Breaking for Thanksgiving on a High Note

Another Solid Options Effort:

We took a bold stance in yesterday morning’s premarket report, going bearish on all three sets of options ideas we formulated for the session. While all three target stocks turned in green candles on the day, the first couple hours of the session definitely played into our hands nicely. There were substantial opportunities for gains on the table for all three of our interests.

We were targeting the URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts, the DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts, and the BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts. The following are the morning ranges and total possible profits that could have been attained off of these ideas:

URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts
 1.70-3.20 (+88%)
$34: .90-2.30 (+156%)
$33: .55-1.55 (+181%)

DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts
$132: .26-.77 (+196%)
$131: .20-.45 (+125%)
$130: .17-.44 (+159%)

BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts

$122: 4.25-7.25 (+70%)
$121: 3.00-5.60 (+87%)
$120: 3.00-5.73 (+92%)
$119: 2.62-4.99 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DE Weekly $352.50-360
FUTU Weekly $54-57 Calls
HPQ Weekly $33-35 Calls

iSpecimen, Inc. ISPC – Recap:

On Monday morning, we tagged ISPC in our watchlist, and that stock went on to make a nice intraweek move.

From a low of 8.06, the stock ran as high as 18.50. That works out to an increase of 130% which is an excellent short term move for a NASDAQ stock in this price range. In those two sessions. ISPC has traded roughly ten times its 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist: 

Longer-Term Options Plays & More

Reviewing Last Week’s Success:

Last week was more than solid in terms of how we fared with our options trading ideas. After a big time week wherein we unearthed multiple thousand-percent or better gains, we closed things out with a bang on Friday by going two for three on on the fresh ideas we had signaled.

Our targets, the NKE Weekly $155-152.50 Puts and the COST Weekly $452.50-457.50 Calls both produced some really nice intraday gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers, and put a nice cap on one heck of a trading week.

NKE Weekly $155-152.50 Puts
 3.75-7.05 (+88%)
$152.50: 2.37-4.48 (+89%)

COST Weekly $452.50-457.50 Calls
$452.50: 4.74-16.00 (+238%)
$455: 3.05-13.64 (+347%)
$457.50: 5.00-10.22 (+104%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CDZI 11/19 $7.50 Calls
HYFM 11/19 $35-40 Calls 

Trans Global Group, Inc. TGGI – More New Highs:

We were just reporting back to our readers Friday morning on a OTC play we’ve been tracking in our reports repeatedly since initially flagging it on Aug. 12th.

We first caught TGGI at a low of .003, and after yet another mammoth session on Friday, it soared to a new high of .0267. That works out to an amazing run of 790% over the past six weeks or so and it has been very entertaining to watch.

Extended Watchlist:

Huge Gainers, Fresh Ideas & More

Options Reviews:

More options updates are on the menu for this morning, with a recap of yesterday’s winners, as well as an update on one of our current running ideas.

From yesterday morning’s premarket report, we have the AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls and the PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls, as well as some new highs in the SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls which we signaled on Tuesday morning.

AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls
 7.30-19.96 (+173%)
$113: 7.60-19.00 (+150%)
$115: 3.00-17.60 (+487%)

PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls
$65: 3.01-4.66 (+55%)
$70: .92-1.85 (+101%)
$75: .25-.50 (+100%)

SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls
 1.80-3.47 (+93%)
$10: .40-1.25 (+212%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls
NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls
SIG Weekly $80-90 Calls
CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts

Medigus Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

Another fresh PR from MDGS this morning, alluding to a new patent filing pertaining to Polyrizon’s cutting edge infection-resisting hydrogel technology. We’ve been tracking developments in MDGS’ interests, and Polyrizon has been one of the most active.

OMER, Israel, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, today announced that Polyrizon Ltd., a privately held company which Medigus owns 35.86% of its share capital, has submitted an additional patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its innovative technology.

The invention generally pertains to the field of hydrogels that are capable to capture and contain biological assaults intrusion through the upper airways and eye cavities. Furthermore, the invention details a novel modality for a delivery system for drugs through the nasal mucosa that could get more drug into the body, and resides longer in the nasal cavity.

Recent pre-clinical data by Polyrizon, showed that its product candidate has the potential to reduce the risk of an infection with human coronavirus and may also prevent COVID-19 as well as Influenza Virus H1N1 and may potentially also treat additional Cold viruses. (>>Read Full PR HERE)

Metal Arts Co. Inc. MTRT  – Recap:

Lastly, we placed MTRT on watch in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and got instant results in the form of an enormous single-session push from this OTC play.

The stock traded up from a low of .5778 on the day, and reach a high of 5.05, for a whopping intraday move of 774% which came in on more than 18X the 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist: