New Highs in MJWL & More

Monday Options Recap: 

We started off the week in grand fashion yesterday morning, including fresh options ideas from both the SPACE and PTON chains in our premarket report.

We were tracking the SPCE Weekly $24-25.50 Calls. the PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls, and the PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls. Those longer-term PTON calls did make respectable daily moves as well, but we’re going to focus on the weekly quick-strike plays this morning.

Here are the intraday trading ranges and total possible gains for our tracked plays: 

SPCE Weekly $24-25.50 Calls 
$24: 1.31-4.12 (+215%)
$24.50: 1.05-3.65 (+247%)
$25: .96-3.40 (+254%)
$25.50: .83-3.05 (+267%)

PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls
1.30-3.00 (+131%)
$102: 1.00-2.50 (+150%)
$103: .76-2.05 (+170%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
CBRL Weekly $155-165 Calls 

Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL – Recap:

We also want to highlight the recent performance of MJWL, which we initially began following with our tag of the stock in our report on the morning of May 13th.The low following that report was .0094.

We also included MJWL in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and the stock traded in a daily range from .0391 to an impressive new high of .0739. That marks a total possible intraday gain of 89%, and for anyone who got in after our initial alert from two weeks ago, the potential gain as of yesterday high stands at a whopping 686%

Extended Watchlist:

Interesting PTON Setup & More

Winning Options Review: 

As is typical for a Monday morning around here, we’ll kick off this fresh trading week by going over our winning ideas for Friday’s session from the day’s premarket report, before moving into what’s interesting to us today.

The top movers for the day began with our targets in the Deere & Co. chain, the DE Weekly $357.50-362.50 Calls which were pushed by a strong Q2 showing for the company. That was followed closely by our SPY targets, the SPY 05/21 $415-417 Calls which yielded their large intraday moves in an afternoon rebound.

Here are the very respectable gain opportunities that arose as we tracked these plays:

DE Weekly $357.50-362.50 Calls 
$357.50: 4.50-12.75 (+183%)
$360: 2.74-11.00 (+301%)
$362.50: 3.20-9.35 (+192%)

SPY 05/21 $415-417 Calls

$415: .61-1.37 (+125%)
$416: .21-.61 (+190%)
$417: .05-.16 (+220%)

Peloton Interactive, Inc. PTON – Options Ideas: 

We are fairly dry on the earnings front today, but we did notice a solid technical setup on PTON, along with some insider buying last week. We’ll look to formulate a shorter and longer-term set of corresponding targets.

Things are going to be slim with regard to the daily number of earnings reporters to choose from for quick-strike trading ideas for the next 8 weeks, but we’ll strive to find other opportunities like these.

PTON Weekly $101-103 Calls
PTON 06/11 $105-107 Calls

Bonus Idea:
SPCE Weekly $24-25.50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Major Success Continues

Options Clean Sweep:

We kicked off this short trading week yesterday morning by formulating a trio of options ideas for our readers, and we have the pleasant duty to report that we went three for three on those fresh targets.

We identified small ranges of contracts in the PLUG, SPCE, and SPY chains, and all of them posted respectable intraday moves and gain opportunities:

PLUG Weekly $62-63 Calls
$62: 4.05-7.45 (+84%)
$63:  3.65-6.65 (+82%)

SPCE Weekly $31.50-32.50 Calls
$31.50: .75-1.53 (+104%)
$32: .61-1.29 (+111%)
$32.50: .50-1.10 (+120%)

SPY 01/19 $377-378 Calls
 .70-2.26 (+223%)
$378:  .34-1.40 (+311%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

MS Weekly $76 Calls
NFLX Weekly $560-575

Super Subpenny Bangers:

We have been placing greater-than-average focus on the OTC Markets in recent months, simply because so much activity has been taking place there, and we will always go where we feel there’s fast money to be made. Even in the midst of this historic market, OTC stocks have produced a growth rate over 10% higher than stocks on the upper exchanges.

A couple of the super subpenny stocks we’ve been tracking recorded some serious moves yesterday:

1pm Industries, Inc. OPMZ
Range:  .0006-.0018
Gained: +200%

Plyzer Technologies, Inc. PLYZ

Range:  .0006-.0014
Gained: +133%

Extended Watchlist: