Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TSLA Review & More

Tesla, Inc. TSLA – Recap

Our fresh options idea for the day yesterday morning was a range of puts in the TSLA  chain, on the heels of its poorly-received earnings call. What resulted, as the stock began the session under duress, were some very nice opportunities for us before lunchtime.

Our designated range was the TSLA Weekly $285-277.50 Puts and we happily observed the following solid moves:

$285 Calls – Range: 4.95-10.74 – Max Gain: 117%
$282.50 Calls – Range: 3.92-8.90 – Max Gain: 127%
$280 Calls – Range: 2.94-7.21 – Max Gain: 145%
$277.50 Calls – Range: 2.30-5.78 – Max Gain: 151%

Potential Bottom Plays

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR – We like the look of the ESPR chart for a potential extended recovery play. As you can see on the chart the stock has been in quite a bit of trouble over the past few sessions, losing roughly half of its previous value in a matter of just a few days.We’re always looking for heavily oversold stocks in line for the chance at a big rebound.


Iconix Brand Group, Inc. ICON – We also want to add this one to our watchlist. The stock has been pushed way down amid an SEC investigation concerning ICON and a famous partner of the company, award-winning recording artist Jay-Z, and his Rocawear brand.

As you can see below, in addition to a more steady backslide that dates back much further, the stock has really gone into free fall in recent sessions, resulting in a scenario that could produce a significant rebound, which we’ll want to be looking for.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: USRM, ICLD Follow-ups & More

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. USRM
We’ve been tracking USRM very closely over the past few weeks, since initially mentioning it on the morning of February 27th and witnessing a huge subsequent increase( .014-.0545,+289%). We monitored the consolidation off of that high down to .0175, and once again signaled that it was time to give it our close attention last week on the 15th.

The rebound that has since occurred has been very nice, with USRM surging back to .053 yesterday, a jump of 203% over its .0175 swing low. So that’s twice now, in the span of less than a month that we’ve seen a 200% move out of this play. We’re obviously going to continue following it, with the type of price action and volatility we’ve seen so far, USRM is currently a swing-trader’s paradise.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We also had a ringer with ICLD earlier this month, when we signaled it on the 2nd before the stock took off from a low of .0157 to a high .0985, a 527% rip. After watching it consolidate off of those highs for a few days, re brought it back to readers’ attention in yesterday’s premarket report, and our attempted timing of the reversal couldn’t have worked any better.

From an early low of .0302, the stock steadily made its way up to a high .0439 shortly after 1PM, for an intraday spike of 45% and held more than half of its daily gains into the close, so this one will also remain on our watchlist in coming sessions.

Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd. NAK

We tagged NAK last Thursday after watching the stock search out a bottom for quite awhile. The stock did bounce, and has thus far posted a 31% increase, reaching 1.58 yesterday and closing just a tick below at 1.57, as you can see on the included snapshot.

Also on the chart, we can see that the RSI is on the verge of cracking the 50-line, and the MACD has just crossed in a bullish manner. Conditions seem to be ripe for the possibility of a continued rebound, so we’ll pay close attention to NAK in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Form-4 Watchlist, Options Ideas & More

Insider Buying Watchlist

Both of the following are plays that we’ve tracked in some capacity in the past, and each of them grabbed our attention with recent insider transactions of a sizable magnitude which were executed at higher levels than the current PPS. We like to monitor stocks whose directors have confidence in future price performance, and that’s the impression we get when they soak up large blocks of shares in this manner. Each of these stocks is also currently trading at a relative bottom, so we’ll be watching in the days and weeks to come for signs of bounceplay opportunities. 

The ExOne Co.  XONE

In the case of XONE, CEO Kent Rockwell last weekend filed a Form-4 indicating the purchase of a $13M block of XONE at 9.13, more than a dollar per share higher than the current PPS. This is a significant development that warrants heavy monitoring for XONE.

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR

The traunch of shares purchased by ESPR director Tim Mayleben wasn’t nearly as large as the previously mentioned block, but still, a $100K investment is nothing at which to sneeze. The trade was executed at 14.08 (Current PPS:13.77). ESPR has just come up off of its newly established 52-week lows, and has been going through a bout of serious under-performance, so we’ll want to keep our heads on a swivel for any developments that might kick this thing into gear.

Fresh Options Ideas

To kick things off this week on the options front, we’ve formulated a couple of ideas based on announced and expected earnings, and the resultant activity we’re observing here in the premarket.

Tiffany & Co. TIF

We’re looking at going bearish on TIF, which, on the heels of a lackluster holiday season in terms of jewelry sales, failed to meet or beat earnings expectations and is currently gapping down in early trading. We’re going to track a range of contracts here, namely the TIF Weekly $66.50-64 Puts, for potential daytrades.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX

NFLX has its earnings call slated for the post-market today, and we’re going to want to track a range of calls in anticipation of that event. We’ve witnessed runs into earnings so many times before, it’d almost be foolish to ignore NFLX under the present circumstances. We’re going to keep an eye on NFLX Weekly $105-107 Calls to take advantage of a possible continued run-up for the stock.

Extended Watchlist:
SBS, AEZS, SHOP, COTE, GDPM, BVAP, PLKD(Bottom-Watch), FREE(1-for-60 Reverse Split)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Recap, ABHI & More

SPY Options Recap

To close out the week on Friday, we floated a set of options ideas for the SPY, noting our immense success doing the same in the prior week. We decided to track the SPY Weekly $199.50-203 Calls.and a couple of the contracts within that range produced multiple intraday swings, giving sharp traders the chance at some tidy profits.

The $201 Calls first traded from .65-1.08 (+66%), and followed that up with subsequent swings from .45-1.05 (+133%) and .14-56 (+300%).

The $201.50‘s were the other set of contracts with the most notable moves. After an initial rip of 79% from .38-.68, there came a dip-and-rip from .24-.68 (183%) followed by a third, from .04-.16 (+300%).

AmbiCom Holdings, Inc. ABHI

Placing ABHI on our extended watchlist on Friday turned out to be a great call. It was the first time we had ever mentioned the stock, which just so happened to be showing signs of life coming off of a recent 52-week low; just the type of play for which we’re constantly searching.

The reason for that was on full display as ABHI dipped back to a low of .0102 before registering a HOD of .015. That was good for an intraday swing of 47%

Homeland Resources, Ltd. HMLA

We began tracking HMLA on Thursday and witnessed a healthy 59% pop from a low of .00189 to .003 which, of course, we mentioned in Friday morning’s report.

On Friday we were treated to an even more impressive spike from the stock, as it extended its highs much further inside of the first 35 minutes of trading. It dipped back only slightly to .0022 and proceeded to shoot like a rocket to a high of .0044. That marked an intraday run of 83% and a two-session swing of 133% over our observed low on Thursday.

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR

ESPR is a stock we’ve been familiar with in the past, and for the multiple reasons we’ve pointed out on the following chart snapshot, we’re going to submit some options-trading ideas to correspond with the setup.

We want to radar contracts in the range of ESPR Weekly $26-31 Calls. The stock is gapping up over 15% this morning, partially filling that gap on the chart. It has traded as high as $30 in the premarket.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Wrapping Up the Short Week

This holiday-shortened week has brought another string of stellar opportunities for us with both stocks and options, and was an excellent way to close out the first quarter of 2015!

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

Firstly, our re-alert of PZOO yesterday came just in the nick of time for us to observe a nice upswing. The stock traded up from a low of .0052 to reach .0071, an intraday move of 37% and it did so on more than twice its 30-day average volume.

With the deliberate steps Pazoo has been taking to become actively involved in the cannabis sector, it’s certain to hold our interest for quite awhile. There was a new PR to that effect released after market open yesterday; PZOO’s wholly-owned sub, marijuana testing agency Harris Lee, will be taking full ownership of a “fully functional, revenue generating facility no later than April 30, 2015″. Learn More about Steep Hill @

WHIPPANY, N.J., April 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pazoo, Inc. (OTC Pinks:PZOO) (German WKN#: A1J3DK) is proud to announce that wholly owned subsidiary, Harris Lee, LLC, has entered into a Binding Letter of Intent with Front Range, the Steep Hill licensee for Colorado, to purchase the assets to operate Steep Hill Colorado, a marijuana testing laboratory located in Denver, CO. Additionally, Front Range will transfer all assignable rights and licenses to Harris Lee. >> FULL PR

Visit PZOO @
The new site dedicated to its marijuana testing arm is located @

Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. THCZ

Speaking of pot-related plays- Last Friday, we suggested our readers put THCZ on their radars as we were watching the stock search for support. It found it that day at .128, and managed to set higher highs every day since.

Yesterday came an enormous push to an astonishing high of .32; that registered as an overall increase of 150% from THCZ in just five sessions! Even more amazing, is the fact that we observed THCZ trading subpenny as recently as the end of January.

Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. MDIN

MDIN appeared on yesterday’s extended watchlist, and it too enjoyed a nice intraday move of 66%. The stock held the majority of those gains into the close, so we’ll be interested to see how it closes out this short week today.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

On Monday, we called out PVSP in a well-timed alert that yielded the chance at intraday gains of up to 55% It took until yesterday afternoon for the stock to consolidate and make its way down to find a support level from which to bounce.

That came at .0013, and PVSP did make a nice rebound to the tune of 38% (.0018) This is yet another one which is tied to the cannabis space, so we can definitely see a theme being established here as springtime comes into full-swing.

Petroleo Brasiliero, S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

We signaled May PBR $6 and $6.50 calls last Thursday as we noticed it rebounding off of its newly-established all-time lows. Although there wasn’t much open interest in the May $6 Calls that we highlighted, they were pushed into the money and there was an opportunity to profit for those that decided to take the trade. The low on those contracts was .32 following our alert, and they closed yesterday at .55x.79. With plenty of time left until expiration, we may not yet be finished with them.

There was volume in the May $6.50′s, which traded as low as .22 following our initial mention and yesterday closed at .47; a gain of 114%.

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR – Options

It was on Tuesday March 17th that we called ESPR options and came away with percentage gains that ran into the thousands over the course of that week. The idea that we ventured was the 04/17 $90 Calls, and we saw a subsequent run from 3.50 to 28.50.

Following that huge run, we saw those contracts dip back to find support at 4.50 toward the end of last week. Yesterday, a news release helped push ESPR stock to new highs, and as a result the April $90′s went on another big run, up to their closing price of 16.35. That’s a 263% swing in less than a week!

ESPR traded up just shy of $110 in the premarket this morning. We will also want to keep a close eye on the 04/17 $100-110 Calls should the stock continue its upward trend through to next week.

Extended Watchlist: