Blue Horseshoe Stocks: News Update, Options Highlights & More

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE – News Update

Our first order of business this morning is to update our readers on APRE, which we’ve been following for the better part of a month. In that time the stock has provided us with multiple swing trade opportunities and has been stretching the envelope on its latest upswing. From the .0188 swing-low we observed last Wednesday APRE has rapidly gained 219%, running up to a new high of .0599 yesterday.

We’ve pointed out a few key highlights of the current chart on the following snapshot:

We also want to point out some untraded-upon news that hit the wires yesterday post-market:

NEW YORK, May 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Aperture Health, Inc. (OTC APRE) and CSS Alliance LLC (“CSS”), are pleased to announce that the company has branched out and signed a Joint Venture agreement which includes an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with CSS Korea R&D Co., Ltd for new technologies and products that include solar powered A/C units, and powerless generators, as well as solar powered boilers (>>View Full PR)

Options Highlights

Jack in the Box, Inc. JACK - We had a couple of our active options targets turn up sizable opportunities for profits yesterday beginning with JACK 05/20 $70 and $75 Calls. We caught JACK on the heels of its Q2 earnings release, and various circumstances allowed for us to take advantage of the idea on its first day of mentioning.

The $70 Calls traded in an impressive range from a low of 2.25 on up 6.85 for an intraday gain of 204% The $75 Calls fared even better as they ran from .39 to 1.61, a single-session rip of 313% With performances like those, we’ll continue to track these contracts through to their expiration next week.


Macy’s Inc. M  – Our signaled range for Macy’s from Wednesday’s report added to its gains yesterday. We had been tracking the M Weekly $36-34 Puts. At the top of the range, the $36 Puts surged from a low of 1.83 up to 5.15, for a two-session swing of 181% Gains increased incrementally into the lower strike prices, culminating in the $34′s which traded up from Wednesday’s low of .50 to a new high of 3.62; a 624% swing.

Cerebain Biotech Corp. CBBT

Just after we were reviewing CBBT’s recent performance in yesterday’s morning report, (We’d added it to our radars last Tuesday) the stock went on to set another new high for us.

The stock traded in a daily range from 1.25-1.75, a respectable 40% intraday rip. From our observed low of .53, the new high represents an overall move of 230%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options Plays & More

Options Recap

Both of our options ideas from yesterday’s morning report ended up providing us with a chance at sizable single-session gains.

Canadian Solar, Inc. CSIQ

We caught CSIQ in the unique position of having just registered a new 52-week low in the previous session, and having its earnings beat expectations yesterday, so jumping on CSIQ Weekly $16.50-18 Calls ended up being a sound strategy right from the outset. The impressive intraday moves were as follows:

$16.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.20-1.76 – Max Gain: 47%
$17 Calls – Trading Range: .87-1.50 – Max Gain: 72%
$17.50 Calls– Trading Range: .30-.97 – Max Gain: 223%
$18 Calls – Trading Range: .27-.82 – Max Gain: 204%

Macy’s Inc. M

We went bearish on Macy’s yesterday, partly due to the overall downtrend the stock has seen in recent weeks, and as a reaction to yesterday morning’s disappointing earnings call. In this case our target range was the M Weekly $36-34 Puts and hefty gains were available across the board, including a big triple-bagger in the $34′s.

$36 Puts – Trading Range: 1.83-4.37  – Max Gain: 139%
$35.50 Puts – Trading Range: 1.40-3.79 – Max Gain: 171%
$35 Puts– Trading Range: 1.00-3.60 – Max Gain: 260%
$34.50 Puts – Trading Range: .83-2.88 – Max Gain: 247%
$34 Puts – Trading Range: .50-2.58 – Max Gain: 347%


Fresh Ideas:  To throw some other options ideas into the mix this morning, we’re going to be adding Monsanto Co. MON Weekly $102-106 Calls and Jack in the Box, Inc. JACK 05/20 $70 and $75 Calls to our track-list.

Cerebain Biotech Corp. CBBT

We put CBBT on our radars last Tuesday after noticing some increased activity in the stock. Since our mention, subsequent to which we observed a low .53, we’ve seen a good bit of progress leading up to yesterday’s high of 1.25. That’s an overall move of 136%

The high came just prior to the closing bell, at which CBBT held a PPS of 1.20 so we’ll continue to monitor the situation carefully. We’ve had success recently with low-float, low-volume plays, and CBBT fits that bill to a tee.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: XGTI Review & More

xG Technology, Inc. XGTI

We’ve seen XGTI make its way up nicely from a low of .08 subsequent to our tag of the stock late last month, but despite it already being up considerably, we reinforced our bullish opinion of it in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

The momentum we’d observed was sufficient to surmise that further opportunities could be in the cards, and our assumption was accurate indeed. We saw a strong move out of XGTI to begin the session as it traded in its full daily range from an early low of .1021 on up to a new high of .165 for an initial rip of 62%

Midday saw a pullback in the stock, which ultimately found support at .1217 before returning to .155, an added 27% swing, so there was a good chance for late-comers as well. It brought the cumulative total on northward movement for the day to a respectable 89%

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. PTX

PTX is another one we’ve tracked in the past which we re-alerted this week on the heels of a newly-registered 52-week low on Friday. The stock made a nice move on Monday, and continued its ascent yesterday.

We witnessed a trading range from .98-1.25 which works out to a solid 28% upswing on the day, and it came on more than eight times the 3-month average volume.

Cerebain Biotech, Inc. CBBT

We tagged CBBT based on observing some abnormal volume on Monday, and despite sliding for the first half of the day, the stock did register a higher low and higher high from the session prior en route to a nice intraday swing. It traded from .53-.86, making a 62% pop and closing with strength at .85.

The company also announced yesterday that it would apply for FDA approval on its medical device which is meant to treat alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, so that will be one storyline to continue following. (>>Read PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPOM, SRPT Recaps & More

Winning Pick Review

SPO Global, Inc. SPOM
is a subpenny play that appeared in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and we got some good action out of the stock on our first day of tracking. We witnessed a run from .0042-.0058, which marked a respectable 38% pop on more than triple its monthly average trading volume.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – We began talking about SRPT last Wednesday, and cleaned up with a couple of ideas we had for trading weekly options contracts. We tagged it once again in yesterday’s watchlist, and the stock went on to set a new high. It traded in an intraday range from 14.52-18.14 for a 25% gain on the day. The stock is gapping up morning. From our observed low on Wednesday at 10.45, today’s high of 18.80 represents a 80% swing overall.

xG Technology, Inc. XGTI

We’ve tracked this stock in the past, most recently mentioning it in our report on 04/21. It took a few sessions beyond that to see the stock find support at .08, but we’ve seen it inch its way up since, and this morning we witnessed a premarket high of .1751 in the stock.

It marks an upswing of 150% over our observed low, and signals us to pay careful attention in coming sessions.

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. PTX

PTX is another stock catching our interest after we noticed some abnormal activity on the heels of a large investor boosting his stake in the company while it had simultaneously reached a new 52-week low.

The stock is moving again in the premarket, and will be another worthy candidate for our watchlist as we head into midweek.

The last time one of our tracked plays caught momentum off of a large institutional investor taking up a big position was VLTC. Some of our more seasoned followers will surely remember that stock and the astronomical moves it made in such a situation.

Extended Watchlist:
AWGI, CRDS, CBBT(Abnormal Volume)