Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TTCM Update & More

Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM

We closed out the week on Friday with another mention of TTCM, which we’ve been tracking closely for a couple of weeks now. The stock kept pace with recent trends and responded with more bullish activity.

This has without a doubt been the highest potential play that we’ve uncovered on the OTC Markets in quite some time, with recent sessions provided some considerable gain opportunities. On Friday the stock traded in a range from .0194-.024 (+24%). From our initially observed lows at .0103 just the week before last, the stock has now increased by 132%

The stock is now in what we classify as Blue Sky Breakout territory. As such, there’s no telling where this ride will end, but we’ll be tracking this play until it does.

PCT Ltd. PCTL – Chatroom Call

Similar to TTCM is PCTL, another OTC play in a comparable position to where the former was prior to our catching its incredible wave of momentum.

This stock was called to our attention by a member of our daily stock traders chats on Skype; over the years, the illustrious “DJ” has brought us several of these over-the-counter runners. Our traders chat is open to any of our readers, with no strings attached! Please send a Skype contact request to username ‘StockSumo’ to be included!

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

Speaking of stocks we’ve been recently tracking, TRNX has provided us with some significant swings of which to take advantage, exhibiting some nice volatility of late.

We wanted to rehash our interest in this stock on the heels of this morning’s PR concerning a massively lucrative contract the company has announced. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this event catalyze the stock’s next leg-up.

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2019 / Taronis Technologies, Inc., (“Taronis” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: TRNX), today announced a binding, definitive purchase contract for up to 30 gasification units on behalf of Taronis Fuels, Inc. The contract consists of an initial purchase of 15 units over 18 months. The contract also includes an option to purchase an additional 15 units over 18 months. If a minimum of 15 units are purchased, the purchaser will receive a perpetual license for the Turkish market to the counterparty.

Each gasification unit carries an upfront purchase price of $3.75 million, and would include a 10 year maintenance contract for an additional $1.75 million per unit. The overall contract also includes a perpetual 3% royalty on all gas produced. If all 30 units are purchased, the total value of the contract, excluding royalties would be $165 million. (>>View Full PR)