened, it made a noteworthy pop straight out of the starting gate, running 39% from .0079 to .011.

Extended Watchlist: