Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Blockchain Watchlist & More

LongFin Corp. LFIN
Traditionally, we steer clear of brand new IPO’s for at least the first few weeks of trading, but we made an exception for LFIN on Friday and we’re glad that we did. We noticed that the company had announced its acquisition of, a Blockchain-powered Micro-lender. As anything crypto related seems to be a hot ticket item at the moment, the news facilitated a fantastic move to the upside.

From an early low of 7.86 the stock ran as high as 26.80 for a 241% intraday rip. This morning the bonanza continued with a premarket high of 44.73, marking an incredible 469% rise off of Friday’s low!

Integrated Ventures, Inc. INTV

Speaking of crypto plays, we slated INTV for observation on November 28th, and have seen a really nice move out of it since that time. From a low of .3804, the stock has run all the way up to 1.68. That works out to a 342% in just over two weeks’ time.

Earlier this month the company opened its second bitcoin mining location including its 100th mining rig, and stated that its expectations were that related revenue would double inside of a month.  We’re going to continue to reap the rewards of the crypto-hysteria that is currently sweeping the market for as long as the trend persists.

Under Armour Inc. UAA

Our fresh options ideas for Friday morning on UAA, which we commented on having an excellent chart setup in the works. We focused in on the UAA Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls for the short term, and were pleased at the movement we witnessed, with double and triple-baggers across the board:

$13.50 Calls – Range: .45-1.80 – Max Gain: 300%
$14 Calls – Range: .28-1.27 – Max Gain: 353%
$14.50 Calls – Range: .24-.80 – Max Gain: 233%

We also signaled some longer term contracts in the 01/12 $14.50-15.50 Calls, which we’ll continue to keep an eye on through their expiration.

In lieu of our regular ‘Extended Watchlist’, we’ve got an extremely wide array of blockchain/bitcoin related plays to add to our radars:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Recap, Bottom-Watchlist

Options Updates

We’ve signaled a number of options ideas recently, and would like to take an opportunity this morning to go over the types of gains that they’ve produced this week. Each of them has an extended term remaining until expiration and will continue to remain on our wathlist moving forward.

On Monday we presented the PODD 01/20 $35 Calls for observation, and in the ensuing two sessions, we’ve witnessed a solid 48% move from 2.00 up to 2.95.

Yesterday, we added the GDDY 01/20 $36 Calls into the mix, and saw a fantastic first-day performance out of those. From a low of .85, they ran as high as 1.75, for a single session double-bag rip of 106%

Added Options Notes: Ideas from last week that have yet to make their moves but are still on our watchlist include the TWTR 01/20 $19 and $20 Calls, as well as the ITUB 01/20 $11 Calls. With six weeks remaining until expiration, there’s still plenty of time for these play to display the activity we’re after.

Bottom Watchlist

It’s tax loss selling season as the year’s-end holidays rapidly approach, and that means increased liquidity for many stocks. It’s also a time when we look for the increased activity as a catalyst for bargain basement type plays to see nice moves off of their 52-lows. So here are a handful of stocks trading at or near their annual low points to watch for possible bottom bounces over the next few weeks:

Bravo Multinational, Inc. BRVO

Orbital Tracking Corp. TRKK

Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Inc. ECIG

Propanc Health Group, Inc. PPCH

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MCPI, DRL, KNDI & More

Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. MCPI

First up this morning is an update on MCPI, which has been a juggernaut over the past week, beginning on August 4th at a price of .355. We’ve tracked the stock every step of the way, and yesterday, were pleased to see it break over a dollar.

At the high of 1.14, we were looking at an overall increase of 221% over the span of only seven sessions. Those who may have just picked up on MCPI following yesterday morning’s report, still had the opportunity to score some quick intraday gains as the stock ran 42% over its daily range from .80-1.14.

Anytime we see such rapid gains over so short a period, it starts to feel like the time to take at least a portion of our profits off of the table. However, unsustainable increases often lead to dip-and-rip scenarios as we’ve already seen from MCPI, so we aren’t done tracking it by any means.

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

Another recent successful call is DRL, which we first took notice of back on June 9th, at which time the stock traded at a low of 3.53. More recently, we re-tagged DRL on the 23rd of July, at a price of 5.23.

No matter where you mark our starting point from, yesterday’s move to a high of 7.47 represented chances for significant gains. From the 07/23 alert, it marked a solid move of 43%, and  from our earlier 06/09 call, an overall increase of 112%

Kandi Technologies, Inc. KNDI Options

We’ve had KNDI in our reports and on our radars quite a bit this year. We’ve watched recently as the stock has consolidated over the past couple of sessions, and yesterday’s pullback to 17.03 seemed a bit exaggerated. The stock appears to be a gapper this morning, currently trading up in the high 17.50’s.

Should a reversal occur we’re going to have interest in the options chain, specifically the 09/20 $17.50 Calls. As usual, we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly as the overall trend becomes clear.

Side Note:

We want to radar NII Holdings, Inc. NIHD this morning as well, a stock that was recently hammered back to 52-week lows. We’ll monitor for the eventual bottom and any bounce opportunities that may present themselves.

Extended Watchlist: