Recapping Runners, Fresh Ideas

VZIO Options Produce Instant Results:

Despite the fact that our three options ideas in yesterday’s premarket report were geared toward being longer-term plays to monitor over the next few weeks, in the case of VZIO, we witnessed prompt results as the daily activity provided for a very respectable intraday move for our tracked contracts.

Those were the VZIO 01/21 $19-20 Calls, which produced the following moves on our first day of observation. We will of course continue to monitor it and the other January Calls we signaled yesterday morning.

VZIO 01/21 $19-20 Calls
$19: .88-1.35 (+53%)
$20: .70-.90 (+29%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
JBL Weekly $60-65 Calls
ACN Weekly $405-415 Calls

Icoa, Inc. ICOA – Recap:

We also wanted to provide a brief update on ICOA, which is a stock that we included in our watchlist on Tuesday morning. In that two-session span, it has recorded a solid upswing, trading from a low of .0073 on Tuesday, and reaching as high as .0133 yesterday.

That works out to an overall increase of 82% and with the signs of momentum buildup in this play over the last several sessions, we’re going to want to continue to keep an eye peeled as we head into the end of the week.

Extended Watchlist:

Longer-Term Options Idea, Other Updates

PennyMac Financial Services Inc. PFSI – Options Review:

Not all of our daily options ideas are meant to be rapid strike plays, as we often include potential targets that have weeks or even months until expiration. One such ‘longer-term play’, as we typically refer to them, is in the PFSI chain. A little under two weeks ago, in our report from the morning of the 2nd, we signaled interest in a single contract set, the PFSI 12/17 $65 Calls.

On the day of that alert, they posted a low of .70, and after a series of bullish sessions, yesterday culminated into a new high of 4.77. That represents an upswing of 581% in a span in just eight trading days!

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPWH 04/14 $15 Calls

KYN Capital Group, Inc. KYNC – Recap:

On the stock side of things, we wanted to swing back around and recap the move we’ve witnessed in KYNC following our first of several tags of the stock in our premarket reports, on the morning of December 1st.

On that day two weeks ago, we saw KYNC trading for as little as .0035/share, and as of yesterday it had run as high as .0114, which brings our overall observed increase to 226%

Extended Watchlist:

Updates on Big Movers & More

Key Options Updates

We’ve been tracking the ideas we initially posted on Monday morning all week and so far the gains we have seen off of these plays have been monstrous. Below you will find the new highs registered by those targets in the RIOT and MARA chains.

You will also see our updated ideas for the TLRY chain, which has provided us with astounding gains as well. Each and every one of these contract sets has put up massive multibag moves in just a couple of trading days.

RIOT Weekly $27-28 Calls
 1.56-14.80 (+849%)
$27.50: 1.50-14.30 (+853%)
$28: 1.35-13.80 (+922%)

MARA Weekly $26.50-28 Calls 
$26.50: 1.91-12.90 (+575%)
$27: 1.48-13.00 (+778%)
$27.50: 1.51-12.20 (+708%)
$28: 1.43-11.85 (+728%)

TLRY Weekly Calls
 1.70-18.35 (+979%)
$27: 1.22-17.92 (+1368%)
 2.49-12.00 (+382%)
$35: 2.00-11.28 (+464%)
$36: 1.77-10.50 (+493%)

As far as TLRY, which continued its insane run this morning in the premarket, we are going to have to raise our target again to stay on the money, so we’ll be tracking the TLRY Weekly $50-52 Calls. The stock alone has made an incredible move in the month of February already.

Since our mention of it in our report last Tuesday morning, it has run from 19.30 to this morning’s premarket high of 56.00, marking a run of 190% in just a hair over a week! If you had only begun tracking the stock as of this Monday’s report, you still would have witnessed a move of 116% from 25.95-56.00.

Fresh Options Ideas:
TWTR Weekly $63-65 Calls
LYFT Weekly $57-60 Calls 

OTC Runners: 

We’ve also been staying on top of the OTC-traded plays that have recently been making more of an appearance in our reports. We have unearthed several gems in this arena in 2021 so far, with no signs of slowing yet!

Tesoro Enterprises Inc. TSNP
Called: 01/20/21
Gained: 609%

Minerco, Inc. MINE 
Called: 02/09/21
Range: .0062-.017
Gained: 174%

Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc. OZSC
Called: 02/09/21
Gained: 66%

Extended Watchlist: