Cleaning Up on Options

Winning Options Sweep

We had formulated three separate options ideas as our fresh plays for yesterday morning’s premarket report, and despite the fact that the markets as a whole took an absolute dive on the day, all three sets of contracts produced significant upward movement early on.

Our targets were in the GS, INFY, and VOXX chains, and here are the moves they made right from the opening bell:

GS Weekly $210-215 Calls
$210: 2.72-5.13 (+89%)
$212.50: 1.55-3.27 (+111%)
$215: .81-1.92 (+137%)

INFY Weekly $16 Calls
: .30-.63 (+110%)

VOXX Weekly $7.50-10 Calls
$7.50: 2.35-3.58 (+57%)
$10: .35-1.70 (+386%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
WBA Weekly $36-36.50 Calls
SPY $Weekly $345-344 Puts

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Fantastic Options Success

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Recap

On Friday morning, we focused on quite a few fresh options ideas that were hitting our scanner, and with the help of a solid day for stocks in general, we saw a good amount of opportunity for success.

That also meant our running and new ideas for the SPY posted some nice figures on the day. We had been tracking SPY Weekly $340-341 Calls and we added the SPY Weekly $344-345 Calls to the radar as well.

Here were the final numbers on all of those, with some huge gains on the table: 

: .98-7.80 (+696%)
$341: .75-6.24 (+732%)
$344: 1.48-3.41 (+130%)
$345: .81-2.51 (+222%)

More Options Recaps

As we mentioned above, we had quite a few options targets we were looking to ride into the close on Friday. That included targets in the CGC, X and BBBY chains, and each one of them was a good pick. Here are the potential gains that could’ve been made off of those plays:

CGC Weekly $18 Calls
: .08-.37 (+363%)

X Weekly $8 Calls
$8: .39-.73 (+87%)

BBBY Weekly $21-22 Calls
$21: .43-.89 (+107%)
$22: .03-.09 (+200%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $349-351 Calls
AAPL Weekly $118.75-121 Calls

Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. NSPX – Chatroom Call

This is a good time to remind all of our readers (that means YOU) of your open invite into our daily live traders chats on Skype. We are always catching last minute plays that don’t make it into our premarket reports.

Such was the case on Friday when we tagged NSPX before the open as you can see on the snapshot below. The stock turned around and posted a range of .0059-.0269 on the day, for a whopping 356% rip!

NSPX Acquires Novel Immuno-Onoclogy Precision Targeting Platform – 10/08

Get yourself onto Skype and send a contact request to username “stocksumo” and we’ll get you observing and/or participating in our live chats right away! All are welcome!

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SUNW News & More

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Options Recap

Yesterday morning. the sole fresh options idea we came up with in our premarket report was pertaining to the SPY. Despite the markets tanking a couple of hours prior to the close as the possibility of further coronavirus stimulus in 2020 grew more remote on comments from the White House, our targets, the SPY Weekly $340-341 Calls fared very well for the first two-thirds of the session.

Here are the total possible gains that were made from the open until about 2PM:

SPY Weekly $340-341 Calls
$340: 2.46-3.97 (+61%)
$341: 1.82-3.34 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas
LEVI 10/16 $16-18 Calls
LW 10/16 $70-75 Calls 

SunWorks, Inc. SUNW

The last time we highlighted SUNW was a couple of weeks back on September 24th as part of a focus we did on solar plays. That day, the stock came right out of the gate with a huge run from 3.30-8.50 (+158%).

After that amazing run, the stock consolidated down to a low of 1.88 and as of premarket trading this morning it has reached 5.19, with a big piece of breaking news this morning that you can find below. We’ll definitely continue to keep our eyes on SUNW, as it exhibits just the type of volatile activity that we’re always after.

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) (“Sunworks”), a provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial and industrial (“ACI”), public works and residential markets, today announced that the company signed $10 million in new commercial and agriculture projects in the third quarter, marking its strongest quarterly booking activity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The sales are comprised of 19 existing and new customers and total more than 4.4 MW for installation. (>>View Full PR)

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