Another Fruitful Options Trading Week on the Books

Options Round-Up:

We try extremely hard on a regular basis to search for, and point out, options trading ideas that we think may have a chance to be successful plays for our readers. It has become the primary focus of our typical daily activities, and for good reason. We excel at it more often than not, and despite going through a period with a relatively meager earnings calendar, we have still managed to keep things going on that front.

Yesterday we formulated a four-pack of fresh options targets and three of those turned in some very nice gain chances for the day. Our winning picks were the CCIV Weekly $25-26 Calls, the DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls, and the EXPI 07/16 $40 Calls.

Here were the intraday moves and total possible profit chances they attained:

CCIV Weekly $25-26 Calls
$25: .57-1.36 (+139%)
$26: .22-.66 (+200%)

DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls
$140: 2.71-4.30 (+59%)
145: 1.25-2.18 (+74%)

EXPI 07/16 $40 Calls
$40: 1.85-2.65 (+43%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We actually do have a few good earnings reporters this morning, with NKE and KMX drawing most of our attention. We’ll also venture a few targets for the SPCE chain following the FAA’s approval of its planned commercial sub-orbital flight business.

NKE Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
KMX Weekly $125-127 Calls
SPCE Weekly $45-49 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

SNPW Mega-Move, Register for Our Trading Class!

Sun Pacific Holding Corp. SNPW – Recap

We began tracking SNPW less than two weeks ago, with our first mention coming on January 11th, and follow-ups on both the 12th and yesterday morning. We’ve been following many OTC traded plays and this one’s performance has been incredible over this short span.

On the morning of our initial alert, we observed a low of .002 in the stock, and it has come hurtling up from subpenny levels and well into Pennyland, touching a new high of .0759 yesterday. That’s a mind-bending increase of 3695% in a matter of just nine trading days!

One of our subscribers, Darryl, took that idea and parlayed it into the biggest trade of his life, turning $900 into $15,000! We are of course very excited about this excellent call, but gains like these are not as rare around here as one would imagine. Big cheers, Darryl, keep up the great work!

That’s certainly one of the reasons why we’re so excited about offering our new paid service. For a small fee, anyone can get not only these types of ideas, but be given the tools to learn how to seek out such winners on your own! It’s not too late to sign up for the very first class, which will take place tomorrow evening (January 23rd) from 6PM-8PM Eastern. INTERESTED? Send a Skype contact request to username “stocksumo”, or a quick email to to get registered right away! 

Options Recap

As for the fresh options ideas we formulated for yesterday morning’s report, which were the FCEL 02/19 $16-17 Calls and the EXPI 02/19 $90-95 Calls, we saw some excellent moves there as the markets at large tacked on another solid session.

Here were the total profits available for anyone who was tracking those along with us:

FCEL 02/19 $16-17 Calls
 2.05-3.65 (+78%)
$17:  1.77-3.25 (+84%)

EXPI 02/19 $90-95 Calls  
$90: 9.30-15.00 (+61%)
$95: 7.50-12.30 (+64%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
INTC Weekly $59.50-59 Puts
IBM Weekly $124-121 Puts
KSU Weekly $212.50-217.50 Calls
SPY Weekly $381-382.50 Calls

*Please use extreme caution when trading weekly options contracts on a Friday. It shouldn’t be attempted unless you are advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Extended Watchlist:

More OTC Movers, Options Plays

OTC Runners

This morning we are going to review the performances of a couple of OTC stocks that we’ve been tracking in 2021. We initially alerted on MGTI in our first premarket report of this year on January 4th. and began tracking WNDW in Tuesday’s report. These stocks have made the following moves while we’ve been tracking them:

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. MGTI
Range: .0323-.298
Gained: 823%

Solar Window Technologies, Inc. WNDW
Range: 12.85-18.99
Gained: 48%

Zoom Video Communications Inc. ZM – Options Review

We signaled a range of calls in the ZM chain in yesterday’s premarket report, and wanted to provide an update on the instant results we got from those targets.

ZM 02/12 $375-390 Calls
$375: 16.30-31.23 (+92%)
$380: 15.30-31.30 (+105%)
$385: 13.70-28.30 (+107%)
$390: 16.99-23.00 (+35%)

Fresh Options Idea: 
APHA Weekly $10-11 Calls

Extended Watchlist: