Big Day Tuesday, Trio of New Ideas

One Terrific Tuesday:

We had a really great session yesterday with respect to the options trading ideas we formulated for our premarket report. We set our sights on five possibilities, and there were potential profits to be had on all five. Added in with a couple of movers on the stock side of things, and Tuesday really ended up an all around excellent performance on our part.

Our winners for the session were the PEP Weekly $162.50-165 Calls, the ASAN Weekly $17-17.50 Calls, the AAPL Weekly $177.50-180 Calls, the AMZN 10/20 $129-130 Calls, and the RTX Weekly $73 Calls. Here’s the breakdown of the moves they registered:

PEP Weekly $162.50-165 Calls
 1.38-3.10 (+125%)
$165: .50-1.46 (+192%)

ASAN Weekly $17-17.50 Calls
$17: .80-1.27 (+59%)
$17.50: .85-.89 (N/A)

AAPL Weekly $177.50-180 Calls
$177.50: 2.03-3.05 (+50%)
$180: .80-1.40 (+75%)

AMZN 10/20 $129-130 Calls
$129: 1.35-2.65 (+96%)
$130: .94-2.00 (+113%)

RTX Weekly $73 Calls
 .93-1.27 (+37%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 10/11 $434-436 Calls*
PLUG Weekly $7-8 Calls
BALL 11/17 $45-47.50 Calls

*Please use caution when trading options contracts on their expiration date. It should only be attempted by experienced traders. 

SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPCB)
& Mobilicom Ltd. (NASDAQ:MOB)

We also wanted to give a quick update on a couple of Israeli security and communications companies that we had tagged in yesterday’s extended watchlist. SPCB was on the move from .6295-1.13 for an intraday gain of 80%, and MOB ran from .58-2.09, marking a 260% run

Extended Watchlist: