Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NIHD Review & More

NII Holdings, Inc. NIHD

We initially tagged NIHD in our premarket report from last Thursday, and on that day we would observe a low of .5472 in the stock. It’s been stepping its way up, but this morning in premarket trading things have really kicked into high gear, with NIHD cracking through the dollar barrier.

As of this morning’s premarket high of 1.14, we’ve now witnessed an increase of 108% in NIHD over a span of just three trading sessions. In order for us to remain highly interested in this play, we’ll want to see it maintain support at or above its current 50DMA of .83 on any pullbacks that may occur.

Celsion Corp. CLSN

We called out CLSN in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and saw a modest yet respectable move out of that play as well. From a low of 3.85 the stock ran as high as 4.96, marking an intraday move of 29%

The stock was number four on the NASDAQ’s top gainer list for the day, and while it did end up tapering back to close near its daily lows, this morning it is gapping up again in the premarket. This surge of activity is primarily due to yesterday’s announcement of positive results in its ovarian cancer treatment trials.

We’ll definitely be keeping CLSN on our radars and watching for the continued establishment of higher lows off of our recently observed bottom.

Bitcoin Services, Inc. BTSC

BTSC was a part of the bitcoin watchlist we issued on May 25th in the midst of a bitcoin frenzy where the crypto-currency was soaring to new all-time highs.

The residual effect for plays like BTSC has been impressive, with with stocks PPS making a jump from our observed low of  .0366 up to a new high of .164 yesterday, which represents a 348% rip which occurred over a period of just seven sessions.

Egalet Corp. EGLT

Not only is EGLT coming off of a bottom on the chart, but in the space of the past 36 hours, the company has made two major announcements.

Yesterday, it was made known that EGLT had “received a U.S. patent for its proprietary Guardian™ Technology tablet architecture used to create precise delivery of combination products with immediate-, delayed- and/or extended-release properties.” (>>View PR)

Today, the announcement was that “one of the largest payers in the United States will provide coverage of ARYMO® ER (morphine sulfate) extended-release tablets” (>>View PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GYST Video, Other Updates

The Graystone Company GYST

Our first order of business this morning is to provide an update on GYST, which was the subject of our special report yesterday. If you did not catch our report, you can do so by hitting the following link >>GYST REPORT

To illustrate GYST’s performance during yesterday’s session, what better way to go over it than a video chart from our very own Stock Sumo! Click through to the video below, and also receive a quick lesson in understanding Level 2 quotes, which is vital for any beginning trader to take the next step!

>>GYST Video

The dip-and-rip we saw in GYST from .007 to .012 represented an intraday upswing of 71%, so, a very good first day of observation. As Stock Sumo was mentioning, we want to see GYST hold support at or above the channel between .0064-.007 on any pullbacks, and will look for an eventual break of resistance at .0125.


Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. OTTV -We tagged OTTV in  Friday’s extended watchlist and we wanted to circle back this morning to mention the solid activity that followed from this stock over subsequent sessions.

On Friday, we observed a low of .0004 and witnessed a pretty nice 75% rip to .0007. As of yesterday, OTTV had extended its high to .001, and boosted our three-session observed upswing on the stock to a nice, round 150%

Pilgrim Petroleum Corp. PGPM – For another quick update, we’ve witnessed a pretty good two-day swing in PGPM after alerting it in Tuesday’s premarket report, and observing a low of .011. Yesterday, the stock hit .0183, which was good for a respectable overall move of 66%

Dollar General Corp. DG

We want to leave off this morning with an earnings-related options idea. We’ve had a ton of success this earnings season, and will try to keep that going with Dollar General.

Not only did the company reveal a beat on sales and profits for the quarter, but the current chart setup was already primed for a bullish move. We’ll be putting the DG Weekly $75-78 Calls on watch for potential day and/or swing trades.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Updates, Special Reminder

Connexus Corp. CNXS

We tagged CNXS in a bitcoin-related watchlist in Thursday’s premarket report, and the stock finished out the week on an extremely high note. From our observed low on Thursday, it made a fantastic two-day swing for us.

CNXS traded up from .0007, cracked through from super-subpenny to subpenny range, and hit a high of .0017, a 143% move which occurred on heavy volume.

We weren’t very surprised to see some nice plays come out of that watchlist, as bitcoin stocks are trending considerably at present.

Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. OTTV

Speaking of super-subpenny plays, from Friday’s extended watchlist came OTTV, a stock which hasn’t been trading too far above its 52-week lows recently.

We saw a solid run from OTTV on our first day of observation with the stock trading up from .0004- to .0007 for an intraday rip of 75% on slightly greater-than-average volume.

Big Lots, Inc. BIG – Options Update

Before breaking for the long weekend we wanted to try to continue a pattern of post-earnings options trading success we’ve had this spring. We did so with the BIG 06/16 $55 & 57.50 Calls, and were very pleased at those contracts’ performances for our first day of tracking.

The $55′s put up a fantastic run from .02-.10 for a 400% banger on the day, while the $57.50′s made a nice round double-bagger trading from .05 to .10 on the day. With more than two weeks still remaining until expiration, we’ll continue to keep watch over these plays.


We want to give our readers advance notice on a special report headed your way tomorrow! We’ve got a new pick all loaded up for tomorrow morning on a cannabis-related stock trading under .05/share that you definitely won’t want to miss!

Be sure to scan those inboxes or watch our blog at shortly after 9AM Eastern tomorrow morning!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MCPI, DRL, KNDI & More

Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. MCPI

First up this morning is an update on MCPI, which has been a juggernaut over the past week, beginning on August 4th at a price of .355. We’ve tracked the stock every step of the way, and yesterday, were pleased to see it break over a dollar.

At the high of 1.14, we were looking at an overall increase of 221% over the span of only seven sessions. Those who may have just picked up on MCPI following yesterday morning’s report, still had the opportunity to score some quick intraday gains as the stock ran 42% over its daily range from .80-1.14.

Anytime we see such rapid gains over so short a period, it starts to feel like the time to take at least a portion of our profits off of the table. However, unsustainable increases often lead to dip-and-rip scenarios as we’ve already seen from MCPI, so we aren’t done tracking it by any means.

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

Another recent successful call is DRL, which we first took notice of back on June 9th, at which time the stock traded at a low of 3.53. More recently, we re-tagged DRL on the 23rd of July, at a price of 5.23.

No matter where you mark our starting point from, yesterday’s move to a high of 7.47 represented chances for significant gains. From the 07/23 alert, it marked a solid move of 43%, and  from our earlier 06/09 call, an overall increase of 112%

Kandi Technologies, Inc. KNDI Options

We’ve had KNDI in our reports and on our radars quite a bit this year. We’ve watched recently as the stock has consolidated over the past couple of sessions, and yesterday’s pullback to 17.03 seemed a bit exaggerated. The stock appears to be a gapper this morning, currently trading up in the high 17.50′s.

Should a reversal occur we’re going to have interest in the options chain, specifically the 09/20 $17.50 Calls. As usual, we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly as the overall trend becomes clear.

Side Note:

We want to radar NII Holdings, Inc. NIHD this morning as well, a stock that was recently hammered back to 52-week lows. We’ll monitor for the eventual bottom and any bounce opportunities that may present themselves.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL, TMSH

Apple, Inc. AAPL

AAPL has been very good to us recently as the stock pushes ever-higher. The last (and only) time AAPL has ever been this highly valued was back in late 2012. We’ve squeezed a lot of life out of AAPL Calls, and should the current trend continue, this may only be the beginning.

During yesterday’s session AAPL surged as high as 649.3699, just shy of a big psychological barrier.  If we can see a break of that $650-mark, we could easily see another 10-point day from Apple. Failure to crack through that mark may result in a consolidation, but nothing of what we’ve seen from this stock lately suggests that the party’s over.

We’ve still got our eyes on the Call side of the options chain as we cruise into the weekend; and as you know, AAPL will undergo a 7-for-1 forward split effective on Monday, greatly increasing its number of shares. It is thought that the calculated move will make the stock accessible to more investors, and we expect AAPL to be trading just under $100 following the split, so that could very well be the case.

We’ll see where it lands, and our strategies will be very much the same as they are now, just at lower prices. We also have the launch of the new iPhone to look forward to, although there’s no concrete date on that yet. Speculation over its new features is something we expect to continue driving up the stock’s value until the product is launched.

All in all, this summer could be a big one for Apple, and we’ll be following along every step of the way, using options to leverage big gains for ourselves as we’ve done so many times in the past.

TransGlobal Assets, Inc. TMSH

On Wednesday, we tagged TMSH in our extended watchlist, and we were glad to have done so. The stock has provided us with a nice 50% move from .006-.009 this week. As you can see on the chart below, there are a lot of positives, including an impending golden cross, so we’re still going to be very interested to see what can happen with this play moving forward.

The key resistance area is yesterday high at the .009-mark, and a break of that level would send us into Blue Sky Breakout mode, so we want to keep a close watch on TMSH heading into next week.

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