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As we close out another stellar trading week and head into this long weekend, we’re happy to report unbroken options trading success in every session along the way. We put up ideas in the CHPT, NTNX, CHWY and SIG chains. They all produced intraday gains, but we’re going to leave out SIG because while they were respectable moves, none of the target managed to quite reach multi-bag status.

Our big runners were the CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls, the NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls, and the CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts, and they put forth some really nice opportunities for traders to hit it big on the day.

CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls
 .08-.33 (+312%)
$24.50: .09-.21 (+277%)
$25: .05-.15 (+200%)

NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls
$37.50: 2.00-4.25 (+112%)
$38: 1.67-3.75 (+125%)
$38.50: 1.75-3.00 (+71%)
$39: 1.47-2.73 (+86%)
$40: .63-1.97 (+213%)

CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts
$83: 2.60-4.07 (+57%)
$82: 1.90-3.22 (+69%)
$81: 1.25-2.35 (+88%)
$80: .85-1.62 (+91%)
$79: .51-1.04 (+104%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
SPY Weekly $453-455 Calls
MDB Weekly $440-455 Calls
DOCU Weekly $297.50-305 Calls
AVGO Weekly $490-497.50 Calls
SAVA Weekly $56-59 Calls

*Beginning-to-intermediate level traders should not attempt to trade weekly contracts on a Friday. Seasoned traders should have access to disposable funds before attempting to do so. 

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Huge Gainers, Fresh Ideas & More

Options Reviews:

More options updates are on the menu for this morning, with a recap of yesterday’s winners, as well as an update on one of our current running ideas.

From yesterday morning’s premarket report, we have the AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls and the PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls, as well as some new highs in the SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls which we signaled on Tuesday morning.

AMBA Weekly $112-115 Calls
 7.30-19.96 (+173%)
$113: 7.60-19.00 (+150%)
$115: 3.00-17.60 (+487%)

PLAN 09/17 $65-75 Calls
$65: 3.01-4.66 (+55%)
$70: .92-1.85 (+101%)
$75: .25-.50 (+100%)

SLQT 09/17 $7.50-10 Calls
 1.80-3.47 (+93%)
$10: .40-1.25 (+212%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CHPT Weekly $24-25 Calls
NTNX Weekly $37.50-40 Calls
SIG Weekly $80-90 Calls
CHWY Weekly $83-79 Puts

Medigus Ltd. MDGS – News Alert:

Another fresh PR from MDGS this morning, alluding to a new patent filing pertaining to Polyrizon’s cutting edge infection-resisting hydrogel technology. We’ve been tracking developments in MDGS’ interests, and Polyrizon has been one of the most active.

OMER, Israel, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, today announced that Polyrizon Ltd., a privately held company which Medigus owns 35.86% of its share capital, has submitted an additional patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its innovative technology.

The invention generally pertains to the field of hydrogels that are capable to capture and contain biological assaults intrusion through the upper airways and eye cavities. Furthermore, the invention details a novel modality for a delivery system for drugs through the nasal mucosa that could get more drug into the body, and resides longer in the nasal cavity.

Recent pre-clinical data by Polyrizon, showed that its product candidate has the potential to reduce the risk of an infection with human coronavirus and may also prevent COVID-19 as well as Influenza Virus H1N1 and may potentially also treat additional Cold viruses. (>>Read Full PR HERE)

Metal Arts Co. Inc. MTRT  – Recap:

Lastly, we placed MTRT on watch in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and got instant results in the form of an enormous single-session push from this OTC play.

The stock traded up from a low of .5778 on the day, and reach a high of 5.05, for a whopping intraday move of 774% which came in on more than 18X the 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist:

More Multi-bag Options Runners

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. CURR

We find CURR very interesting because of the company’s unique systems/methods for delivering drugs into the human body. It’s not often that we run into an OTC traded play with intriguing proprietary technologies.

The Company’s efforts to further position itself as an integrated healthcare company with its recent acquisition of The Sera Labs, a high-margin, multi-channel marketing and branding company with accelerating sales of its more than 20 products in the health & wellness, beauty, and pets categories and strong traction in both e-commerce and wholesale-to-retail distribution with total retail doors exceeding 8,850 in the U.S. to date. CURE acquired 100 percent of privately held The Sera Labs for $20 million, which consists primarily of stock with key earn out considerations totaling up to an additional $20 million within two years of completing the acquisition.

The Sera Labs newest consumer product that uses CURE’s patented and advanced oral thin film strip technology under the trademark name Nutri-Strips with RAD3 (Rapid Activation Delivery) to deliver novel vitamins and supplements to consumers across the nation.

The Company’s future plans and focus on research and development into CURE’s pharmaceutical programs and The Sera Labs commitment to innovating its offerings with a “tele-wellness” program and exciting new products.

In addition to an interesting backstory the CURR chart itself looks rather attractive at the moment. The stock has just bounced off of its 52-week low, with a recent increase in volume. The PPS over the last two sessions has held a higher low, so we’ll be looking for the further establishment of higher highs and higher lows off of its bottom. Key resistance points to note are the 50DMA at 1.22 and the 200DMA at 1.73. We are definitely going to put this play on our watchlist this today and continue to track its progress going forward.

Options Recaps

We had a clean sweep on options in yesterday’s report, with each of the three sets of ideas we offered up to our readers performed quite well on the day. Here are the ranges and total potential intraday gains that were on the table:

DLTR Weekly $104-106 Calls
: 2.38-8.11 (+241%)
$105: 1.94-6.94 (+258%)
$106: 1.03-6.45 (+526%)

AMBA Weekly $68.50-70 Calls
: 3.28-6.50 (+98%)
$69: 2.20-7.20 (+227%)
$70: 1.55-6.39 (+312%)

NTNX Weekly $30-32 Calls 
$30: .50-1.11 (+222%)
$31: .24-.60 (+250%)
$32: .05-.30 (+500%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
JWN Weekly $24-26 Calls*
DE Weekly $265-270 Calls*
GAP Weekly $24.50-23.50 Puts*

*Please note that these weekly contracts will expire early on Friday at the 1PM close, following tomorrow’s holiday. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Extended Watchlist: