Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Highs for HMNY, MNKD

Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

It was just yesterday morning that we were remarking on the continuously bullish tendencies of HMNY over the past few weeks since we began tracking it on September 20th.

To that point, we had seen a huge run from a low of 5.47 to 23.49, and then yesterday’s session brought another solid performance, and yet another new high. HMNY traded in a daily range from 22.75 to 28.70. That works out to a an intraday rise of 26% and an updated total on our overall observed move since 10/20 amounting to 425%

MannKind Corp. MNKD

Yesterday we were talking about some options calls we made on Friday for MNKD, the 10/20 $5.50 & $6.00 Calls, which have made some good moves, but we neglected to mention our success on the stock side itself.

A quick view of the MNKD Tag in our newsletter archive at shows that we’ve been consistently mentioning the stock over the past several months, and four times already since the beginning of October. Our observed low on the stock alone came in at 1.85, and yesterday’s new high for MNKD represented an overall increase of 276%

Moving back to the options side of things, those $5.50 Calls traded up from .71-1.60 (+129%) intraday, and from Friday’s low of .10, a total of 1500%  The $6.00′s saw a daily range .47-1.30 (+177%), and the overall move we’ve witnessed since Friday comes in at a whopping 2500%


Fresh Options Idea:

Delta Air Lines. Inc. DAL- Not only did Delta post a Q3 earnings beat in the premarket despite taking a hit due to the recent hurricanes, but the chart is also currently headed for a Golden Cross. With that in mind, we’re going to signal the DAL Weekly $52.50-54 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HMNY, SANP Review & More

Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

We began tracking HMNY closely on September 20th, and since that time it’s been nothing but blue sky breakout for the stock ever since. On that morning we observed a low of 5.47, and it’s never looked back.

To kick off the week yesterday HMNY soared to an astonishing new high of 23.49, marking a 329% increase in a span of less than three weeks. Volume has also been coming in far above anything the stock saw prior to September.

Santo Mining Corp. SANP

We decided to tag SANP in yesterday morning’s premarket report after noticing the manifestation of some unusual trading activity over the course of last week. It ended up being a solid idea to start of this week, with the stock making a very convincing move to the upside.

From a low of .0013, SANP reached as high as .0021, marking an intraday push of 62%, with the better part of a billion shares changing hands on the day. It was the third consecutive session in which the stock registered higher lows and higher highs, and we’ll be in the lookout for a continuation of that pattern.

Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. CLNT

Another inclusion in yesterday’s report was CLNT, which ran pretty hard early on in the session with the help of a PR alluding to a possible acquisition (>>View PR).

The stock made a move from a low of 5.70 to a high of 8.25- a respectable 45% pop. CLNT ultimately ended up trading an incredible 330X its monthly average volume. While it didn’t maintain at least half of its daily gains into the close, with volume like that, we’ll be sure to keep a slot on our watchlists open for CLNT.

MannKind Corp. MNKD

We saw a pullback in MNKD Friday after a solid move, and we signaled some options calls, MNKD 10/20 $5.50 & $6.00, that pullback gave a great potential entry point. This morning in the premarket, MNKD is gapping up past the $6 mark, pushing the strike prices we targeted into the money.

Its always a good idea to lock in some profits on a gap up, in case a stock decides to pull back. In the event we see do a pullback in this case, we may look to take advantage of the dip by re-entering the position.

MNKD has one of our favorite chart patterns- when the 50DMA breaks above the 200DMA, known as a “Golden Cross”. Stocks tend to breakout when this occurs so we definitely want to continue to track this idea going forward.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LINU Recap & More

LiNiu Technology Group, Inc. LINU

We’re going to start things off today by providing an update on our coverage of a really nice move in LINU subsequent to our most recent alert on the stock from the morning of September 11th.

We observed a low of 1.05, and after a huge run on Friday, LINU reached as high as 3.20. It represents a very nice 205% move for us in under a month’s time. Volume over the saem period has been extremely elevated, and Friday’s session logged the highest single day volume in the history of the stock.

Constellation Brands, Inc. STZ – Options Update

After Constellation put out solid earnings and guidance on Thursday morning we highlighted our interest in the STZ 10/20 $210-220 Calls and they produced intraday gains of 84-142%

We reported this in Friday’s newsletter, mentioning that further opportunities could be on the horizon and we did see some good action for that session as well.

The $210′s traded in a daily range from 1.85-2.85 (+54%), the $215′s went from .65-1.05 (+62%), and the $220′s made a push from .25-.38 (+52%).

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Historical Session & More

SPY Options Recap

The SPY options we were targeting last week ended up enacting some of the most astronomical moves we’ve ever seen on Friday as the markets underwent the largest single-session red-to-green reversal in the past 4 years! We had already tracked multi-bag moves in the SPY Weekly $191.50-193 Calls which we originally signaled on Thursday, though they were mere drops in the bucket compared to the tremendous action exhibited to close out the week. These truly were some of the best opportunities to make windfall profits that you’re ever likely to see.

There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe the profits that were possible. None of the following moves are misprints- this epic session most assuredly took place! Check out the breakdown of the possibilities on the contracts that we alerted just 24 hours earlier:

$191.50 Calls  – Daily Range: .06-3.64 – Max Gain: 5966%
$192 Calls  – Daily Range: .03-3.05 – Max Gain: 10066%
$192.50 Calls  – Daily Range: .01-2.61 – Max Gain: 26000%
$193 Calls  – Daily Range: .01-2.01 – Max Gain: 20000%

Premarket activity on the SPY this morning has fallen between 194.52-196.71 so we are going to adjust our strategy pertaining to the SPY accordingly. We’ll be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip within the first few hours of trading today. As the cards now lay, provided the action unfolds as anticipated, we’ll be tracking SPY Weekly $194-197 Calls to start the week. If the poor jobs numbers weren’t enough to sway the markets, very little else would be capable of doing so. Thus we are strongly inclined to believe that the bull market is still intact, and we’re due to see a carryover of Friday’s upward momentum into this week.

Energy Holdings International, Inc. EGYH

We tagged EGYH a little over a week ago on the 24th, and subsequently witnessed a nice move from a low of .0085 to .015 (+76%). Following a consolidation a new low of .0081 on Wednesday, we saw another larger spike to end the week on Friday. The stock managed to close at its high of day and new overall high of .02, which represents a 147% swing.

In order to keep our attention, EGYH will need to maintain support at or above the current 50DMA of .0084 on any pullbacks.

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. CCTC

We enjoyed the chance at some nice multi-bag gains from CCTC recently, as we were mentioning in Tuesday’s report.

We also mentioned that for us to remain interested, we’d need to see the stock hold above the .65-.75 range. and as you can clearly see on the snapshot below, the stock has done an excellent job of that so far, earning itself continued placement on our watchlist as we kick off this fresh trading week.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CHKE Recap, Options Ideas & More

Cherokee, Inc. CHKE – Update

We flagged CHKE yesterday as a stock we felt was undervalued coming off of a particularly rough month that saw it get beaten back to new 52-week lows. Our ‘bottom-feeding’ sense immediately kicked in, and in a timely fashion at that. The stock did indeed exhibit the early signs of a recovery, registering higher lows than the session prior, and making a modest move up from 14.67-15.83 (+8%).

We’re going to want to continue to track CHKE for the possibility of a protracted rebound (Remember, there is also a massive gap to fill on the chart), and in that event we’ll be looking to possibly take advantage using the CHKE options chain. We’ll look at the only contracts that had open interest yesterday, which were the 10/16 $17.50 Calls (Last Trade: .30).

If CHKE were to regain even half of the ground lost between its current PPS and that of a month ago, those calls will be pushed deep into the money, and would provide us with a chance to profit tidily.

Santo Mining Corp. SANP

SANP is a super-subpenny play we flagged for observation on Monday, and it didn’t take very long for us to observe a nice move from the stock. Following a low of .0003 on Tuesday, SANP has made a good intraweek swing of 133%, trading as high as .0007 yesterday on volume which exceeded the monthly average volume by six times.

There really wasn’t a heck of a lot going on with this play prior to the beginning of this month, and this weeks activity has come on the heels of the company securing a new Chief Market Officer with an impressive resume, so we’ll be interested to follow along and see what he has in store in the way of changes for SANP.


Added Note:

Speaking of super-subpennies, Embarr Downs, Inc. EMBR has caught our eye this morning as a play that bounced off of its 52-week low and made a brief move into subpenny territory yesterday. We’ll have this one on watch as well, in case further action provides a chance for quick intraday strikes.

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