CNGT Recap, Fresh Options

Cannagistics, Inc. CNGT – Recao 

We have been tracking CNGT for a couple of weeks now, first mentioning the stock in our report from the morning of October 20th, and including it in our watchlist once again to kick off the week yesterday morning.

CNGT was trading for as little as .0045 following our initial alert. Yesterday the stock reached an impressive new high of .0295, marking an overall increase of 555% in a span of just ten trading days. Even those of our readers who only caught our premarket tag of CNGT yesterday morning, still witnessed an intraday run from .0185 to .0295, for gains of up to 59%

Options Review

As usual, we signaled some fresh options ideas in our report yesterday morning, and we got some nice activity out of the CLX Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls and the NIO Weekly $32-34 Calls.

Here were the total possible gains on the day from those targets:

CLX Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls
: 7.29-13.99 (+92%)
$210: 5.72-12.00 (+110%)
$212.50: 4.40-9.80 (+123%)

NIO Weekly $32-34 Calls
$32: 1.52-2.43 (+60%)
$33: 1.14-1.87 (+64%)
$34: 1.31-2.79 (+113%)

Fresh Ideas:
CGC Weekly $20.50-21.50 Calls
SPY 11/04 $332-334 Calls 

RACE Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Recapping Friday’s Winners, Fresh Ideas

Reviewing Friday’s Plays 

Another day, another solid bunch of plays, as our ideas from Friday morning continued what was already a pretty incredible run for options ideas on the week. We set up pins and then we knock them down!

Our big winners from Friday came out of the ABBV Weekly $81-82.50 Calls, the AAPL Weekly $113-111 Puts and the SPY Weekly $327-328 Calls. Here’s a rundown of the total possible intraday gains that were on the table for us:

ABBV Weekly $81-82.50 Calls
$81: 2.41-4.04 (+68%)
$82: 1.51-4.06 (+169%)
$82.50: 1.49-3.50 (+135%)

AAPL Weekly $113-111 Puts
$113: 1.22-5.55 (+355%)
$112: .96-4.25 (+343%)
$111: .75-3.25 (+333%)

SPY Weekly $327-328 Calls
$327: .44-1.18 (+168%)
$328: .31-.76 (+145%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
CLX Weekly $207.50-212.50 Calls
EL Weekly $210-230 Calls
NIO Weekly $32-34 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

4-Pack of Options Ideas

NIO, Inc. NIO 

We tagged NIO for obserrvation to start the week on Monday, and it did end up making a notable run following that report. We saw a low of 10.70, and yesterday it hit a high of 15.28. That marks a three-session swing of 43% which we would consider decent volatility for a $10+ stock.

NIO did taper back into the close, but we will continue to monitor its activity. If it can continue to register higher lows, we won’t yet consider its run finished.

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We were in an earnings dry spell for a few weeks there, but slowly we’re beginning to see more big names coming across the calendar. This morning for earnings ideas we’ve got our sights set on a bullish and one bearish target. 

On Helen of Troy Ltd. HELE, which posted a solid beat, we’re going to focus on the HELE 07/17 $210-220 Calls.

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. WBA didn’t fare as well in the last quarter as was expected of it, and we’re feeling like a short in this case might be the way to go, so we’ll tag the WBA Weekly $42-40.50 Puts.

Even More New Ideas:
BABA Weekly $260-270 Calls
NKLA Weekly $54-57 Calls

Extended Watchlist: