Options Updates, Fresh Plays

US Steel Corp. X – Options Review:

We offered up a possible trade idea for the X chain in Friday morning’s premarket report, just as the company provided first quarter 2021 guidance that reflects higher expectations on strong steel demand leading to a rise in price. That led to an excellent session wherein X approached its previous high of the calendar year thus far, though it did ultimately come up just shy of the mark.

Our designated targets, the X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls fared quite well, with the PPS surging past and holding over $24 into the close. That facilitated the following gain opportunities for anyone who happened to catch our signal:

X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls
  51-2.33 (+357%)
$22.50: .26-1.89 (+627%)

eXp World Holdings Inc. EXPI:

Speaking of solid options plays, on Wednesday morning we threw out an idea for the EXPI chain, specifically targeting the EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls. The stock performed exceedingly well to close out the week, running to new highs.

That move enabled our options plays to record some excellent double bag trading ranges, and with the momentum built up in the stock, we’re going to want to continue to track these ideas, in addition to rolling up to include the EXPI 03/19 $55 Calls.

EXPI 03/19 $50-52.50 Calls
$50:  2.16-5.30 (+145%)
$52.50: 1.45-3.70 (+155%)

Fresh Options Plays:
PBR 04/01 $9-9.50 Calls
YALA Weekly $22.50-25 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Closing Out Another Week of Elite Trading

Options Review:

Here we are once again on the cusp of closing out another excellent trading week filled with notable opportunities. We’re going to first highlight yesterday’s fresh calls, which came in the TLRY and JD chains.

TLRY is a hot cannabis play that we routinely revisit, while JD issued its quarterly earnings report which generated a good amount of intraday volatility. Our specific plays on these targets were the TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls and the JD Weekly $93-96 Calls and they each logged massive multibag moves on the day.

Here are the ranges and total possible profits that were there for the taking: 

TLRY Weekly $24.50-25.50 Calls
  .67-3.85 (+475%)
$25: .46-3.74 (+713%)
$25.50: .33-3.09 (+836%)

JD Weekly $93-96 Calls
 .40-1.14 (+185%)
$94: .30-.85 (+183%)
$95: .24-.70 (+192%)
$96: .20-.53 (+115%)

Fresh Options Plays:
SPY Weekly $293-292 Puts
X Weekly $22-22.50 Calls 

Foothills Exploration, Inc. FTXP – Recap:

Speaking of solid multibaggers, we included FTXP in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. We always try to remind our readers (especially newcomers) to include our daily watchlists on your own radar screens. We don’t typically profile each and every stock that catches our interest, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hidden gems like these.

Subsequent to our alert, this OTC play ran from a low of .0032 on up to .0104, which represents a daily rip of 225% and came on over a billion and a half shares traded. 

Extended Watchlist: 

A Fruitful Holiday Week

Closing Out the Short Week 

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We’re ready to close out this short trading week with a half day today. Just before we broke for Thanksgiving, we produced some fresh options ideas to carry into the end of the week.

Among those plays were the JWN Weekly $24-26 Calls and the GPS Weekly $24.50-23.50 Puts, and we observed some pretty good moves from those plays on Wednesday:

JWN Weekly $24-26 Calls
: 1.40-5.45 (+289%)
$25: .70-4.47 (+539%)
$26: .38-3.50 (+821%)

GPS Weekly $24.50-23.50 Puts
: 1.80-3.10 (+72%)
$24: 1.13-3.69 (+227%)
$23.50: 1.08-2.06 (+91%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
CGC Weekly $26-27 Calls
X Weekly $14-15 Calls

Extended Watchlist: