Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WEYL Review, Options Updates

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Options Update

We caught TIF in the wake of its premarket earnings beat yesterday morning, and summarily issued a quick-strike options trading idea to correspond with the resulting activity.

The range we signaled was the TIF Weekly $71-74 Calls, and, as has become a common occurrence for us, we saw each and every set of contracts yield multi-bag, single-session gain opportunities.

$71 Calls – Range: 1.49-3.51 – Max Gain: 136%
$71.50 Calls – Range: 1.00-2.70 – Max Gain: 170%
$72 Calls – Range: .86-2.92 – Max Gain: 240%
$72.50 Calls – Range: .60-1.36 – Max Gain: 127%
$73 Calls – Range: .27-1.60 – Max Gain: 493%
$73.50 Calls – Range: .24-1.13 – Max Gain: 371%
$74 Calls – Range: .10-.49 – Max Gain: 390%

Caution: In the event that chances remain to milk these plays even further today, just remember the extreme high-risk nature of trading weekly options on a Friday.

Xtera Communications, Inc. XCOM

Yesterday, we were looking for XCOM to continue the rebound it had begun in the previous session, and the stock did end up making a couple of nice intraday swings en route to closing near its high-of-day.

Our criteria for being interested in this play was simply that it hold support above yesterday’s premarket low of .60, and that wasn’t a problem for XCOM.

The first swing the stock underwent began to occur right from the outset, and took it from the daily low of .683 up to .879 for a 29% move, followed by a dip to .735 and subsequent push back to .86, tacking on another 17%

Weyland Tech, Inc. WEYL

We first began tracking WEYL roughly five weeks ago, at which time we witnessed a decent run from a low of 2.10 on up to 3.03, a gain of 44%

After that, the stock experienced a short consolidation period wherein it found its way down to 1.77, before beginning a bounceback period that has lasted the better part of the last three weeks.  Yesterday, a new high of 3.31 was reached, marking a swing of 87%

Our interest in tracking WEYL will continue provided it maintains support off of the previous resistance at 3.00.

The app development sector is a trendy space at the moment, and WEYL’s focus in Asia, where there are more mobile devices than anywhere else in the world, is its CreateApp platform that allows users to create their own mobile apps with no development knowledge whatsoever. (>>View Website)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Fresh Options Ideas

The GEO Group, Inc. – We’ve run across an interesting situation with GEO, in the wake of the Federal government’s announcement of a private correctional facility phase-out. The stock took an absolute pounding as a result yesterday, but is showing some signs of rebounding with the help of a contrary PR this morning.

Despite the impending federal cutbacks, (nearly half of GEO’s business comes from federal government contracts) we’ve now received word that the Bureau of Prisons has extended the company’s contract on the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, GA through September of 2018. (>> View PR)

On the chance of seeing a continued rebound in the days or weeks ahead, we’re going to radar the GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls for possible swing trades.


Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. FOXA – A couple of things are drawing us toward entering an options idea into the log for FOXA today. In addition to the stock currently approaching oversold territory while trading at its 6-month lows, we’ve also noticed a series of Form-4 buys that have come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday amounting to roughly $78M.

It’s leading us to place a range of extended-term contracts on watch, namely the FOXA 09/30 $25-27 Calls.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

We wanted to provide a final update on FPVD this morning, which has appeared in every one of our reports since Tuesday. At the time, the stock saw a low of .0168, and it spent the next three sessions making monstrous moves to the upside.

Despite peeling back significantly into the close, FPVD gave one heck of a last hurrah early in yesterday’s session, running 122% intraday from the open at .045 to a high of .0999. At its peak, FPVD had shown us a three-day overall increase amounting to 495%

Unless we begin to see some major rebound activity, we’ll be moving on from FPVD for the time being, but congrats are due to anyone who was following this mega-runner along with us this week!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FPVD Breaks Out & More

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

We were just mentioning how we wanted to stay on FPVD’s trail yesterday morning, after the stock had shown us a nice 64% move on Tuesday.

