Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PEP Recap & More

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP – Options Recap

Yesterday morning Pepsi’s earnings provided us with one of the pair of options ideas included in our report. We were focused on the PepsiCo, Inc. PEP Weekly $109-112 Calls and are pleased to report that we found success with those immediately.

The single-session gain opportunities available to anyone who partook were substantial to say the least, continuing an impressive pattern of huge options winners we’ve uncovered over the last several sessions.

$109 Calls – Range: 1.23-4.00 – Max Gain: 225%
$110 Calls – Range: .70-3.05 – Max Gain: 336%
$111 Calls – Range: .38-2.05 – Max Gain: 439%
$112 Calls – Range: .19-1.30 – Max Gain: 589%

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

On Friday we began tracking some TSLA Calls, and we did remind our readers of these contracts yesterday, cautioning that it appeared as if the stock was ready to facilitate some good moves in our targets.

The TSLA 08/02 $300-315 Calls were those targets, and our hunch proved correct. While we swept the range, finding gains in all seven sets of contracts, in the interest of time, we’ll simply provide the moves from the bottom and the top of the range. Just keep in mind that the sets in between also enjoyed commensurate moves to the upside.

The $300 Calls ran from a low of 22.54 to a high of 35.81 for a gain of 59% while the $315′s ran from 16.70 to 26.01; an increase of 56%

Fresh Idea:
Fastenal Co. FAST Weekly $50-55 Calls

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More


After following up a string of successful SPY calls from last week, we added a fresh quick-strike idea yesterday morning. With the markets looking ready to pop after positive jobs numbers were released, we signaled our interest in tracking the SPY 07/09 $275.50-277 Calls.

Trading options with same-day expiry always carries a high risk, but in this case, it was well worth it, with each of our designated contracts producing gains of a significant nature on the day.

$275.50 Calls – Range: 1.18-2.74 – Max Gain: 132%
$276 Calls – Range: .80-2.01 – Max Gain: 151%
$276.50 Calls – Range: .48-1.42 – Max Gain: 196%
$277 Calls – Range: .23-.93 – Max Gain: 304%

Tesla, Inc. TSLA

An idea that we formulated on Friday was with some extended term TSLA Calls. We wanted to remind readers of these contracts this morning, as the stock is behaving like we might now see the move that we predicted at the end of last week.

The TSLA 08/02 $300-315 Calls should be in line to see some nice gains with the stock itself gapping up hard here in the premarket.

Fresh Idea:
For another fresh options trading idea on the heels of PEP’s earning beat, we’re going to be tracking the activity in the PepsiCo, Inc. PEP $109-112 Calls.

RiceBran Technology RIBT

We have included RIBT in our reports on each of the past two Mondays, and the stock has made appreciable moves to the upside in that time span.

Between our initial alert last Monday, after a low of 2.21 from which the stock hasn’t looked back, yesterday’s new high reached 3.09, marking a one week upswing of 40% We’ll be interested to see how far the stock can continue to streak into blue skies.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MSDI Recap, PEP Options & More

Monster Digital, Inc. MSDI

We re-tagged MSDI for observation in yesterday morning’s premarket watchlist, and the stock ended up making a pretty good jump right out of the starting gate on a surge of huge volume to new new highs. This is a play that we first mentioned a few weeks back on June 19th, when it was trading in the .40-.50 range.

Yesterday it initially ran from 1.53 to its new high of 2.35 for an intraday swing of 54% though it didn’t manage to hold much of its advance into the close. Still, when all was said and done, MSDI ended up being the NASDAQ’s top gainer of the day, traded nearly sixty times its monthly average volume, and extended our total observed range since our first alert to a very respectable 408%

Pepsico, Inc. PEP – Options Ideas

Pepsi has been on a bit of a downturn of late, and despite its bearish moves of the past couple of weeks, we took notice of the fact that it has come down to rest around its 50-day moving average. The last time the stock spent any appreciable amount of time trading below that average, was more than four months ago.

Compound that with a chance for a boost from its scheduled quarterly earnings call next week (07/11), and it makes us interested to track some PEP options on the chance that the stock makes a rebound as we suspect it might.

We’ll take a look at the PEP Weekly $115 Calls for potential day/swing trades this week, and keep tabs on the PEP 07/14 $116 and $117 Calls in the event of a run into and/or following earnings this coming Tuesday.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas & More

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP

Our first order of business this morning is to pat ourselves on the back for yet another perfectly-timed options idea yesterday. Our hunch that the PEP earnings beat would help us score some nice profits paid off almost instantly.

