TLRY’s Exponential Run & More

Tilray, Inc. TLRY – Major Run Still in Progress: 

Our success with TLRY has been non-stop, first offering up a couple of options targets on Monday morning with the $26-27 Calls, and rolling up throughout the week as the stock has continuously soared to new highs. In Tuesday’s newsletters we reported on the multibag gains there, and tacked on the $34-36 Calls as additional targets.

We had to repeat the process yesterday morning, highlighting all of our tracked contracts’ performances, and once again adding higher strike points to our watchlist with the $50-52 Calls. We’re back for the fourth straight day today to do it again. TLRY has touched $75 in the premarket this morning, and we are repeating the process.

Here are the overall trading ranges and total possible gains on all of our selected targets in the TLRY chain. The stock itself has now run 189% intraweek since its Monday lows, providing our watchlist with the following incredible gainers: 

TLRY Weekly Calls
 1.70-39.25 (+2208%)
$27: 1.22-38.65 (+3068%)
(Since Monday)

$34: 2.49-31.10 (+1149%)
$35: 2.00-31.20 (+1460%)
$36: 1.77-30.70 (+1634%)
(Since Tuesday)

$50: 6.00-16.50 (+175%)
$51: 5.70-16.10 (+182%)
$52: 5.20-15.20 (+192%)
(Since Yesterday)

Twitter Inc. TWTR – Update

In addition to tracking the previously mentioned monster play, we offered up a couple of targets in yesterday morning’s report and got instant results from those as well.

TWTR Weekly $63-65 Calls
$63: 2.64-5.66 (+114%)
$64: 2.06-5.00 (+143%)
$65: 1.60-4.24 (+165%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
KHC Weekly $34-34.50 Calls
AZN Weekly $50-51 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Bitcoin Related Options & More

Bitcoin Boom Related Ideas 

With Bitcoin values pushing past $28K we want to start of this morning by identifying some related options ideas. In addition RIOT and MARA, which are directly connected to btc, we will also be entertaining an idea for OSTK, which seems to have a tendency to run concurrently with the digital currently.

Our specific targets in each of these potential plays are going to be as follows:

RIOT Weekly $15-16 Calls
MARA 01/15 $13-15 Calls
OSTK Weekly $47.50-58 Calls 

Bonus Idea: 

Unrelated to Bitcoin, we also want to signal some calls in AZN as the company hopes its COVID-19 shot developed in conjunction with Oxford University will receive UK approval presently. We’re going to radar the AZN 01/08 $50-52 Calls.

Optech International Inc. OPTI

We have been tracking a relatively large amount of OTC stocks compared to what has become typical for us over the years. The most recent success story there happened last week in the form of OPTI, as we mentioned the stock in our reports from Wednesday and Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, we observed a low of .0576 which gave way to a new high of .0914 on Thursday. That works out to an overall move of 59%, a figure we would expect to see increase with the resumption of trading today based on the premarket activity we’re observing this morning.

Extended Watchlist:

Best Options Performances of the Week

Solid Options Results

We are no strangers to options trading success, and we try to put forth as many high-potential ideas as we can as often as possible. Yesterday we offered up our best shot at four separate ideas, mostly-earnings related, and we hit on each and every one!

Here is a quick rundown of those targets and the highly respectable single-session performances they put forth for us, as well as the huge 19 and 26-baggers we tracked from Wednesday to yesterday: 

MSFT Weekly $177.50-180 Calls
$177.50: 4.28-6.31 (+47%)
$180: 3.16-4.92 (+56%)

TSLA $840-860 Calls
1.55-3.86 (+149%)
$845:1.33-3.26 (+145%)
$850: 1.12-2.79 (+149%)
.83-1.97 (+137%)

SPY 05/04 $291-288 Puts
$291: 2.49-4.62 (+86%)
$290:  2.14-4.12 (+93%)
$289: 1.84-3.60 (+96%)
$288: 1.54-3.18 (+106%)

Updated Strikes: SPY 05/04 $283-282 Calls 

MCD Weekly $185 Puts
$185: .75-3.85 (+413%)

We also had AZN Weekly $52-53 Calls in Wednesday morning’s report, and those produced some Earth-shaking moves into yesterday’s session:

.10-2.00 (+1900%)
$53: .04-1.11 (+2675%)

Fresh Idea:
CLX Weekly $190-195 Calls