Options Recap, Post-Earnings Ideas & More

More Options Review:  

We’ve got options updates on deck for this morning, and there is actually a fairly decent slate of earnings reporters on the docket today, so we’ll take a look into some of those as well.

As for recaps on options calls we’ve made recently, two of the targets that we reviewed yesterday morning continued their momentum and set new highs for us during the session. They were Friday’s alert on the GBX 07/16 $40 Calls and Tuesday’s alert on the ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls. Additionally, we witnessed new highs in the DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls, which we initially targeted a few weeks back on June 24th.

These are the updated figures on those plays, all of which expire at the end of the week:

GBX 07/16 $40 Calls
1.40-5.40 (+286%)

ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls
$65: 1.28-4.00 (+213%)

DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls
$140: 2.71-10.10 (+273%)
145: 1.10-5.45 (+395%)

Post-Earnings Options Ideas: 

As we’ve been mentioning, next week is when the floodgates for earnings reporters really swing wide open, but for the time being, we have a couple that dropped their quarterlies this morning in which we will select some targets.

GS Weekly $380-385 Calls
PEP Weekly $149-152.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: THC Explosion

Tenet Healthcare Corp. THC – Options Explode

We included a fresh options trading idea for THC in yesterday morning’s premarket report. The stock was exhibiting the characteristics of a potential bottom bounce play, and we signaled the THC Weekly $18-18.50 Calls to correlate with the possible rebound.

We got just what we were looking for, however, with far greater single-session figured than we could have imagined. The results were two of the best intraday gain possibilities that we’ve identified in 2019, tipping the scales with twenty-bagger status!

$18 Calls – Range: .10-2.14 – Max Gain: 2040%
$18.50 Calls – Range: .05-1.52 – Max Gain: 2940%

Updated Idea: THC Weekly $19.50-20 Calls 


For another quick update on PCTL, the OTC play we’ve been tracking, yesterday the stock registered new highs for the third time this week.

PCTL traded in a range from .017 to .029, for an intraday rip of 71% which also represented a total increase of 226% over our .0089 observed low following our initial alert on Monday morning.

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $301-302 Calls
BUD Weekly $99-101 Calls
MMM Weekly $185-190 Calls

Extended Watchist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Update & More

 Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Recap

The current earnings season really kicked into high gear for us yesterday with our signal on AAPL. To go along with the activity we were observing in the premarket just formulated an options trading idea with the AAPL Weekly $125-127 Calls, and were ultimately met with chances for huge gains across the board.

Regardless of which strike price was chosen within that range, multi-bag gains were there for the taking:

$125 Calls – Range: 1.18-5.00 – Max Gain: 324%
$126 Calls – Range: 1.36-4.46 – Max Gain: 228%
$127 Calls – Range: .61-3.55 – Max Gain: 482%
$128 Calls – Range: .45-2.61 – Max Gain: 480%

We were obviously very pleased with our calls and the intraday opportunities they provided, and  have no problem simply walking away after such a bang-up session. That being said, we’ll go ahead and continue to track the activity over the remaining two sessions this week, just for good measure.



Facebook, Inc. FB – Continuing our ride on the earnings train, we’re going to signal a range of options in the FB chain on the heels of yesterday’s post-market earnings report.

Our target range today is going to be the FB Weekly $133-136 Calls.

Alkame Holdings, Inc. ALKM

Last week as we were following ALKM, mentioning it in all three reports from the 25th-27th, we witnessed a low of .0014. Yesterday, the stock broke out on mega-volume running to a high of .004 where it also closed, having traded 6X its 30-day average volume.

It worked out to a week-over-week increase of 186%  We’re also going to want to continue keeping tabs on ALKM after yesterday’s strong close.

Extended Watchlist: