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SPY, PEP Options Reviews: 

Yesterday morning, in addition to providing an update on our running idea in the Pepsi options chain, we also included a fresh idea in the SPY. The markets ripped into the close, and facilitated some excellent intraday gain chances for both the PEP targets as well as our SPY ideas.

We’ve got fresh new highs on all of those, and in addition to a couple of earnings plays for new interests today, we’re also going to roll up to include some higher strike points for the SPY. Here are the two day gains on PEP and the single session moves on yesterday’s SPY calls:

PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
 1.84-6.12 (+232%)
$150: 1.19-4.95 (+316%)
$152.50: .28-2.84 (+914%)

SPY 10/08 $430-431 Calls
 2.24-6.19 (+176%)
$431: 1.82-5.44 (+199%)

The markets look primed for more interesting activity as we head into week’s end, so as we mentioned above, we’rte going to roll up on the SPY to include tomorrow’s 10/08 $436-438 Calls.

Fresh Options Ideas:
HELE 10/15 $220-230 Calls
LEVI 10/15 $25-26 Calls 

Cyber Apps World, Inc. CYAP – Review: 

Lastly, we have to circle back for an OTC update on CYAP, a stock we tagged in Tuesday’s premarket report. It has posted new highs, broken through from subpenny to penny stock pricing, and reached double-bag status.

Our observed low on CYAP Tuesday was .0052, and as of yesterday’s top mark of .0125, that represents an overnight run of 140%

Extended Watchlist:

PEP Options Review, SPY Calls & More

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP – Options Recap:

We had a quick-strike idea based off of PEP earnings in yesterday morning’s premarket report. It was basically the only game in town on the earnings front, as we continue to trudge along through an extremely dry period. As we’ve mentioned in previous newsletters recently, this earnings drought will persist until the week of the 18th.

Our sole set of earnings play targets were the PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls, and those produced some very respectable intraday gain opportunities on the day for ourselves and our readers. Multibag runs were recorded by all three contract sets.

PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
 1.84-3.51 (+91%)
$150: 1.19-2.73 (+129%)
$152.50: .28-1.04 (+271%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/08 $430-431 Calls

VizConnect, Inc. VIZC – Recap:

We’re also going to take a minute to relay the move made by VIZC, a subpenny stock that we flagged a couple of times last month beginning on the morning of the 10th.

The stock traded for as little as .0031 subsequent to our alert. During yesterday’s session it recorded a new high of .0072. That works out to an increase of 132% over our observed low.

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SPY Review, OTC Recap & More

Infrax Systems, Inc. IFXY – Review:

Our first order of business this morning is to go over the performance of a stock that we initially tagged last week on Friday. IFXY produced quite a run subsequent to our alert, posting a low of .0081 that morning, and registering a high of .0137 yesterday. That works out to a session-over-session gain of 69%

We’ll keep an eye peeled this week for the chance that IFXY can make its next move up from this higher base level of support. Volume over the past couple sessions has been quite higher than average so the potential for a continuation of its recent bullish activity is certainly present.

SPY Recap:

Our quick strike options play for yesterday morning’s report turned in a fantastic ticket on the day. We were tracking the SPY 10/04 $434-432 Puts, and thanks to a particularly bloody open for the markets at large, we saw significant movement in our designated targets.

The SPY has long been our go-to market analog play, and it is particularly helpful on days like yesterday with no interesting earnings plays of which to speak.Here are the intraday gains that were made possible by this particular idea.

SPY 10/04 $434-432 Puts
 1.50-7.64 (+409%)
$433: 1.06-6.69 (+531%)
$432: .75-5.70 (+660%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls 
RGNX 11/19 $35 Calls

Extended Watchlist: