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OTC Runners

This morning we are going to review the performances of a couple of OTC stocks that we’ve been tracking in 2021. We initially alerted on MGTI in our first premarket report of this year on January 4th. and began tracking WNDW in Tuesday’s report. These stocks have made the following moves while we’ve been tracking them:

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. MGTI
Range: .0323-.298
Gained: 823%

Solar Window Technologies, Inc. WNDW
Range: 12.85-18.99
Gained: 48%

Zoom Video Communications Inc. ZM – Options Review

We signaled a range of calls in the ZM chain in yesterday’s premarket report, and wanted to provide an update on the instant results we got from those targets.

ZM 02/12 $375-390 Calls
$375: 16.30-31.23 (+92%)
$380: 15.30-31.30 (+105%)
$385: 13.70-28.30 (+107%)
$390: 16.99-23.00 (+35%)

Fresh Options Idea: 
APHA Weekly $10-11 Calls

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Options Recaps, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews

We issued a couple of fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s report, concerning SMAR and SFIX, which had both reported quarterly earnings in the premarket. We took interest in the SMAR 12/18 $70-75 Calls and the SFIX Weekly $45-50 Calls. 

We witnessed good intraday performances in both cases, with SMAR outperforming SFIX, but not by a whole lot. Both plays will have provided our readers with plenty of opportunity to get in and out for some nice gains on the day.

Here were the total ranges and possible profits on those contracts: 

SMAR 12/18 $70-75 Calls
: 2.10-6.80 (+136%)
$75: 1.11-3.65 (+219%)

SFIX Weekly $45-50 Calls 
$45: 5.00-7.99 (+136%)
$46: 4.46-7.29 (+219%)
$50: 1.90-4.59 (+222%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

GME Weekly $15.50-14 Puts
ZI 04/16 $45-50 Calls
SPLK Weekly $160 Calls
ROKU Weekly $310-315 Calls 

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SUNW News & More

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Options Recap

Yesterday morning. the sole fresh options idea we came up with in our premarket report was pertaining to the SPY. Despite the markets tanking a couple of hours prior to the close as the possibility of further coronavirus stimulus in 2020 grew more remote on comments from the White House, our targets, the SPY Weekly $340-341 Calls fared very well for the first two-thirds of the session.

Here are the total possible gains that were made from the open until about 2PM:

SPY Weekly $340-341 Calls
$340: 2.46-3.97 (+61%)
$341: 1.82-3.34 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas
LEVI 10/16 $16-18 Calls
LW 10/16 $70-75 Calls 

SunWorks, Inc. SUNW

The last time we highlighted SUNW was a couple of weeks back on September 24th as part of a focus we did on solar plays. That day, the stock came right out of the gate with a huge run from 3.30-8.50 (+158%).

After that amazing run, the stock consolidated down to a low of 1.88 and as of premarket trading this morning it has reached 5.19, with a big piece of breaking news this morning that you can find below. We’ll definitely continue to keep our eyes on SUNW, as it exhibits just the type of volatile activity that we’re always after.

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) (“Sunworks”), a provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial and industrial (“ACI”), public works and residential markets, today announced that the company signed $10 million in new commercial and agriculture projects in the third quarter, marking its strongest quarterly booking activity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The sales are comprised of 19 existing and new customers and total more than 4.4 MW for installation. (>>View Full PR)

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