To refresh your memories on that report, we specifically outlined $99, $99.50, and $100 Weekly Calls for daytrading opportunities, and the 02/20 $102 Calls for a little bit of a longer-term possibility. Each and every one of those contracts made a great move as PEP broke through the $100-mark.

Here’s a breakdown of the gains that were possible on the day:

$99 Calls - Range: .62-1.77 – Max Gain: 185%

$99.50 Calls - Range: .46-1.23 – Max Gain: 167%

$100 Calls - Range: .33-1.00 – Max Gain: 203%

02/20 $102 Calls - Range: .20-.37 – Max Gain: 85%

PEP has a strong outlook as well, remember, they just initiated a three-year $12B share buyback program, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Pepsi’s name come up in future reports. Stay tuned!

New Options Ideas

The Priceline Group, Inc. PCLN

PCLN is the next company we’re looking at on the heels of an earnings beat. We want to milk this earnings season for all its worth, and think we’ve done an excellent job of it thus far.

The range of contracts that we are interested in on the PCLN options chain are the $1065-$1085 Calls ( Yesterday the $1065′s closed at 6.10, and the $1085′s closed at 1.42)

Expedia, Inc. EXPE Impending Buyout of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. OWW

With EXPE buying out OWW, we want to float another couple of ideas to take advantage of the excitement.

For EXPE, we’ll be monitoring Calls in the range of $83-86, and as far as OWW goes, our interest lies in the $9-11 Call range.

RadioShack Corp. RSCHQ

Our continual coverage of RSHCQ this week yielded potential gains for the third consecutive session yesterday. We brought the stock to our reader’s attention on Monday, at which point folks could have entered the mix for as low as .1251/share.

The stock has set a new high each day since, with yesterday’s trading range running from .185 up to a high of .25. That marked an intraday gain of 35%, and an overall increase of 100% from Monday’s observed low!

Extended Watchlist:
CSCO, TRIP, IMTV (Potential Bottom Play, Interesting News Out)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RSHCQ Recap, FLSR, PEP Options & More

RadioShack Corp. RSHCQ
Our close coverage of RSHCQ has really come through for us as the stock performed very well on Monday and then again yesterday. Our initial alert came at a low of .1251 on Monday morning.

Yesterday the stock made its way up from a daily low of .1461 all the way up to .2145. That was an intraday spike equaling 47%, and measuring from Monday’s low, an overnight increase of 71% so cheers go out to any of our readers who were following this play to some fantastic short-term gains!

As we stated in our previous reports, we plan to keep a close eye on Radio Shack as the company deals with the many complexities of Chapter 11.

New Options Ideas

PepsiCo, Inc. PEP 

In the spirit of taking as much advantage of the current earnings season as possible, we have continued to scour for potential options trading opportunities on earnings beats. PEP is standing out on our radar screen this morning, with Wall St. expectations having been exceeded.

PEP is showing a healthy chart currently in an ascending wedge pattern, and the stock is in the process of breaking all-time highs so we’re also entering blue-sky territory with this one.

Along with its Q4 figures, Pepsi also revealed that it would be initiating a share buyback program to run through 2018 where the company intends to buy back up to $12B of its own stock, which bodes well for the long-term health of the beverage and snack giant. >> View PR

To potentially take advantage of the current conditions with PEP, we’re going to be looking at Calls in the $99-100 range. Yesterday the $99′s closed at .62, the $99.50′s at .46, and the $100′s at .33. After what we expect will be a significant gap-up followed by some measure of profit-taking we will be looking to get ourselves positioned for what could be a strong rebound in those contracts.

We can also keep watch over the Feb. 20th $102 Calls (Last Trade: .23) for a potential swing-trade into next week.

First Solar, Inc. FSLR

Yesterday upon receiving word that Apple, Inc. had negotiated a solar deal with FSLR worth nearly $850M, FSLR went crazy, running into the close and continuing to climb in after-market trading as well as gapping up in today’s premarket action.

As a result of these circumstances, we’re going to be monitoring the FSLR $48 Weekly Calls (Closed 1.51) for what has the potential to be a very nice, rapid gain opportunity.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – Reminder

We also want to take a minute to reiterate our longer-term options strategy regarding BABA.  Yesterday we outlined the March 20th $95 Calls (Closed: .85)  We could see those open a bit higher today as BABA is looking like it wants to gap up to slightly this morning.

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