We identified .036 as a key point of resistance that we wanted to see broken, and not only did that happen, but the stock smashed through and kept on running to an impressive new high.

It traded in a range from .022 on up to a nickel, for an intraday gain of 127% which occurred on roughly 7 times the three-month average volume. From our observed low on Tuesday, it represented a session-over-session swing of 198%

The previous resistance we mentioned at .036 will now be the level FPVD will need to hold support at or above in order to maintain our attention going forward.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. WMT – Options Idea

We’ve had some excellent fortune recently with earnings-related options plays in the retail sector, and the opportunity to take advantage of yet another one may be ready to present itself today in the form of WMT.

Increased revenue for the quarter has led the retail giant to increase guidance for the remainder of the year, and the news is causing a notable gap-up here in the premarket. As the activity unfolds, we’ll be looking to possibly take advantage of WMT Weekly $73.50-76 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FPVD Recap & More

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

FPVD found its way back to our reports yesterday morning, and followed up by producing a notable intraday move on the day.

We were afforded the opportunity to realize single-session gains of up to 64% as the stock traded from an early low of .0168, and ran toward the end of the day, achieving a high of .0275 on more than four times the one-month average volume.

We’ll keep a watch over this play as we head through midweek, looking for it to make a run at its next key resistance point at .036, however it will need to maintain support at or above .015 in order to hold our interest.

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. MJMI

MJMI continues to earn itself mentions in our reports since tagging it for the first time just under two weeks ago. It’s been on a fairly steady climb for the entire time since.

Yesterday the stock traded in a range from .27 on up to another new high at .40. That works out to an intraday gain of 48% which occurred on volume exceeding the monthly average by three times.

From our observed low of .091 which was recorded on the 5th, MJMI has now made an overall increase of 340% and earned itself a continued slot on our working watchlist.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AUPH

We also want to make mention of AUPH, which is a stock we’ve noticed starting to make a move off of a recent bottom. We like the chart’s look of rebound potential with a massive gap to fill, so we’ll put this one on the radar as well.

The stock briefly toyed with the 200DMA yesterday, and we’ll be looking for it to make a move back through the channel between there and the 50DMA of 3.03 en route to filling that gap.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates, Options Review & More

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. ECPN

After observing a low of .1222 in ECPN subsequent to our alert on Wednesday, the stock has done nothing but show steady increases each day since.

Yesterday’s session brought an intraday move of 42% as the stock ran from .193-.275. That new high represents an overall increase of 125% in the four sessions since we began tracking.

Yesterday we stated that ECPN was receiving a rare 100% ‘Buy’ Rating at BARCHART.COM and that remains true this morning.

JC Penney Co. Inc. JCP – Options Update

Our options trading idea from Friday, the JCP 08/19 $9.50-10.50 Calls ended up having another great session for us to start the week yesterday. We mentioned that we’d be on the lookout for those plays to continue the momentum from Friday, when they afforded us gains ranging from 164-640%

It was a good thing that we did, because the three sets of contracts went on to not only make nice intraday moves, but a couple of them also extended our overall observed gains from the previous session by a significant margin.

$9.50 Calls – Range: 1.11-1.76  – Intraday: 59% – Two-Day: 300%
$10 Calls – Range: .63-1.31 – Intraday: 108% – Two-Day: 719%
$10.50 Calls – Range: .30-.83 – Intraday: 177%

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. MJMI

We’ve been tracking MJMI since early this month, and the stock has performed quite well, mostly experiencing upward momentum during that time.

Our observed low on the play came in at .091 back on the 5th, and as of yesterday’s new high of .30 we had borne witness to an increase of 230%

Innovativ Media Group, Inc. INMG

INMG came off of yesterday’s watchlist, and the stock made a nice move on the day. From a low of .00475, it reached as high as .007 for a solid 47% jump, which occurred on roughly six and a half times the monthly average volume.

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