Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings Calls, Bottom-Plays & More

Momo, Inc. MOMO

We began tracking MOMO on Friday after noticing the stock coming off of a bottom, and we’ve seen an appreciable move to the upside in the ensuing sessions.

The stock is gapping up this morning on a strong earnings report (>>View Highlights), reaching a high of 12.73 in the premarket. We caught MOMO at a low of 11.52 on Friday and have thus far seen an 11% increase, so we’ll want to leave it on the radar and watch for higher lows and higher highs.

NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

Speaking of earnings plays, we’re going to be tracking NQ closely over the next couple of sessions. The stock has been trending off of a bottom for the past three sessions and this morning, we’re seeing the stock gap up considerably.

Things are likely to get interesting as the company is slated to release earnings post-market today, and a big PR hit wires just an hour ago.

Today’s News: NQ Mobile Inc. Enters into a Definitive Agreement for the FL Mobile Divestment (>>View PR)

Hercules Offshore, Inc. HERO

We’re also going to be monitoring HERO, which, like the aforementioned stock, has been establishing a solid move up off of recently-registered two-month lows.

As you can see on the included snapshot of the chart, HERO went on a massive run from the .70-range to more than 4.00 from February to April. Indicators are ripening for what could be the next big leg up after the recent consolidation, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye peeled for the possibility of a continued upsurge.

The Children’s Place, Inc. PLCE

PLCE is yet another bottom-bouncer with earnings that is gapping up in early trading. We’re going to signal a range of options contracts for observation to possibly take advantage of the momentum. Our target range is going to be the PLCE Weekly $70-75 Calls.

Chatroom Call:

Our daily live traders chats are a great way to get involved with what we do. Regular participant DJ spotted another big runner and shared with the room shortly after the opening bell. We saw it at .03 before it went on a monumental run to hit a high of .465 on news with TOMS Shoes. Gains of over 1500% were possible. Feel free to join our traders chats by sending a Skype request to user ‘stocksumo’.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ADTM, THCZ & More

Adaptive Medias, Inc. ADTM

We highlighted ADTM several weeks ago on January 28th, and on that day we witnessed a low of 1.58. Over the course of the following month, the stock would gradually make its way to a high of 3.10 (March 4th). That was quite a substantial run, topping out at an increase of 96%

It took another eight sessions for ADTM to come down off of those highs and find support, which it did at 2.00 last Thursday. Since then it has been registering higher lows, and yesterday reached back to a PPS high of 2.41 (+20%), so we’re going to re-radar the stock and keep watch over it into next week.

Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. THCZ

Another high-performance stock that we first came across a few months back was THCZ. We found this gem back on December 18th and it made a 38% gain for us that day as it ran from .013-.018, but the fun certainly wasn’t over.

It took about six weeks of essentially trading sideways before THCZ would begin one of the most epic runs we’ve seen from a cannabis related play since the ‘Green Rush’ of early 2014. It culminated in a new high during Wednesday’s session, with shares changing hands for as much as .14. That represents a massive spike from the lows we observed in late December totaling 977%

At this point, we’ll be watching to see where THCZ finds support again, where we’ll be waiting for the possibility of a bounce-play on the subsequent rebound. The company put out a fresh PR this morning as well.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Orders Second Production Run in April of Rocky Mountain High Hemp Infused Beverages (Fri 8:00AM EDT)

Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. AMBS

We also want to make note of AMBS as the week draws to a close. We have an extensive history with this play, and we re-flagged it on Monday morning as a “Bottom-Watch” play. The ultimate low would come across the tape at the beginning of yesterday’s session at .05 before AMBS began to bounce back.

It reached its way back to .0595 (+18%) and closed there. Moving forward, we’re going to be looking for AMBS to register higher highs and higher lows off of its bottom. The stock was trading as high as .086 at the beginning of this month, and a return to that area from current levels would spell gains on the order of 40%

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of stocks on bottom-watch, we want to call attention to Ohr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OHRP. The company announced this morning that it had failed to meet its goals in a Phase II study of its OHR-102 drug, and got absolutely crushed in premarket trading down to a low of 2.68. It has recovered slightly, and we’re going to have an eye on OHRP as the session kicks off. The rebound off of such a downturn could be significant.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting TASR & More

TASER International, Inc. TASR

We’ve been tracking TASR since late November, and the stock has gained a good bit of ground over the last month, so we wanted to touch base and update readers on its performance so far. December 1st was the day we witnessed the low on TASR with the stock touching 20.79 during that session, and it hasn’t looked back yet.

Continuing orders from police agencies for TASER’s body-worn video cameras has fueled quite a run, asĀ  the stock managed to break to new highs since we’ve been paying attention on Friday, despite the holiday-shortened week. TASR ran as high as 27.65, which, from the low we observed roughly one month ago, represents an increase of 33% It also puts the stock effectively in blue skies, trading as high as it has in ten years.

We like the trajectory TASR is on, with current events seeming to support a case for the stock going even higher. Amid growing calls for more law enforcement accountability from both the public and the agencies themselves, during a time when incidents between citizens and officials appear to be reaching critical levels, TASR is positioned perfectly to capitalize on the fallout. As we’ve mentioned before, TASER is a trusted name in law enforcement and the public arena, and thus a natural choice for technology that promises to create more transparency in local police departments. It makes it a story that we’re likely to follow over the long-term.

General Employment Enterprises, Inc. JOB

JOB has been on quite a run lately, coming up from the .20-range earlier this month, and we’re going to be monitoring the stock as we kick off another split-week. Over the past several sessions, JOB has pushed its way into blue sky breakout mode, and we’re going to be on the lookout for a continuation of the significant momentum that has been building in the stock.

At a certain point, profit-taking should begin to peel JOB back a bit, and so we’ll also be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip when that pullback leads to an eventual bounce.

American Apparel, Inc. APP

The last time we mentioned APP roughly a week back after seeing nearly 100% in gains, we gave the prices at which we wanted to see support hold as the .85-1.00 range. The stock has managed to maintain above a dollar for the most part, and we wanted to give it another nod this morning, and remind people that it still remains on our watchlist.

There seems to be a Golden Cross setting up on the chart, another reason why we want to establish a close watch over this play. Additionally, last year around this time and from roughly this price range, APP began a three-month run that brought it to well over two dollars. This has traditionally been a seasonal play for us, so we’re always open to the possibility of history repeating itself.

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