PLUG, YRCW, VNDA, PCGX, FNMA, FMCC & Extended Watchlist

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG
PLUG continues to be a winner for us, seemingly, every time we mention it in one of our reports. Yesterday, we were anticipating a potentially profitable session based on observed indicators on the chart, and once again our timing proved to be extremely accurate.After touching a low of .58 early in the day, PLUG would climb for the rest of the session, closing at its high-of-day, .67. That represents a solid 16% increase on slightly less than twice the 3mo. average volume. With a head of steam like that building, we’ll be sure to continue monitoring PLUG today.

YRC Worldwide, Inc. YRCW

On Wednesday, YRCW appeared in our extended watchlist as a play that was gapping down, noting that we were on the lookout for a reversal. That’s just what happened, as we observed a 13% intraday move from the stock on that day. We continued to monitor YRCW yesterday and were once again met with positive results.

Trading in a daily range from a low of 7.51, YRCW was up as high as 8.699, marking a 16% intraday gain.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. VNDA

After an appearance in Tuesday’s extended watchlist, and a feature in Wednesday’s report, wherein we were expecting FDA-related news from VNDA regarding a New Drug Application. The result was so highly-anticipated that it warranted NASDAQ to halt the stock on Thursday.

The FDA committee indeed met and are recommending approval of the company’s drug “tasimelteon, proposed tradename HETLIOZ(TM), for the treatment of Non-24-Hour Disorder (Non-24) in the totally blind.” Non-24 is

As expected, the stock has resumed trading today and is gapping up this morning, with trades going off in the 14.60-16.50 range. This is already a substantial increase from our initial alert price at 11.07, and with positively-charged FDA news hot off the presses, profit margins could very well expand even further.

Virtual Sourcing, Inc. PGCX

Our timing was just a little bit early in our October 24th mention of PGCX. We were looking out for a bottom that would take until early last week to occur. However, when it did, it bounced off of support at .08, and subsequently made a 100% rip to .16.

The stock caught our eye yesterday, as it appeared to be searching out support once again, and found it at .09. We are curious to see how high the resulting bounce here could be in comparison to the one we observed previously.

Fannie Mae FNMA
& Freddie Mac FMCC

We follow this mortgage lending pair fairly regularly, and began re-introducing them onto our main watchlist on October 24th. At the time FNMA was trading as low as 1.86, and FMCC at 1.69.  Each has been on a steady increase since that time, with Fannie hitting a high of 3.08, and Freddie, 2.90. Both show no signs of relenting today, and are gapping up in premarket trading. (FNMA last traded at 3.42, FMCC at 3.30)

Some of you might remember the gains amounting to 350% we saw from these play earlier this year, so if past results are any indication of what we can expect from these two moving forward, we could be in for yet another wild ride at their expense.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FB & AAPL Options, INO, NOK, ZQK

Facebook FB OptionsThe FB 09/13 $41 Calls first appeared in our reports on September 4th, as we stated: “…if FB can breakout to $45 by next Friday, we could be looking at multi-bag gains from these contracts.” While we fell just shy of our target by .39 at Friday’s high of 44.61, the price action on those calls was still enough to provide us with those multi-bag gains with a whole trading week still remaining until expiration! So far, from their low following our 09/04 alert at 1.29, we saw a subsequent push to 3.80, good for a gain of 251% over a period of just a couple of days.

We’re going to remain bullish on these $41 Calls as we head into Friday’s expiration, as we think the chances are fair that FB as a whole remains on a general uptrend. It could lead us to move up on our strike price and contract duration as well. The 09/21 $45 Calls closed at .82 on Friday, and if Facebook does continue its upward momentum, those are likely to be the next contracts that will catch our interest.

Apple (AAPL) Options

There has been much speculation surrounding the possible focus of Apple’s big event tomorrow, which is widely believed to be an unveiling of the new iPhone 5S, although there have been no confirmations. Whenever a situation like this comes along, we always try to stay ready to advantage wherever possible. The public’s reaction to tomorrow’s event will determine our reaction in playing the Apple options chain. A successful reception and subsequent rise in PPS would obviously draw our attention to the Calls, while a disappointing result would force us to look at the Puts.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO

We’ve been hot on the trail of INO since the beginning of July, when the stock was trading below a dollar (.7953 at its low). Within a month of that, by early August the stock had hit 3.03, which represented a move of 281%

We reminded everyone on August 23rd that we were observing higher highs and higher lows after the subsequent consolidation ( to a low of 1.60). Then on Friday, sent another reminder that INO was beginning to bounce back. We then saw a run back to 2.45, which marked a gain of 53%

This morning, the stock hit a high of 2.85 in pre-market trading, and trades are currently going off in the low 2.70′s.

Nokia Corp. NOK

Another stock that has done extremely well for us over an extended period is Nokia (NOK), especially recently, as its shares price ballooned on news that Microsoft had acquired its devices division as well as licensing rights to several of its patents. We’ve been following this stock for over a year now, and in that time we’ve seen a low of 1.91 run all the way up to recent highs in the high 5.50′s, a move of over 190%

Quiksilver, Inc. ZQKZQK appeared in Friday’s extended watchlist following release of an earnings report. After establishing a low at 5.99, the stock ran as high as  7.09, granting us the chance at an 18% intraday gain.

Extended Watchlist:


Afternoon Update on Plandai Biotech (PLPL)

Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. PLPL
We’re sending out an update on PLPL this afternoon following this morning’s report. After trading as low as .55, the stock made its way back to .67, registering a 22% intraday gain in the process, and is currently holding support above the 50DMA.
In addition to an opportunity for a tidy profit during early trading, PLPL provided the public with a new press release that you can check out below. It eludes to an intellectual property licensing agreement, under the terms of which the company should be able to increase the effectiveness of its botanical extracts by a significant margin.

SEATTLE, WA, September 3, 2013 – (ACCESSWIRE) – Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL), a producer of highly bioavailable plant extracts for industries including health, wellness, nutriceutical, and pharmaceutical, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, that holds the patents and associated intellectual property associated with the entrapment of compounds in long-chain fatty acids-based nano- and micro-particles, known as Pheroid(R). Under the terms of the world license, Plandai has the exclusive right to use the Pheroid(R) technology with all Phytofare polyene-based extracts, which includes proprietary extracts of most botanical matter, for human and animal use. >>> FULL PR

Some links for those who may have missed this morning’s newsletter:
PLPL Report
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Extended Watchlist:

CNCT, MCET, & Extended Watchlist

Options Trading
We just wanted to give ourselves a pat on the back for Friday’s mention of the SPY 151.00 Calls. After observing a pre-market gap-up, we saw a consolidation in the first few hours of trading, which provided an entry opportunity in the .20-range. In the afternoon, the markets surged, bringing in heavy buy-side volume during power hour, sending the SPY to new daily highs into the close. The 151.00 Calls then closed at their high of day at .82. Possible gains of 300-400% were ripe for the taking, so we couldn’t resist pointing out another job well done on our part.

We will continue to monitor the SPY this week. With the momentum experienced into Fridays close, we’re looking for another possible gap-up this morning followed by a pullback and possible bounce.


China Teletech Holding, Inc. CNCT

Speaking of good calls, CNCT was caught on our pre-market volume scanner on Wednesday, and included in our extended watchlist as a result. It opened at a penny, only to rocket as high as the .47-range, before pulling way back to close at .081. On Thursday it went from .097-.194. Then again on Friday it ran it went from .17-.29, closing at .284.

This stock turned out to be one of the top performers on the OTC Markets last week, and a shining example of why we always stress the importance of monitoring all of our interests, even those that just appear in the extended watchlist. The EW, as we call it around the office, has yielded so many big gainers in the past, we can’t even begin to count them all.


MultiCell Technologies, Inc. MCET

MCET is another Extended Watchlist star that we caught for the first time publicly on Friday, though we have silently had it on our radar for weeks. We were waiting for just the right time to mention it, and Friday’s timing could not have been any better. The stock opened at .0035, dipped to a low of .0034, and closed out the session at its high of day (.0056), a gain of 70% on the day.


Marijuana Stocks also continue to remain at the tops of of our watchlists. Particularly: MWIP, MJNA, HEMP, GRNH, PHOT, ERBB___

Extended Watchlist:
SNDY, ZNGA, JAG, NOK, PMCM (Big Promotion)

AXCG, NOK & Extended Watchlist

Eyes on the Go, Inc. AXCG

AXCG appeared on our extended watchlist on Jan.4th, being as low as .0006 at the time. Yesterday, the stock broke out to a new high since we’ve been paying attention, at .0012, yielding up to 100% in gains for sharp traders. We’d like to see the price establish itself a higher baseline, and have .0009 hold as a future level of support.

We like the increase in volume observed yesterday. Should resistance be broken at .0012, the next patch doesn’t come until we hit the 50DMA of .0017, so we definitely want to continue to watch AXCG.


Nokia Corp. NOK

After having a big pullback yesterday to a low of 3.67, our old favorite, Nokia, has jumped back on a positive earnings release  to trade up to the 4.60′s pre-market. We’ve been talking about this stock since back in July, after watching it come off of its 52-wk low under 2.00. The day of our initial alert, we saw a low of 1.91. From that point to the high just reached at 4.64, marks a increase of 143%

With demand for mobile devices growing exponentially and no end in sight, it is all but a certainty that established names like Nokia will continue to find success.

Extended Watchlist: