Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Update & More

 Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Recap

The current earnings season really kicked into high gear for us yesterday with our signal on AAPL. To go along with the activity we were observing in the premarket just formulated an options trading idea with the AAPL Weekly $125-127 Calls, and were ultimately met with chances for huge gains across the board.

Regardless of which strike price was chosen within that range, multi-bag gains were there for the taking:

$125 Calls – Range: 1.18-5.00 – Max Gain: 324%
$126 Calls – Range: 1.36-4.46 – Max Gain: 228%
$127 Calls – Range: .61-3.55 – Max Gain: 482%
$128 Calls – Range: .45-2.61 – Max Gain: 480%

We were obviously very pleased with our calls and the intraday opportunities they provided, and  have no problem simply walking away after such a bang-up session. That being said, we’ll go ahead and continue to track the activity over the remaining two sessions this week, just for good measure.



Facebook, Inc. FB - Continuing our ride on the earnings train, we’re going to signal a range of options in the FB chain on the heels of yesterday’s post-market earnings report.

Our target range today is going to be the FB Weekly $133-136 Calls.

Alkame Holdings, Inc. ALKM

Last week as we were following ALKM, mentioning it in all three reports from the 25th-27th, we witnessed a low of .0014. Yesterday, the stock broke out on mega-volume running to a high of .004 where it also closed, having traded 6X its 30-day average volume.

It worked out to a week-over-week increase of 186%  We’re also going to want to continue keeping tabs on ALKM after yesterday’s strong close.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Wrapping Up Another Great Week

Options Roundup

American Express Co. AXP – For a fresh idea yesterday, we signaled a range of AXP options that we felt would see some nice activity in the wake of an earnings beat for American Express. The targets were the AXP Weekly $64-65.50 Calls.

Our assumptions proved accurate, with major moves happening for all four sets of contracts contained within that range:

$64 Calls – Range: 1.10-3.83 – Max Gain: 248%
$64.50 Calls – Range: .81-3.20 – Max Gain: 295%
$65 Calls – Range: .44-3.57 – Max Gain: 711%
$65.50 Calls – Range: .33-2.30 – Max Gain: 597%


Netflix, Inc. NFLX – We also had a running options idea going for NFLX since Tuesday, and the gains were extended even further for us in yesterday’s session. The NFLX Weekly $117-120 Calls have gone up every day since our initial alert, exceeding even our own expectations.

The updated figures below represent the range from Tuesday’s lows, to the new highs recorded yesterday, and the total possible gains therein:

$117 Calls – Range: 2.19-6.70 – Max Gain: 206%
$118 Calls – Range: 1.43-5.71 – Max Gain: 299%
$119 Calls – Range: 1.03-4.66 – Max Gain: 352%
$120 Calls – Range: 1.07-3.85 – Max Gain: 260%

Today’s Fresh Ideas

Microsoft Corp MSFT  – Continuing along our extremely successful pattern of taking advantage of earnings beats for options trading this week, we’re going to submit two last ideas today. With Microsoft hitting all-time highs, we’ll be very interested in tracking the activity in the MSFT Weekly $59-61 Calls*, and if the stock manages to break $61, of course we’d have to roll our strike prices up.

 McDonalds Corp. MCD - McDonalds’ earnings report is also being well received this morning and MCD was a stock that had been previously backsliding. We’ll look to take advantage of the potential reversal with the MCD Weekly $113-115 Calls*.

*We always issue an extra warning when highlighting an idea that involves trading weekly options on a Friday. If you’re not an advanced trader, don’t even attempt it!

Other Updates

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP -
We first began talking about OWCP on September 29th, and at the time we had designated it a subpenny bottom-play. Our observed low that day was .0045, and the stock has never looked back as it’s gone on an absolutely epic ride since then.

We were impressed enough after seeing it run over 1500% past the seven cent mark in the first week we were tracking it, but what came next was on another level. We called for our readers to watch for a dip-and-rip off of that initial run, and that’s just what happened.

The stock reached an incredible new high of .191 yesterday, marking a surreal 4144% gain over our observed low from just three weeks ago.


GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH – As we’ve been mentioning all week, cannabis plays are hot once again, and one of the latest movers in that department has been GRNH. We tagged it along with several other pot stocks that have been performing well on Tuesday. Since that time, it has traded up from .0905 to  as high as .142, a 57% pop.

From our next most recent alert on GRNH on October 4th, the move has been even more impressive (.0651-.142; 118%).

As we said, we’ll continue to have it and other marijuana stocks on close watch as we approach election day, with several states having recreational marijuana on the ballot.

We’ve also prepared a video presentation of the charts on both of these plays, which you can view by tapping the image below:

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DEWM, FITX & Much More

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. DEWM
DEWM is a stock that we want to add to our radar as we kick off another trading week. Apart from recently gaining a steam, the stock gapped up on Friday, and followed that with a classic dip-and-rip.There are a couple of interesting aspects with regard to DEWM’s business; in a recent interview, CEO Marco Moran announced Dewmar’s interest in pursuing the industrial hemp and medical marijuana market. We know from recent experience that even the suggestion of entry into this new and hot sector can produce significant gains.

Additionally, the flagsghip product of DEWM’s current business is being offered in over 20 Walmart locations, and the company has the intent to expand thart number as much as possible in 2014. That makes DEWM one story that we are definitely going to want to follow moving forward.

The current chart on DEWM looks pretty ripe as well with a possible upcoming Golden Cross in the making:

From this morning’s PR scan:

FastFunds Financial, Inc. FFFC
This is another cannabis play that we’ll be watching today on the heels of the following PR:

Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. FROZ

FROZ has some potential merger news out this morning that you might also want to take a look at:

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX

In addition to ramping up on Friday, and looking like it wants to gap up this morning, FITX came with an intriguing PR today that we had to pass along:

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2014 / Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX), is proud to announce that it has accelerated its construction and build-out plans for what will become the world’s largest and most advanced legal cannabis production facility.

Bill Chaaban stated “it is important for our company to receive its license from Health Canada as soon as possible. To fulfill this goal, we have redesigned the layout of our standing 27,000 square foot building to become a self-sustained complete operational production facility. It will have all of the state of the art technologies implemented into the design of our larger facility. This building will be completely compliant with our obligations as promised to Health Canada.

While we retrofit the existing building we will continue the build-out of our 53,000 square foot facility. We have implemented cGMP and USP 797 design and work flow models into the design and build-out of our buildings. Security fencing will begin to be installed in the next two weeks. We have decided to fence the complete 10.3 acre site to facilitate and accommodate the eventual build-out of the entire property. We will be posting pictures and videos throughout the build-out process to keep shareholders informed of our progress.”

From Friday’s Extended Watchlist

The following plays off of our Extended Watchlist made some notable, albeit modest moves during Friday’s session:

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SNSS

Daily Range: 4.41-5.08     Max Gain: 15%

GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. GTAT

Daily Range: 9.90-10.76  Max Gain: 9%

WPCS International, Inc. WPCS

Daily Range: 1.60-1.85  Max Gain: 16%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Marijuana Stocks & More

Transbyte Corp. ERBB
Among others, ERBB was one cannabis play to have a bang-up session on Tuesday. After we watched it make a 23% intraday move from .012-.0147 on Monday, the stock continued to push its upper boundaries, opening at .0155 and reaching as high as .0193, an added gain of 25% It closed with strength at .019 on nearly 330M shares traded; that’s well over 3x its 3mo. average volume.

Be on the lookout for where this latest rush of momentum can carry ERBB, and aware of the possibility for bounce action in the event of any pullbacks.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT & Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX
PHOT produced an exciting PR this morning that we wanted to share, as it it ties it to another of the cannabis stocks we’ve been following that has also produced mammoth gains this month, in FITX. It’s a development that will renew our interest in following the stories behind both of these stocks even more intently than before:

GrowLife and CEN Biotech Announce Collaboration on the World’s Largest and Most Advanced Legal Cannabis Production Facility New Canadian Facility Capable of Producing Up to 1.3 Million Pounds of Medical Marijuana Annually

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – GrowLife, Inc. (PHOT), a diversified company operating in the legal cannabis industry which develops, markets and deploys products and services of legal cannabis, is pleased to announce that Organic Growth International, LLC (“OGI”), its previously announced joint venture with CANX USA, LLC, has entered into a series of agreements with CEN Biotech, Inc., subject to the approval of the GrowLife Board of Directors.  GrowLife currently has a 45% ownership interest in OGI, with conditions under which it can gain majority interest. CEN Biotech, working under the inspection and authority of Health Canada, has completed the extraordinary governmental processes in Canada to receive approval to begin constructing their state of the art medical marijuana facility in the City of Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada. >>> FULL RELEASE

VaporBrands International, Inc. VAPR & Hemp, Inc. HEMP
Speaking of stocks in the marijuana sector that have joint ventures with others that we’ve covered extensively, we find VAPR. This one cropped up on our radar with a press release yesterday which ties it to another of our all-time favorite pot stocks; HEMP. The stock has been on the move for the past several sessions, so a note of caution is in order. We may find that the stock pulls back from extensive profit-taking, and in the event that occurs we will be watching closely for a bounce opportunity.

MediaTechnics Corp. MEDT
We also want to radar MEDT, a sub-penny play that has shown a capacity for quick swings in recent weeks. Over the past three sessions the stock has moved up from .0004, to as high as .0017 during trading yesterday. In early January it made a similar move from .0004-.0012, so we have a pretty good idea of the kind of volatility to expect from this play. Triple-zero stocks are known to be high risk, but a properly timed swing can lead to rapid gains for the savvy trader.

CleanPath Resources Corp. CLNP
This is another stock that falls into the high-risk/high-reward category of sub-penny momentum plays. The stock has been as low as .0002 as recently as Monday, and yesterday broke through a psychological barrier at .001, going as high as .0012. We are going to put this on our watchlist in the event of continued momentum pushing it past yesterday’s highs. Should it pull back into sub-.001 territory, we’ll be on the lookout for support and an eventual rebound.

Extended Watchlist: